The Soap by Cookies and Culta

STRAIN: The Soap
MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 27.85% THC 0.81%)
PRODUCER: Nature’s Heritage
CLASS: hybrid
PURCHASED: Oceanside Medical Dispensary, 16 Magothy Beach Rd., Pasadena, MD

LINEAGE: Animal Mints X Kush Mints

Animal Mints= Animal Cookies x GSC x Blue Power (Animal Cookies is itself also a cross of GSC x Fire OG)

Kush Mints = Bubba Kush x Animal Mints

NOTE: the GSC influence here – I believe the airy body high that gives the mild sensation that one is lighter in weight and tends to motivate one to move rather than become stationary is attributable to GSC’s Durban Poison genetics found in double doses on the Animal Mints side of the family.

tcbud in front of container

This strain seems to have somewhat of a creeping effect and the initial onset was a bit delayed… I’d say it took maybe 10 minutes after ingestion before I really felt as if the mental euphoria had reached a steady flow.

From that point on it lasted with sustained altitude for quite a long time I’d say 45 minutes to an hour maybe.

  • Initial influx of cerebral stimulation and anticipatory excitement which almost immediately begins to settle into a more focused state of mind.
  • increased and prolonged ability to focus
  • Stimulates creative impulses
  • Stimulates conversation


  • steady flow of physical euphoria which is barley semi-sedative
  • dry mouth at higher doses
  • minor appetite stimulation
  • potentially Sedation and sleep inducing

Individuals dealing with ADD and ADHD, as well as PTSD and depression, may find The Soap to be an ideal choice.
The Soap also boasts higher than average levels of Beta-Caryophellene making it ideal for relieving inflammation and pain.

two dense buds of the soap strain by cookies

The Soap may help mitigate or temporarily alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety (Linalool)
  • Stress relief (Linalool)
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Nausea (limonene)
  • Depression or depressive thoughts
  • Dampens recursive negative thought cycling (limonene/Linalool)
  • Anti-inflammatory/reduces Muscle inflammation(B-Caryophyllene)
  • Generalized minor aches and pains (B-Caryophyllene)



  • Odor of spent fireworks / burnt carbon
  • Thai Basil -Mint- basil
  • Fuel
  • Earth
  • Citrus -lemon especially ones ground up


  • Berry
  • Musk- hash
  • Lemon

wide angle shot of the soap buds on cookies turquoise colored ziplock baggie

the soap bud by culta and cookies


The Soap is about as tidy as you can get when it comes to a fine cure and trim.
One has to give credit to the team behind the Cookies (and by proxy Seed Junkies for supplying obvious first rate genetic material). Say what you want about the brand, their partners, their marketing…these folks know how to cultivate herb. It is all that should be expected from top shelf high grade cannabis flower in the modern era.

buds of the soap in front of cookies culta turquoise ziplock container with the soap written in bath bubble text graphic


Am I supposed to pretend I enjoy getting my medicine held captive inside what appears to be a re-purposed Capri Sun container? I find these state of the art zip lock bags to be most annoying when they fight me for smaller buds and shake…however they keep flower fairly fresh, if not lodged in its greedy creases,…and it may be the easiest style container to store on your person. So I’m good for now. Besides…this didn’t last long enough for it to matter.


Top Terpenes:

  1. Limonene 0.57%
  2. Beta- Caryophyllene 0.40%
  3. Linalool 0.17%
  4. Humalene 0.12%

Once again, as was the case with Guava IX from Nature’s Heritage, which also had a decent concentration of Humalene, a terpene considered to be an appetite suppressant, The Soap seemed to stimulate my appetite when micro dosing. However, anything beyond that does seem to dampen hunger.

As of late, I have been gravitating toward strains high in Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool. The Soap definitely fit this criteria and demonstrated its affinity for elevating mood and sharpening focus with what seemed like a low potential for paranoia or mental distress.

terpene label of the soap by culta surrounded by buds

The body high which seems to play a supporting role to the Soaps more cerebral side, comes on gradually as it slowly but noticeably begins to elongate the euphoria of the initial head buzz. Interestingly, Myrcene, everyone’s favorite stun gun, is conspicuously absent in The Soap’s terpene profile.

buds and shake of the soap strain by cookies and culta

The anti-inflammatory properties of Caryophyllene seem to be pulling all the weight here and deftly so. This is interesting as a don’t so much notice the absence of Myrcene. This makes me question whether it simply wasn’t detected in a high enough concentration at the time of testing.

buds of the soap by culta and cookies

The Soap is the result of a  partnership between breeders “The Seed Junkies” and Berner of Cookies fame under the Mintz banner. The Soap is cross between Animal Mints X Kush Mints and is considered to be a Sativa leaning hybrid.

This strain’s aroma is packed with floral notes of garden flowers and vanilla when upon breaking up emits an earthy and herbaceous lemon scent.

The Soap’s effects offer a charged cerebral stimulation that quickly levels out to steady stream promoting a serene state of mind which fosters a prolonged increase in focus.

This is accompanied by a euphoric nerve calming and tension melting body high which clears an even wider path for the cerebral buzz to freely flow.


detailed image of the soap strain bud


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  1. Ray kaufmann

    Got some last night smoked first thing this am and it is more like a sativa i m wired very cerebral i would say it is one of the best i have had in a long time last 3 years in south florida indica and hybrids i think the smell and taste is very thai basil for sure with the taste more definitive 5 out of 5 stars for me peace out from freedom fighter jones 33 years of smoking …..

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