Black Afghan by Rythm

STRAIN: Black Afghan aka Black Afghani
MEDIUM: Flower
“25.7% including 24.2% THCa, 0.7 THC,
0.6% CBGa, 0.2% CBG”
CLASS: Indica Hybrid (Indica/ Indica)
PURCHASED: Ethos (Mission*) Catonsville Medical Dispensary*

*Formerly Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary, currently Ethos Catonsville Medical Dispensary…Same great Staff and somewhat increased selection/ variety

Afghani Kush (thought to be 100% pure Indica Landrace) X Black Domina (Indica)

Black Domina =Northern Lights x Ortega x Hash Plant x Afghani (all Indica)
Afghani– unknown pure Asian/ Afghanistan Landrace lineage 

underside of black afghan bud


  • Cerebrally Uplifting
  • Physically and Mentally Euphoric
  • Relaxing/ Mellow
  • Sedative
  • Appetite Increase

black afghan bud in front of blue rythm cap

Somewhat harsh in bowls but much more mellow in bubbler but you’ll end up trading a smooth hit for some flavor.

BUY AGAIN?: I would maybe purchase again. But, I was a bit turned off by the harshness of the exhale. Since it may be the this batch’s cure, or possibly the Ocimene.

I think I would buy it in the interest of confirming which one. I may be swayed if I was in the mood for an Afghani “landrace”, and didn’t have an alternative, and Black Afghan was over 23%

But, if I had a choice between this and HMS’ Afghani, and they were roughly the same potency I would go with the HMS.



  • +immediate cerebral uplift
  • +Improved /heightened focus
  • +Intensification of sound
  • +amplifies/ inspires enhanced creativity / creative thinking in creative individuals



  • + medium ocular pressure
  • +a generalized physical euphoria
  • +muscle tension release
  • dry “cotton” mouth and/or dry eyes**
  • /+ potential for appetite stimulation
  • /+ potential to induce sedation/ sleep**

**At Higher Doses

three buds of black afghani on blue lid of rythm container

MED.; Potential to help mitigate symptoms of :

  • Anxiety symptom relief
  • Stress relief
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Relief from Nausea
  • Depression/ Distraction from depressive thoughts


  • Creative endeavors
  • Outdoor activities
  • Repetitive tasks are more enjoyable
  • Watching movies/gaming/etc.


bud of black afghan with crimson stigma and tiny white trichomes

One thing is for sure Rythm has gorgeous flower. Not only that it was trimmed to perfection IMO. The curb appeal
Is there and most anyone somewhat familiar with the characteristics of an Afghan strain will recognize Black Afghan for what it is: a heavy Indica with tons of Afghan genetics.
Good For Bowls and rolls when properly ground.
This batch was very well cured- spongey and dense.

AROMA: beautiful deep Afghani mint lemon and musk

  • Sweet-lemon
  • Citrus- lemon
  • Sour- grapefruit
  • Musk- richly aromatic and perfumey Afghani Black Hash undertones

TASTE: A deep and fragrant overtone of Hashish persists

  • Sweet- cinnamon sugar
  • Perfume-sage- sandalwood-type taste
  • Fuel-left somewhat of a barely perceptible musky petrol /oil type residue after exhale.
  • Spice – peppery and caused some nasal tingling


Top Terpenes: (total terpene content is 2.62%)
1. Beta-Myrcene 1.16%
2. Alpha-Pinene .38
3. Beta-Caryophyllene.36%
4. Ocimene .27%

This batch of Black Afghan has a very healthy amount of Myrcene but this is nothing out of the ordinary per se with an Indica, especially an Afghani strain. What does seem noteworthy to me is the level of Ocimene.

Ocimene should not be overlooked. While it is mostly mentioned in terms of its efficacy as a decongestant. However, what it doesn’t receive as much credit for is its ability to modulate – and many think- amplify the potency or intensity of a strain’s effects. I think this is what this gives Afghani (at least this batch) its cerebral uplift and amplified focus.

close up detail of black afghan bud

Black Afghan by Rythm combines Black Domina X Afghani Kush (thought to be 100% pure Indica Landrace). This double India treat can induce deep waves of physical euphoria combined with a tendency to make users feel uplifted and pleasantly distracted, while inducing appetite stimulation and ultimately being sedative, it is a great strain for a mellow Saturday afternoon with nothing to do. 


black afghan buds and rythm jar

THE LONG WAY HOME (my toke…)

I would rate Rythm’s Black Afghan as a decent reflection of a nice Afghan landrace offshoot straiin. I say that with a few issues.

One, it’s very harsh (at least the batch) on the exhale which mellowed markedly when medicating with a bubbler/water pipe.

This would be fine for most, maybe even preferred, but I’m just not a huge “bong” guy- never was- i was always, and still am, skeptical about its ability to accomplish anything except sometimes mitigating the harshness of some flower …at the risk of stripping some of the terpenes. 

All in all, a decent double dose of Indica. And, it is indeed hard to go wrong with most Indica landrace strains. However, a bit harsh when smoking/vaping. So, I would purchase again at a higher potency. But, if the harshness persisted I would only be able to conclude that this is a somewhat harsh strain…at least Rythm’s version. 4/5

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