Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel gLeaf

STRAIN: Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel
PRODUCER: gLeaf Medical
MEDIUM: Flower
THCa 30.66%
CBD .01%
CBDA .06%
CBGA .81%
CBC .18%
CBCA .21

CLASS: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
LINEAGE: Sweet Skunk (NoCal) X Skunk #1 X Sour Diesel
PURCHASED: Ethos/ Catonsville Mission Medical Dispensary @missioncatonsville
Strong but airy head high
Uplifted happy feelings
Mood elevator
Stress alleviation



  • Citrus- Grapefruit
  • Earth-Moss/ soil /dried potting soil
  • Evergreen- pine needle base aroma is ever present
  • Herbal – ground black pepper
  • Fuel- classic and pervasive but subtle diesel/petrol aroma again true to Sour Diesel
  • Misc.-Non- descriptive notes of a generic sour quality


  • Earth- mossy- like soil
  • Sweet -(at times )tropical sweetness hints of grapefruit and/or ripe banana (?) at at other times tasting similar to vanilla/ butterscotch hard candy
  • Chemical -plastic chemical aftertaste
  • Fuel-diesel and soil mixed to an earthy blend

bud of island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf

ISS X SD comes on strong with an uptick in cerebral activity before it is softened somewhat by a more calming euphoric body high.


  • +cerebral stimulation
  • +euphoric uplift
  • +some initIal sensations of detachment that have a physical complement( BODY)
  • +some sensory amplification /intensification; mostly auditory
  • +Overall elevation in mood
  • +Increased ability to focus
  • +Somewhat creatively energizing/ stimulating
  • +promotes conversation/socializing
  • + some perception distortion / sensory amplification /intensification; mostly time dilation where 3 minutes may seem like 10
  • Hyper -awareness: may feel a part of your own body more than usual –


  • +sensation of warmth coinciding w/ cerebral stimulation **
  • some mild ocular and facial pressure
  • -/+ mild increase in appetite**
  • -dry “cotton” mouth**
  • -dry eyes**
  • + some increase alertness in cerebral activity and energy **
  • -/+minimal potential for haze-daze**
  • +/- potential to somewhat feel disassociated from your physical body** **
    NOTE: ISS X SD may not be ideal for those who may deal with anxiety with onset of some cannabis effects such as hyper-awareness, anticipatory Excitement or mental stimulation that may provoke or agitate feelings of anxiety and negative self- awareness
    **in higher doses/IMO

forward facing detail shot of island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf

Sinsemilla comes from the Spanish “sin”  meaning “without” and “semilla” meaning “seed”.  This is a term most recently rooted in the 1070s in North America. Supposedly some evidence shows this term being applied further back in history in India…So Sinsemilla is simply a female plant which has not been fertilized by a male plant, and therefore, has no seeds. 

There are seeds present in the eighth out of the batch of Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel  which I purchased…no less than 12 in fact. 


seed inside of bud of island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf

What this means is that either the male plant was not identified properly at gLeaf or there was some possible light leak or other stress that occurred during the flowering stage. Sometimes the plant will respond to this stress or light leak by self-pollinating rendering itself a hermaphrodite, which will self-pollinate and will produce seeds like a female plant that has been pollinated by a male.
closeup of seed inside bud of island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf

When you are paying top dollar for top shelf Cannabis flower from a reputable grower, who’s product is regularly inspected and certified, and then sold through a reputable dispensary, that you most likely are paying for Sinsemilla, or at least not paying for a bunch of unnecessary dead weight. I mean some extra material (stems, etc.) are acceptable to a degree. But, I personally found this a bit annoying…at least accidentally combusting a few. 

When the plant is in stressful conditions and self pollinates or is fertilized by an unidentified male in its immediate area, the plant diverts energy from producing flowers, or “Buds”, into reproducing (making seeds) instead.  Therefore the overall cannabinoid (THC, CBG, trichomes and terpenes) levels, and therefore the overall potency of the plant is somewhat diminished when the plant is diverting its energy toward forming seeds rather flowers. So, aside from the lower potency, it can be said that you are paying for unwanted dead weight.

The same principle applies to stems as well of course.

If you do encounter seeds try to remove them prior to grinding. Smoking seeds isn’t harmful. In fact, as far as eating seeds goes they are considered a “super food” and you could survive on them solely. There aren’t quite enough in my eighth for that ( I kid)… But, they aren’t pleasant to smoke so try to screen your material beforehand.

The Sour Diesel seems to dominate here.
A bit on the rough side, but altogether classic NYSD traits.
Fairly leafy and brittle, yet the more you attempt to break it up, the more dense it can seemingly become.

One thing to note is the amount of seeds and stems in this eighth of Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel. As I worked my way through this eighth, the seed count grew higher.  The bud was in good condition and the cure was decent…and the effects were quite nice….Comments are welcome.

seed inside of bud of island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf

Good For Bowls and Rolls: Could merit the use of a grinder to break down the dense portions of bud, but you will lose some precious trichome weight in the process.
I think by hand is best with this batch at least.
A bit more suited to bowls but it’s hard to resist wrapping ISS X SD in a blunt, or even a Black N Mild…as I sometimes will do..which would probably make it taste closer to the original NY Sour Diesel taste, at least for me.

detail shot of island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf

ISS X SD Could help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety / panic disorder/ panic attacks
  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)


  • Excellent morning fuel if you have a plan
  • Nice stress relieving Indica feelings in evening
  • Can inspire some Artistic endeavors/ creative pastimes/ hobbies (maybe initially but you’ll probably end up enjoying being a spectator rather than a participant)
  • Misc- a good evening strain with a healthy dose of Myrcene onboard this batchyou


1. Limonene .54%
2. Beta-Caryophyllene .51%
3. Beta-Myrcene 0.36%

This batch, although riddled with seed material, was quite potent. However, given that the plant’s energy was diverted from terpene and trichome production to reproduction, the overall potency must naturally be diminished somewhat.  Had my eighth been from an actual female plant, I’m quite sure that it would be considerably more potent.

That being said, I did feel what seemed like every bit of .51% Caryophyllene, .36% Myrcene, and .54% Limonene. Even with the fact that it was a pollinated female plant (either by self due to stress or by male due to normal fertilization methods) it was a serious stress reliever and mood elevator. I would love to try some from a plant that was only concerned with adding weight to its bud sites.  Maybe next time.

potency and terpene label for island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf

two buds of island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf in front of container showing terpene labelCONCLUSION:
Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel (aka ISS X SD) by gLeaf, adds a tropically sweet grapefruit tasting skunk genetics to the legendary Sour Diesel, a strain known for its intense mental and physical effects and fuel-like aroma. 

Blending an Indica body high that is weighted but not sedating with a somewhat diminished energized and uplifting Sativa effects of Sour Diesel creates a nice balance between of physical and cerebral euphoria. The frenetic psychoactive experience typically associated with Sour Diesel is somewhat dampened to a more mellow experience overall.


Initially, of course, Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel reports an instantaneous and energized uptick in cerebral activity heightening the senses, and eventually transitioning into a more calming physical euphoria with some of the cerebral effects such as augmented focus remaining intact   

Please NOTE:  that there are at least 3 different types of Sour Diesel, and those are the ones that lab testing has been able to differentiate.  There is an in depth article regarding this at Leafly which explains the differences between Sour Diesel A, B, and C.
Click HERE to check it out.


The overall effect of this strain is a stoney haze that is anything but subtle.
If you want to remember why you and cannabis became friends in the first place, try this strain. There’s a nostalgia that rides shotgun to Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel similar to Grandpas Stash with its genetic contribution from a 1970s Afghani strain Or the way the Tangie in DSCT or reminds you of that flower in a jar from days of old.

solitary bud of bud of island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf

Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel is an interesting strain. For one thing, the blend of tropical overripe grapefruit mixed with diesel fuel is an odd aroma, not off-putting, just odd. Underneath the skunky diesel grapefruit there is an earthy underlying earthy base layer which smells like a mixture of gasoline and soil.

This quality seems to compound when combusted and inhaled and then moves toward a more industrial plastic-like aroma and flavor. Not that I know what industrial plastic “tastes” like, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

But that telltale aroma of fuel is quite strong with this batch at least.
smells like it was transported by a fuel tanker, which was what some of us were told back in the day in order to explain the overwhelming petrol aroma of the more gasoline smelling strains that may or may not have been some version of Sour Diesel…at least that was my experience …And in NYC it was a known fact that Sour Diesel could be detected from great distances. Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel is not much different in that regard, and after about three days it actually became stronger smelling.

You will NOT misplace this strain, I promise you. It won’t let you forget where you placed it…

island sweet skunk x sour diesel by gleaf under a stove top lamp showing off its shiny trichome coverage

Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel
  brought me back somewhat to those earlier experiences with what I was told at least, was Sour Diesel in NYC. Back Then, and there, it was usually delivered by bicycle, packaged in rectangular boxes of thick clear plastic (among other bizarre containers) and typically designated as “high” amongst the “lows” and “mids”… sometimes literally referred to as  “Low” and “Mid”. Sour Diesel, to my memory anyway, was one of the first strains referred to by name and having a pedigree or sorts, like Northern Lights at the time.

I recall Sour Diesel as being a very heavy buzz and sometimes. It was possible to regret you “filled your tank” with its gasoline tinged goodness…it was just very easy to “over do it” . And, because it was so potent usually, and the cerebral intensity so high, it could potentially provoke a sense of anxiety for some. That being said, at its best it was very cerebrally stimulating, energizing, focus enhancing, and could inspire creativity. Over consumption would definitely bring about a stoney haze that could keep you weighted in your seat.  It ran the spectrum of classic THC effects but with a quickening intensity.

I do feel some of that intense cerebral energy with Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel but with a bit heavier of a physical sensation typical of an Indica.
That being said, even being only partially Sour Diesel, Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel may not be the best choice for those who are easily brought to this state of anxiety or existential dread. In my opinion Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel has just enough of the Island Sweet Skunk influence to calm the diesel train down somewhat. It’s almost like a Sour Diesel dipped in some tropical haziness that does have a that cerebral jolt but steadily moves toward a more relaxed state of calm.

One thing to note is the amount of seeds and stems in this eighth of Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel. As I worked my way through this eighth, the seed count grew higher.  The bud was in good condition and the cure was decent…and the effects were quite nice…I might purchase Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel again from gLeaf but I would really hope that it would be sinsemilla when I do. I say this on the cusp of reviewing Cookies & Cream by gLeaf, which also had the same issue…Comments are welcome.

Sour Diesel is a very generalized designation, as I understand it. And, there are several different variations most likely. There are at least 3 types of Sour Diesel that have been officially identified and documented with empirical lab data differentiating chemical profile, Sour Diesel A, B, and C. This article at explains this and details the differences between them quite thoroughly. Check it out.
So, who knows which ones have crossed my path, if any legitimate at all.

But…it seems to me that ,based on that data, the Sour Diesel in gLeaf’s Island Sweet Skunk X Sour Diesel is most likely Sour Diesel A. But, I could be incorrect about this.
Sour Diesel A which is recognized by its Limonene dominant profile. The Limonene in this batch is 54% and definitely the most abundant terpene on the label.   As the stated in the article:

“The first chemical expression consistently found in lab data—what we’ll call “Sour Diesel A”—is limonene-dominant, followed closely by an abundance of caryophyllene and myrcene. Though these are the three most prominent terpenes, this chemotype is also influenced by linalool and pinene.”

And this batch is consistent with this for the most part.
***More on Sour Diesel when I finally get the opportunity to try some in Maryland.  CHECK BACK FOR NEW STRAIN REVIEWS 


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    1st, awesome reviews and a great reads on all the reviews you post. Bravo! Very informative information on the seeds that you found in the ISSxSD.
    I’ve recently found seeds in 1/8th’s of Grassroots Garlic Cookies and both Verano G-Purps and Sunny G all this year 2021. Wonder how often you see seeds in purchases? I’ve read quite a few of your post and others and can’t remember it being an issue until recently. If you see this is starting to be a bigger (wider) issue I’d like to see a review on the amount of seeds in products from a broad range of manufacturers today comparable to this time last year.

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