Sonny G by Verano

MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 20.48% / THC 0.39%)*
CLASS: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville
G6 Jet Fuel X Tangie X unknown male phenotype)

  • G6 Jet Fuel is generally a 70/30% Sativa /Indica
  • Tangie is generally a  70/30% Sativa /Indica
  • Tangie =California Orange x Skunk
    G6 Jet Fuel=Aspen OG x High Country Diesel

    “Reported Effects

  • Euphoric
  • Positive Mood
  • Relief from Headaches
  • Pain Relief
  • Cerebral
  • Energetic”

* a THCa level of medium high potency at 20.49% with a THC derived concentration of 0.38% can be rather potent. It can, in my experience, be even more potent than a strain with a higher THCa percentage but lower derived THC percentage.  So, in short this is a very potent THC concentrated batch even at 20% and probably more potent than a strain testing at 28% THCa with a derived THC level of only say, 0.10%.

EFFECTS (General, Mind, + Body):

very psychoactive Sativa effects highlighted by immediate cerebral stimulation and some excited euphoria and creative inspiration. Classic but mild to medium Indica effects such as ocular pressure, muscle tension relief, appetite increase are also very present.

+cerebral stimulation coupled with a sense of well being
+increased focus
+elevated feelings and positive self reflection
/+potential for tangential thought patterns
possibly self-consciousness at higher doses depending on the individual.

+ light to medium cranial and facial pressure
+inner body warming sensation
+ muscle relaxation
dry mouth at higher doses
/+ sedative at higher doses

the effects of Sonny G strain by Verano



  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder
  • IED (intermittent Explosive Disorder)
  • Depression or depressive thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • could be very effective in treating symptoms of anxiety, and depression since it delivers on the Sativa cerebral effects but with minimal potential to aggravate anxiety.


  • Creative endeavors
  • Outdoor activities
  • Activities benefiting from intense focus
  • most any enjoyable activity at any point in the day will be enhanced by this strain.



To say that Sunny G is an attractive flower is like saying James Brown has some soul. This flower is quite an optic treat. Differing shades of green, purple, and gold stream through the buds from a distance. Upon closer inspection one will find an intricate interlaced universe of color and texture with bright reddish -orange stigma seem to be glued to the surface with some bursting out of the tightly woven cured state of this flower. The aroma, which is very intense and pungent is dripping with a sweet and sour tangerine /clementine/ Florida orange smell…with a tinge of what resembles the scent of a concentrated artificial orange flavor mix with notes of menthol and garlic making their way to the surface.

The Tangie genetics are in full force here and the Florida orange jar weed smell is quite dank. After a few days, my 2nd 1/8 of Sonny G began to take on an olive oil -garlic-butter type aroma surrounding the orange, which by then has transitioned into something between sour and prickly grapefruit- and sour orange.

Herbal- tea- garlic -olive
Fuel- diesel/hash
Chemical-Play Dough

Sweet-artificial orange/grapefruit
Earth-grass (2nd 1/8 more so)
Chemical- menthol/mint

The  amount of  limonene (.119%) in found this batch does not seem high enough to cause a stir,  however  Sonny G  is quite a cerebral psychoactive strain.  The Indica  effects supplied  are sonny g by verano label of terpenes

Good For Bowls and Rolls:


A very pungent focused Sativa Dominant Hybrid with a gorgeous exotic look, intense orange-citrus aroma, and very energetic and uplifting psychoactive Sativa effects and relaxing, soothing, and stoney Indica physical effects.
Sonny G’s Tangie genetics bring an immediate cerebral stimulation and some excited euphoria.

While it’s level of Myrcene (.596%)hint toward a heavy hitting Indica as the “unknown male” in the equation. However, it is also possible that the classic Indica effects presented such as ocular pressure, muscle tension relief, appetite increase can very well be attributed to Sonny G’s “Jet Fuel” G6/ Aspen OG and SFV OG Kush grandparent and great-grandparent genetics respectively. All in all, Sonny G by Verano is a very well rounded Hybrid indeed.


I personally enjoyed Sonny G as much if not more than G Wagon, my favorite of Verano’s G Line. Both of these strains sharing the G6 Jet Fuel genetics of SFV OG Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel.

Although suspiciously absent from Verano’s labeled effects, I found Sonny G to share the creative inspiration of their G Wagon strain.
I was most taken by two characteristics of Verano Sonny G.

Sonny G by VeranoWhat was most interesting to me was the feeling I had been reunited not only in aroma, but in effect, with what we used to call “Florida Jar weed”.
I suppose I also enjoyed the idea of it being a heady Sativa with just this perfect amount of Indica body high that didn’t drag the psychoactive experience into sedation or an eating binge.

The Sativa “buzz” is in full effect and quickly transitions into a very “stoney” haze territory. However, despite this Indica influence, Sonny G does a very good job of providing focus. 
In hindsight, I would say the top reasons for purchasing Sonny G again would be:

1. Very uplifting, energetic cerebral “buzz”
2. Increased focus without sedation
3. Medium Indica effects that propel the Sativa effects into top gear
4. he amazing aroma of Florida Orange Jar Weed

Even at this medium potency, Sonny G packs a punch. That being said, I will be looking for it to be testing a bit higher in the potency department not for lack of effect at its current potency but more out of curiosity.

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  1. Manuel

    Kinda disappointed with my purchase. Was expecting it to look like the pictures above, instead there were plenty dead leaves on every nug, and not much purple. Smoke is harsh because of how dry it is im guessing. Wish i could of tried the strain to full potential.

  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin's Mom

    You should change “ocular pressure” in the sentence: “However, it is also possible that the classic Indica effects presented such as ocular pressure, muscle tension relief, appetite increase…” to “relief from ocular pressure”

  3. Frodiggs

    Thanks for the review, I will say the writing is fabulous and easily have found some of the most thorough reviews on this site.

    Keep it up 🙂

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