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COME TOGETHER: Mixing Strains & Creating Your Very Own Hybrids!




The goal of this website is to present relevant and insightful information about strains available to Maryland Cannabis patients. And, so, it is of the utmost importance that the cannabis reviews presented on this site must be rendered with an untainted: each strain is ingested on its own for the first time in the day.

But, if we are talking about real life: most people don’t just smoke one strain at a time, they combine strains throughout the day, usually unintentionally.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the combinations that I’ve intentionally (and sometimes inadvertently) tried and that I find particularly interesting or useful.

Hopefully the name of these combos is somewhat indicative of their overall effect, or, will, at least, make you smile.

I’ve offered my summary on the combined effects after medicating several times with each. So, I’ve really attempted to find the best examples of how mixing strains is sometimes what we need to do in order to address our particular, personal, and sometimes unique “pain” points, whether they be psychological or physiological in nature. 

I plan on adding to this list, but this is a good beginning.Members (readers who have signed up on the email list) are invited and encouraged to share their own interpretations on the combos I’ve listed as well as submitting new combos if they should choose.

CLICK HERE to submit your favorite strain combos!

bowl with strains in green metallic grinder

This is by no means exact chemistry folks.

You’ll notice many of the same strains used in different combinations.

This is mostly due to when they were mutually or concurrently acquired or ingested or simply because they are my personally preferred strains (I’m speaking mainly of DSCT who’s remarkable ability to elevate my mind and propel my pen to this date have been unmatched …thank you Curio)


garlic cake strain combo 1

It will show you the way or at least a sign saying that there indeed IS a way. This is not only an energizing combo filled with high creative inspiration and uplift it will also help you ease back and enjoy the ride as the Blue Dream brings its calm along. Giddy up!


  •  Night Flight
    • 1/2 G6 Jet Fuel
    • 1/2 Secret Weapon

Get ready to get in the cockpit for some late night cleaning or …whatever…


  • Space Station Zebra- Brain Freeze
    • 1/2 Blissful Wizard
    • 1/2 DSCT (Darkstar Chemdog Tangie)

space station zebra

It’s sort of like sitting atop a Mesa in your mind but realizing you’re already asleep but lucid dreaming. Interesting in the morning as the RC fights for dominance. Enjoy. Zonk.


  • Chill Mission
    • 1/2 Blue Dream
    • 1/2 Secret Weapon

A slightly energizing but ultimately relaxing after work strain that will melt the stress away without leaving you too locked on the couch. This combo will turn your frown upside down no matter what kind of day you’ve suffered. Chill already.

  • Star Cruiser
    • 1/2 Chemdawg 91
    • 1/2 Blue Dream

This will have you seeing stars in no time …if you give into the couch lock. The head buzz from this combo is insanely good. Talk about energized euphoria this is the ticket. But with higher doses comes a slowing of the warp drive and the pull of the tractor beam, from the couch. Lift off!!!…touch down!!!!


  • Strawberry Goat Mouth

An interesting intertwining of an Indica hybrid that feels like a Sativa hybrid (Yuck Mouth) with the libido boosting so called “viagra of marijuana” Golden Strawberry you may find yourself somewhere between talking one another’s ears of or chewing them off or both – good times.


  • Destroyer
    • 1/2 blue dream
    • 1/2 birthday cake

Having a bad day? This will pick you up and then rest you nicely on a high altitude cumulus cloud with a sliver lining.

  • Blue Sky from Space
    • 1/2 Birthday Cake
    • 1/2 DSCT

Ever wonder what it feels like to carry through with your earthbound todo list in orbit? No one would ever imagine the waves of euphoric bliss you are feeling in line at Royal Farms.


  • Star Garden aka Cylon Multi-Tool -Pablo Calirissian aka Spice Run aka Mandolorian Tangie aka SpaceFaceMask OG

Have you ever been stoned? This gang of travelers can make light years feel like seconds and vice versa as you traverse the best parts of your mind, tuning in with your consciousness and the connection between all things – all while acting like a normal earthling with a space helmet. You’ll know you’ve reached orbit when you feel a slight numbness on the tip and under your tongue …so weird. Ahoy Mr. Spock!


  • Hotel California
    • 1/2 Pink Lemonade
    • 1/2 Birthday Cake

Are you up are you down are you good all around- you can check in any time you would like- but you may not get off the couch.


  • Sweet Meet

Pretty awesome feel good and functional high when these two are combined. A good day indeed.


  • Star Breath Kush
    • 1/2 Starduster
    • 1/2 OGKB (OG Kush Breath)

Interstellar cryo-sleep laser show …ahem!


  • Dragon’s Breath

It may not get any better than this …between euphoria of the NL#5 on the Cough OG and the mind altering potential of Lone Star this will take you anywhere you might need to go.


  • Pyramid Power
    • 1/2 DSCT Dark Star Chemdog Tangie
    • 1/2 Pineapple Upside Down Cake

A good strain for developing koans or reminiscing about the dead show you never attended. It’s a party in cloud city and all your friends are there. You wake up to find that it was dream in a dream. Then you wake up again and realize you are at a party in cloud city and all your friends are there.


  • Hollow Earth
    • 1/2 DSCT Dark Star Chemdog Tangie
    • 1/2 Geode -GMO cookies x Blissful Wizard


  • Poison Apple Factory (aka “Sonny  G’s Cousin” (Bc it tastes-and sorta feels- like Sonny G from Verano’s G line)
    • 1/2 Pineapple Upside Down Cake #1
    • 1/2 Durban Poison

This is can be better than Adderall or just as effective for some people…of course it all depends. I’d love to say more, but I’ve got things to do…you get it. Destroy the list.


  • Bionic Chores
    • 1/2 1/2 DSCT Dark Star Chemdog Tangie
    • 1/2 Durban Poison

Would you like to get something done and feel good while you’re doing it? This is the stuff.


Late night focus session – this can have you artfully diving into rabbit holes and coming up with actual rabbits.


  • Garlic Cake
    • 1/2 Garlic (GMO) Cookies
    • 1/2 Birthday Cake

Wow- this combo brings two Grassroots strains notable for their consistent high end intense potency- makes for psychedelic mornings and sedate-a-vision before bedtime—good moods for everyone courtesy of Birthday Cake.

garlic cookies and birthday cake by grassroots cannabis the combo is called GARLIC CAKE

This combo and its close relative directly below (Birthday Grapes) marries the Indica weight of GG Grape with a strain capable of massively uplifting your mood…in this case Lemon Grenades. A really uplifting experience.

  • Birthday Grapes
    • 1/2 Birthday Cake
    • 1/2 GG Grape

GG Grape holds down the hot air ballon again on this one with Birthday Cake raising your mood instead of Lemon Grenades. So, it’s a bit more Indica feeling than GGxLG. Like many combos on this list, the flavorful combo of Birthday Grapes should probably be its own real-life hybrid. You’re welcome.

  • Lemon Wizard Grenades aka Mustard King

This is a double dose of limonene activation. Limonene can actually counteract the anxiety sometimes produced by THC itself so this is sure to be a hit for those who deal with anxiety and panic issues and still want to feel elevated.

  • Space Station Zebra- Brain Freeze
    • 1/2 Blissful Wizard
    • 1/2 DSCT (Darkstar Chemdog Tangie)

The limonene in Snow Monster’s cave will keep you up and the Airborne Skunk will make sure you don’t know what you’re doing or how to leave. Right about then the dog wakes up and hands you a slice of electric wedding cake. Tread lightly.

  • Grandpa’s on Acid in Space aka GAS aka 8 Way Satellite aka comatose-cosmonauts aka 8 Way Santas (plural)

Technically an 8 way cross including the 3 strains that comprise DSCT and the 3 strains that comprise Grandpa’s Stash plus the regular two strain hybrid of BW—one of the more exotic melanges featured in this section…

By the way, don’t be surprised if the exhale tastes of genuine artificial imitation strawberry flavoring …half burnt bowls smell of the essence of Marijuana with a capital “M”…

All we can say is “Bon Voyage” in many different incoherent and yet to be discovered languages