Yeti OG by ForwardGro

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Yeti OG

The “In the white” strain
MEDIUM: Flower

PURCHASED: Oceanside Dispensary

yeti og potency

CLASS: Structurally an Indica dominant Indica/Sativa Hybrid with more of a cerebral effect than one would readily presume by its name. Yeti OG as it has delayed but potently pronounced effects.

LINEAGE: Sour Diesel X OG Kush
Yeti OG is the child of two cannabis rockstar parents, Sour Diesel x OG Kush and was originally called Headband BX being of the Headband variety of cannabis. Original Yeti OG was bred by Loompah Farms within what is known as the “Emerald Triangle”
In the the famed Humboldt County region in Northern California. Its name change was inspired by its above average height much like Asia’s giant crypto-zoologically mythical creature, The Yeti.

another top view of yeti og buds


1. Limonene 0.48%
2. Alpha- Pinene 0.21%
3. Myrcene 0.16%
4. Beta- Caryophyllene 0.13%
5. Beta-Pinene 0.11%



A creeping effect that begins with waves of cerebral uplift and physical pressure orbiting the skull
And centered on the forehead. The clear headed cerebral and physical euphoria effect eventually develop into an even deeper all over body and mind high that will leave you elevated, mentally focused, and fully engulfed in an inner peace and relaxation as it slowly morphs into a full body bliss..


  • Uplifting/ energizing
  • Euphoric sensations upon exhale
  • Medium to strong head “buzz” sensation: finding detail in the mundane and given to tangential free-associative thinking
  • Enhances creativity
  • Increases focus
  • Relieves mental tension/stress
  • Can be mildly Sedative /Sleep inducing

+ micro dose (1-2 tokes)
++ medium dose (2-6 tokes)
+++ high dose (6+ coughing, etc.)


  • Heavy ocular pressure +/++/+++
  • Delivers sensations of physical euphoria+/+/+++
  • potential for “Haze-Daze” ++
  • potential to facilitate sedation/ sleep+++

+ micro dose (1-2 tokes)
++ medium dose (2-6 tokes)
+++ high dose (6+ coughing, etc.)

close detailed image of amber pistols on yeti og strain bud


In micro doses in the morning or for daytime focus, Yeti OG can calm the nerves and the mind to take on some tasks with comfort – but take it slow-
Anything over medium indulgence with even say 19% THC with Yeti OG will most likely lead to sleep.


  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Intensified mental focus / elongates attention span
  • Imparts an overall sense of well-being and inner peace [STANDOUT EFFECT]
  • Offers potential relief from nausea
  • Can help distract from generalized feelings of Anxiety.
  • Potentially could help PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) especially since Clementine seems to have a lower level of
  • Anger, stress IED (intermittent explosive disorder)
  • Depression
  • Can facilitate appetite


detailed image of yeti og strain

Yeti OG has some interesting optics if not classic at their baseline. Streaming shades of Army green, pale yellow and lime…touches of gold and amber pistils that seems to arrive in fiery bursts interlaced throughout. And what look like easily broken down smallish spade shaped buds are rather meaty, hard, and dense at that.



Good For Bowls and Rolls:

When confronting the Yeti OG it helps to employ the use of a grinder in order to appeal to its softer side.


  • Nutty
  • Herbaceous lemon
  • honey- nut-type undertone
  • pine


  • lemon herbaceous
  • Hash
  • Nutty


long view of yeti og forwardgro and buds


With a definite presence of Pinene, Yeti OG can be surprisingly cerebral for those who want to follow the trail. The effects of this strain come on so slow that one could potentially over do it if sensitivity to Pinene or cerebral strains in general. Not to fear the Yeti though because by the time you may be overwhelmed by how imposing its high may be, the physical calm and euphoria can tame the wildest of beasts crypto or otherwise.
Consider stress, anger, or general aggravation and tension to be harder to find than a Yeti once in its grip.

yeti og buds of an eighth of buds with dram


Yeti OG is a tried and true blend of two classic cannabis powerhouses, OG Kush X Sour Diesel. Bred by the famed Loompah Farms and originally called Headband BX, this Cultivar’s towering height is responsible for its name change to Asia’s giant mythical big-foot-type creature, the Yeti. With a an aroma replete with notes of honey, nuts, herbaceous lemon along with a sometimes cheesy or skunk scent, its exhale carries a deepened floral and hash-like flavor. The Yeti OG high begins slowly with a delayed onset. Once active Yeti OG’s head buzz begins with an influx of uplifting euphoria that can clear cerebral pathways and obliterate mental stress. Soon Yeti OG’s more physical effects take shape with a pressure that orbits the skull and rests in the forehead, thus this flower’s original name. Yeti OG has a wide range of therapeutic and medicinally relevant uses. Its mental uplift can help symptoms of those dealing with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and Stress; while its more physically serene effect can equally help symptoms related to sleep issues, lack of appetite, and generalized mental fatigue.