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Orange Cookies

CULTIVATOR: RollOne ~Harvest~ Trulieve
MEDIUM: Flower
THCa 17.50% /THC 0.70%/  CBGA 0.28%/ CBG 0.24%

CLASSIFICATION: cerebral effect dominant and physical effect subordinate
Orange Cookies is listed by many as being a mostly Indica hybrid (60/40 Indica Sativa). As I’ve mentioned on this blog in past posts, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid classifications are simply morphological (structural) and in no way, or by no hard line, are they in any way predictive of the effects that strain may have.

Never the less, by and large, within the cannabis industry most consider these terms to be correlated with differing degrees of cerebral and physical dominance.

Roll One has classified its rendition of Orange Cookies as a Sativa, and speaking from the reference point of popular marketing, I would have to agree since the cerebral effects of Orange Cookies, to me, were center stage and the physical euphoria was playing a more supporting role.

Orange Juice aka OJ Kush X Girl Scout Cookies aka GSC

Orange Juice= California Orange x OG kush x Joseph*
GSC=OG Kush x Durban Poison

*Note: Joseph aka Joseph OG aka Joseph Kush, as it is sometimes called, is a phenotype of the famous “Underdog” strain which is the result of a three way cross of Sour Diesel x OG Kush X Chemdog (wow) this may be the hidden fuel source that gives Orange Cookies’ long lasting buzz such staying power

PURCHASED: Nirvana Center / Medical Dispensary
Catonsville, MD

Orange Cookies’ cerebral effect delivers a functional and effervescent euphoria that can stimulate conversation, inspire creativity, and increase attention and augment focus…


Orange Cookies’ creep or delayed onset of effect cannot be overstated especially since it offers such a cerebrally focused effect.  It is important to realize that even with THC averages at around 17% or so, Orange Cookies can seem quite potent. Rather than risking missing out on some of Orange Cookies’ more detailed effects, one should allow about 5-10 minutes or so after ingesting to see what this strain can reveal. Orange Cookies’ cerebral effect delivers a functional and effervescent euphoria that can stimulate the mind and relax the body.
However, even with Orange Cookies its lack of Pinene, those sensitive to cerebrally stimulating strains should definitely give the effects time to develop and be appreciated.


  • cerebral stimulation and euphoric uplift which has a somewhat delayed onset  Immediate cerebral stimulation +/++/+++
  • Progressively intense waves of mental euphoria +/++/+++
  • Cerebral stimulation and euphoric uplift which has a somewhat delayed onset+/++/+++
  • Sensations of mental euphoria +/++/+++
  • Feeling of comfortable self-awareness WITH NO detectable increase in heart rate, “Brain Race” , or sensations of anxiety or over self awareness.+/++/+++
  • Increase in ability to focus on minute detailed tasks for extended periods of time+/++/+++
  • Conversationally stimulating; Tendency to verbalize thought and therefore be more conversant+/++
  • Generalized elevation in mood+/++
  • Increased ability to focus +/++
  • Energized & Non-anxiety producing mental euphoria+/++/+++
  • Sharpened perception: visual, aural/auditory or heightened awareness or the perception thereof+/++/

    + micro dose (1-2 tokes)
    ++ medium dose (2-6 tokes)
    +++ high dose (6+ coughing, etc.) 

This is a structural Indica dominant hybrid with a cerebrally dominant effect leaning more toward what some people associate with structural Sativa strains


As the cerebral buzz begins to ramp upward and gain altitude with waves or escalating concentric circles of sensation,  the body high makes itself known with a mild ocular pressure and an overall sense calm non-sedative euphoria. The final result after several sessions is a functional physical and mental euphoria or well being.


  • “body buzz” seems to arrive in waves of increasing strength much like the head high    +/++/+++            
  • mild ocular and facial pressure +/++/+++
  • notable warming sensations from the shoulder blades to the front chest solar plexus region ++/+++
  • feelings of calm +/++
  • mild increase in appetite++/+++

+ micro dose (1-2 tokes)
++ medium dose (2-6 tokes)
+++ high dose (6+ coughing, etc.)

BEST USED: All day really.


Could help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:
ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Lethargy / lack of motivation
PTSD (especially since it offers a very sublime and distractive cerebral head buzz that can help break recursive thought patterns without causing any paranoia from high levels of Limonene or Pinene. This makes it perfect for those suffering from PTSD or those seeking a way to distract the mind from invasive memories of past psychological, emotional, and physical trauma.

APPEARANCE (consistency):

detail photograph of orange cookies cannabis strain

There is a good bad and possibly ugly side to roll one flower I say that out of love personally I find it quite refreshing to pay the prices they ask and receive the quality of flour they give it back and exchange I’m often impressed by this as well as they’re deeply thoughtful genetic selections.

detail image of orange cookies cannabis bud

The buds in the prepacked eighth purchased from Nirvana Center Catonsville were comprised of one large gangly bud that quite frankly seemed to have been overlooked in the trimming phase. Nonetheless, the varied size of the buds from mostly smallish save about two hefty buds seemed like an even distribution.
I was a bit surprised as I say at the amount of untrimmed garden sugar leaves and stem material that seem to be pretty blatantly overlooked.
Take a look, it’s not pretty:
untrimmed guard leaves and stems found in roll one orange cookies

Other than that it smelled, looked, and felt well cured. This is the same level as Grow West’s “Untrimmed” and yet this is marketed as a normal pre-packed eighth of an ounce; in other words it’s not as if it was packaged and labeled accordingly , as untrimmed, and then marked down in cost to reflect its trim work.

All that being said, the overall robustness of the buds was appealing. All of this bud is covered with tiny milky to clear trichomes that gives the already pale green an almost silvery coating.
Stigma/pistils/“red hairs” are crimson and maroon, long and tangled and ensure at least a mild relaxation if not a slight somnolence.

Good For Bowls and Rolls:

Would take quite a few days for the freshness of the Ziploc pack to dissipate and leave you with a bud that you could crash in your hands definitely recommend grinding this batch if not the strain all together.
Being unfamiliar with the orange juice strain it seems to me that the density of these buds reminds me of its GSC parent which typically does also share this characteristic at times —just bushy yet dense-

different shaped buds of roll one orange cookies



  • Orange rind / spikey citrus aroma
  • Citrus- very minor undertone of lemon mostly orange/tangerine/ or Clementine


  • Somewhat harsh at times and favoring its GSC side
  • A light hash-type essence on exhale from its Kush genetics
  • A very thin layer of sour baked earthiness courtesy of its GSC parent can be perceived at times but mostly tasted during exhale


When taking into account that a strain’s overall level of cerebral stimulation or physical sedation can be fairly predictive when examining the amount of clarity or opaqueness found in its trichomes. Clear trichomes are indicative of a more cerebral effect that seems to provide a heightened mental clarity and focus;  whereas cloudy or milky trichomes ensure a more physical experience with somnolence or sedation.

These macro photos of Orange Cookies illustrate or rather can predict its effects. You can see that Orange Cookies possess a bit of both but seems to display more clear trichomes than your average hybrid and backing up Roll One’s classifying it a Sativa.
Take a look.

orange cookies macro

orange cookies macro 4

orange cookies macro 3

orange cookies macro 2



Orange Cookies first grabbed my eye because of its odd concentration of terpenes. We find Terpinolene and Caryophyllene running the show here and dictating the mood…which is quite good indeed. The lack of Linalool hardly missed here as the almost 1:1 of Terpinolene and Caryophyllene carry you to higher levels of awareness. This is a very relaxing cerebrally stimulating flower. 

  1. Caryophyllene 0.27%
  2. Terpinolene  0.23%
  3. Myrcene 0.19%
  4. b-Limonene 0.10%



heart shaped bud of sativa strain orange cookies

Orange Cookies is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies aka GSC x Orange Juice aka OJ Kush this structural Indica leaning seems to defy its Hybrid classification as its effects offer a more cerebral than physical experience.
Orange Cookies aroma and flavor are steeped in a deeply citrus orange or clementine orange aroma with a slightly hashy and sour earthiness to its exhale reminiscent of its GSC parent. The effects of Orange Cookies have a delayed onset and begin with a sublime cerebral stimulation which heightens mood, tends to make one more conversant, and can stimulate creative impulses and augment focus. This cerebral side of its effects are quite functional offering almost concentric waves of intensity that build to stimulating, distractive and thought provoking experience. The physical expression of Orange Cookies’ effect is first felt in the eyes with some light pressure which seems to linger until replaced by an inner warmth and airiness that can invigorate the body to match the mind. Orange Cookies’ higher levels of Terpinolene and Caryophyllene and low Limonene and Pinene levels make it a perfect choice for those seeking relief from negative recursive thoughts, to more serious issues such as PTSD, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety as well as helping others to combat eating disorders or lack of appetite with some mild appetite stimulation.


Once in awhile I run across a strain that out performs my expectations. I can say this about Orange Cookies. Some strains seem to hit their sweet spot for me anyway around 15-19% like Durban Poison or Purple Obeah. This was the case with Orange Cookies as well. 
This can be a very social strain and you may feel the urge to verbalize the tangential thoughts that (at least in your mind) are seemingly connected or part of a greater connecting fabric… This will start conversations that keep an even pace of new ideas as the high begins to unravel.
It could also simply be because Orange Cookies just has a way of lifting your mind and spirit without tipping the balance toward self-consciousness or being over self-aware or quieted by feelings of anxiety. 

When you want  something a little more cerebral but not put you in danger zone with high levels of Pinene, the combination of the terpenes Terpinolene and Caryophyllene is hard to beat
Orange Cookies seems to have such a low to nonexistent potential to cause anxiety that I would feel more than confident recommending it to those who have PTSD.

orange cookies roll one buds in front of orange sativa ziplock

Orange Cookies’ aroma…

I found the aroma carries with it that strong undercurrent of a spicy orange rind.
The exhale is much more like its GSC parent but yet a tinge sour with some hash Kush type essence in there as well sort of tumbling through the middle of the exhale…
But soon after you will feel the effects start to take hold making the slightest of difference in your mind; it will have you asking if you even feel it…but within about 5 to 10 minutes you will have realized that you’ve been “feeling it” increasingly for last 5 minutes and when that happens, you’re well on your way to experiencing the best parts of Orange Cookies.

I sometimes get the impression that, despite their rather robust and inspired packaging, Roll One focuses on under promising and over delivering…based on their price point which is always considerably lower than the competition…

This is, by their own words, “affordable cannabis”; but it usually doesn’t affect its quality at which I am repeatedly and quite pleasantly surprised…And usually it seems like they take pride in their trim. However, as previously stated, this batch is sloppy. I’m surprised it wasn’t sold as untrimmed for at least 5% decrease in price.

closeup of stem left behind in trimmed bud of roll one orange cookies strain

I can cut them some slack because, like I said, they seem to pleasantly surprise me with the quality for the price.
Maybe it’s just that they have some new folks in the trimming department…This could be the case ; definitely the way these were left in there does not seem like a strategic Waba Sabi as much it does a case of neglect, lack of perception, take your pick…while you pick out the stems.
loose trimmed bud of orange cookies strain by roll one

I hope in the future I don’t see much more of this although I really wouldn’t be surprised …As I recall, in my review of Maui Waui,  I commented on the lack of trim quality there as well.

Some would argue that Roll One and their other “affordable” brand Modern Flower can’t really be compared to other top tier higher priced flower…I say malarky…

The fact is that the price of flower is dictated not only by THC and terpene percentages, it’s also the quality of trim and packaging you’re paying for as well.
All things being equal, or “not for nothin'” as some of my closer friends have been known to retort, I have purchased many an eighth of Roll One flower that I would be proud to appoint an ambassadorship.

I do appreciate their genetics…and their monetary access point ahem…their affordability…and yes this softens the blow sometimes. But, I try to guard against letting the cost dictate or inform my review. This is mostly because I am of the mindset that anything worth doing is worth doing well. There are diamonds in the rough out there… not all…but more than one might conceive given the disparity of cost at the dispensary.
It’s difficult sometimes to discern if you are paying for the packaging and the name or the flower inside. That’s why I do this folks; so that when you’re at the counter at your local dispensary you’ll be armed with some knowledge and may have a better idea or more realistic expectations about just exactly what is you may be seeing, smelling, and feeling before you purchase.

Am I expecting too much from “Affordable Flower” ?

I suppose you’re gonna get these bags now and then at this price…. but the effect is still well worth having to trim a few leaves for goodness sakes…so I don’t want to drive it into the ground…. I am very glad I purchased this Orange Cookies… I think you should too if you’re looking for something that can melt the ice that sometimes forms  over a fire pit …social gatherings in other words… when you don’t wanna feel too far gone you just want things to be a little tinted and conversant…

Also, if you have a lack of motivation or focus in the creative department, Orange Cookies’ GSC driven effects are more than suitable.

But, its greatest therapeutic benefit would be reserved for those who suffer from PTSD; This combination of Terpenes allows for a heightened experience with a low potential for paranoia and long term memory recall. Orange Cookies’ terpene profile is just about perfection for symptoms of anxiety ADD and PTSD brought on by previous trauma