Maui Waui Roll One Harvest

STRAIN: Maui Waui
MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 18.19% THC 0.76%)
PRODUCER: Roll One / Harvest
CLASS: Sativa
PURCHASED: Oceanside Dispensary, 16 Magothy Beach Rd., Pasadena, MD

Oaxacan X Afghani (Hash Plant) 
originating from B.O.E.L. Members living on the island of Maui who bred a Mexican Oaxacana pant with a strain known as “Kula Crippler” which was the result of seeds discarded by the B.O.E.L.’s Kandahar connection, the Tohki brothers in their hash making process.

NOTE: The Afghani hash plant was sourced originally from Kandahar as it has been explained by Eddie Padilla, Joe Angelini, Chuck Mundell, John Griggs, Mike Hinson, and B. Ackerly from the B.O.E.L. (Brotherhood Of Eternal Love) documented in the book Orange Sunshine: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and Its Quest to Spread Peace, Love, and Acid to the World
Book byNicholas Schou NOTE: the material, the hash, from B.O.E.L.’s Kandahar connection (the Tohki brothers)from the B.O.E.L. (Brotherhood Of Eternal Love)

NOTE: the material, the hash, from B.O.E.L.’s Kandahar connection (the Tohki brothers) is shown in the film Rainbow Bridge. This Jimi Hendrix classic performance contains a scene where B.O.E.L. Members demonstrate their genius for smuggling when they crack open a surf board to reveal bricks of the “Af-G” hash from a hidden compartment within, this was the B.O.E.L.’s preferred method of hash transportation.)


It was no doubt a sunny day for Joe Angelini and Eddie Padilla as they loaded a diesel boat with Oaxacan weed headed for Hawaii… These were Brotherhood Of Eternal Love original members…Padilla picked a particular interestingly shaped cola from one of the spears of the Oaxacan and held it up to the sun…remarking that it looked like a “Lightening Bolt”…and. so, the strain was named Lightening Bolt… “It was just hanging on spears right out in the open inside the cabin of the boat”…The trip seemed to go off without a hitch except for running out of gas…another of many small anecdotal stories illustrative of the BOEL’s unimaginably charmed good fortune.The men had to flag down a Swedish freighter because of the dry tank…as they floated like prey on the open waters…but of course, like the Blues Brothers on a “Mission from God”, their divine luck shone on them again…as they spotted a Swedish freighter…They flagged it down and of course the Swedes were more than happy to supply fuel for the rest of the journey…no doubt in exchange for some of that fine Oaxacan hanging freely in the cabin swaying with the waves…Eventually they made it ashore and they began to unload the shipment onto the beach.
BOEL orange sunshine stamp sheet
The Mexican weed was unloaded once in Hawaii and over the course of weeks so many seeds had been thrown off of BEL Member’s porches that the plants began to grow “Like the weeds they were” …”It was fertile” Padilla added, “so fertile, that all you had to do was drop a seed on the ground and wait for it to rain.”…

So fertile in fact that also growing nearby in Maui were the plants from the seeds that came from the bales of weed that the B.O.E.L.’s Kandahar hash connection, the Tohki brothers used to make the hash that the BOEL in turn smuggled throughout the world.

the infamous Tohki Brothers for whom we most undoubtedly owe a debt of gratitude for inadvertantly supplying the world with afghani black hash
the infamous Tohki Brothers for whom we most undoubtedly owe a debt of gratitude for inadvertantly supplying the world with afghani black hash. This is one of the only known photos of the legendary brothers that supplied the B.O.E.L. with their famous Afghanistan hash

One strain in particular that came from these discarded Tohki brothers’ bales, which stood out for its intoxicating effects, came to be called the “Kula Crippler”.

At some point, a BEL associate, a surfer from California, figured out a way to cross the Kula Crippler with the aforementioned Oaxacan Lightening Bolt and Maui Waui was born. The strain exploded in popularity and the B.O.E.L. began to ship it back to Laguna Beach where it began its journey to its present height of notoriety

conical bushy bud of maui wowieEFFECTS (MIND + BODY):
MW’s effects are fairly immediate
and long lasting beginning with a rush of uplifted cerebral euphoria and and energized mindset while quick to follow, the more physical effects begin with a tingling of sorts about the head and face and an inner warming sensation in the solar plexus only augmenting the overall wash of euphoric Stoney sensation Cerebral euphoria/ Uplifted feelings


  • immediate/intense cerebral euphoria +/++
  • Improved /heightened focus/ attention to detail
  • Potential to enhance/inspire creativity +/+++
  • Motivating and inspires action
  • Sharpened focus +/+++

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales


  • Some inner body warmth felt +/+++
  • Some slight tingling in the face and head regions ++/+++
  • Light to medium cranial and facial pressure
  • Dehydration dry eyes/ mouth ++/+++
  • Some minor/ lasting physical euphoria ++/+++

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales

may help mitigate or temporarily alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety
  • Generalized Stress
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Nausea
  • Depression or depressive /recursive negative thinking
  • PTSD (High doses of Limonene and low levels of Pinene)


bulbous and dense bud of maui waui exhibiting many afghan strain traits

Maui resembles an Afghan strain or at least an Afghani hybrid strain. The buds are dense maybe the most dense I’ve seen with any Harvest flower or any flower from their RollOne or Modern Flower brands either.

The buds are medium to large sized bulbous and bushy. As usual Harvest’s trim work is a bit on the less than precise compared to say, Rythm, but like many, I personally don’t mind this. For one thing it seems to lower the cost a bit and it’s obviously not trimmed en masse by a robotic trimmer.

It has the look of flower from our temporally recent but culturally distant past, when flower was usually described by its effects rather than its name, and when it came in sandwich bags not labeled prescription bottles.

buds of maui waui in a row

The influence of both its Afghani-Kush and Mexican genetics seem to be mostly expressed in the buds’ shape and their leaf coloring, which can range from a military fatigue green to a darker almost reddish brown hue at times with even hints of a very light violet at times on some of the trimmed sugar leaves.

All that being said, the material, even when broken down with a grinder, which I recommend you use, is very dense. To me it seems it may have been cut from a Maui plant that had begun to produce seeds as I see several in a frozen state of immaturity making the flower that much more granular at times…even post-grind.

Good For Bowls and rolls when properly ground.
As stated above, these buds in this eighth of Maui Waui required a grinder to properly break down. Much like Afghani flower and Mexican brick weed of days gone by, this batch of this strain can be almost impossible at times to reduce to a fine dust.
And, being Harvest’s less refined brand of Roll One, you can expect a somewhat rougher than industry standard trim work on the buds.
When I first medicated with Maui Waui, I wanted to do it the old fashioned way…rolling a joint. I found it difficult to do so by hand only and used a grinder for this.


  • Some Fuel and spice on the top and more of a lemon herbal
  • Herbal-slight minty aroma common with many sativa and sativa dominant hybrid
  • Herbal lemon /lemongrass aroma
  • Misc.-A generic pungent /prickly citrus-type aroma much like grapefruit
  • Culinary- Meaty/grilled red meat type aroma (caryophyllene)
  • Deeper inspection (using the Roll one bag as a airplane oxygen mask basically) a slight floral aroma can be detected at the very base level beyond the pine and beyond the Afghan- hash aroma… it’s hard to describe but it’s definitely present- courtesy of Linalool is my guess.

These buds burn slow in this batch so it may be somewhat harsh hitting towards the end of a bowl.

  • Herbal -lemon
  • Afghani hash / chocolate hash-type notes on exhale

detail view of bud of maui waui

sweet piney and lemon flavors seem to be present to some degree or another but soon after combustion this becomes more of a non-descript heavy and slightly perfumed hash-taste
The exhale Has almost a frankincense quality… while also containing some remnants of the lemon although a singed sugar-sweetness based lemon rather than a citrus based lemon



  1. Beta-Myrcene .84%
  2. Ocimene 0.29%
  3. Alpha-Pinene 0.10%

There is not a stunning terpene profile here and one could suspect Roll One’s Maui Waui to be less than stunning…Especially after seeing it is only packing 18.19 THCa.  However, Myrcene is not only responsible for most of the sedative effects of Cannabis, it is also a regulator, or modulator of all other terpenes as well.  This is also somewhat true of Occimene as well.
So, in this case I believe that is what is happening here, because the effect definitely moved the needle for me and I found it to be strangely potent given this somewhat anemic terpene profile.

terpene label for roll one's maui waui


This is typical Harvest’s brand packaging…it’s… yellow…with Roll One Sativas …and they are always fairly consistent. Harvest, being the umbrella for many brands such as Roll One and Modern Flower, does a fairly good job of differentiating their branding by packaging although overall it is mostly difficult to handle…the color coordination is fantastic….just not a huge fan of the bags.
In the past I’ve opted for repackaging into a ziplock freezer, or regular baggie, and then back into the Harvest ziplock so I know what strain it actually is inside.
I almost wish Harvest would perform a packaging overhaul…even if it drove their cost up a dollar or two…I find it to be most disagreeable the longer the flower is stored inside of it. The folds at the bottom trap precious flower material. I had to pry the folds open at the bottom and turn the bag upside down to finally get it to fall out. Not ideal.  I seriously recommend storing this in a separate container like another baggie and then storing that inside the Harvest bag. 

muti colored bud of bud of maui waui by roll one

Maui Waui, a Sativa dominant hybrid of Oaxacan X Afghani Hash plant, is a legendary Sativa strain originating from B.O.E.L. Members living on the island of Maui who bred a Mexican Oaxacana pant with a strain known as “Kula Crippler” which was the result of seeds discarded by the B.O.E.L.’s Kandahar connection, the Tohki brothers in their hash making process. Maui Waui’s effects set borrows from both sides of its lineage offering an enlightened and uplifted mental euphoria with a noticeable Stoney physical high.
Maui Waui’s presents an uplifting, yet relaxing, high that can elevate mood, inspire the mind, and provide a subtle, but soothing full body high which, for some, may begin with some slight tingling sensations around the face and neck as well as  some mild cranial and ocular pressure about the head and face region.This physical euphoria modulates and softens the cerebral activity to a steady flow, helping to sharpen mental focus and uplift the mind for the duration.  Because it is only mildly sedating at higher levels of ingestion, Maui Waui can be a very nice eye opener for a functional morning as well as a nice way to unwind from a long days toil without being locked on the couch or sleeping. The physical high from Maui Waui is reminiscent of Afghan-Kush strains known for washing away residual stress, loosening tight muscles, and offering an overall sense of well-being and calm, while not being particularly sedating.

THE LONG WAY HOME (my toke…)

I enjoyed my first experience with what is one of the most legendary and culturally recognized cannabis strains in existence.  It was an interesting blend of what seemed to be an Afghan strain blended with a Central or South American Sativa.

a bushy bud of maui waui

I feel Roll One’s version of Maui Waui, or as some know it Maui “Wowie”, is a fair representation, having recently learned of its true origin.

Harvest/ Roll One says this is simply Hawaiian, at least, no lineage seems to be given.  

Some may believe that Maui Waui is a Landrace or a combination of two indigenous native Hawaiian strains.
Some have relegated themselves to the belief that there is no such strain as Maui “Wowie” and doubt it ever existed at all…
It has over the years, like Alcapulco Gold or Panama Red and more recently, the extremely hard to obtain Pineapple Express, been largely hyped by media outside of the cannabis culture to the point of novelty… ending up in the cultural recycling bin and used for fuel in farscial movies like Cheech & Chong movies like Up in Smoke and Nice Dreams or the aforementioned Pineapple Express
But that doesn’t mean it isn’t the real thing or that it’s not real at alll This is simply not the case.  None of these are true.
I found it to be in keeping with my memories of Mexican strains not necessarily a Oaxacan, and definitely very reminiscent of Indica strains hailing from the Hindu-Kush mountains. This was fully represented with Harvest/ Roll One’s Maui Waui, and very noticeable to me.

I actually gave this strain an audible “wow” after the first rich perfumed exhale…To be fair this is often my response after exhaling a rich Afghani strain. That almost mentholated frankincense perfume chocolate hash flavor is present here and the hit was quite smooth with the aftertaste of chocolate hash lingering a bit.
Although Maui Waui, like many Sativa strains, is usually clocked in lower on the potency, relying on dynamic terpene profiles usually high in Limonene, Pinene, and the like…so this is to be expected with a strain like Maui Waui, but I would absolutely love to medicate from a batch that tests at a somewhat higher level of THC potency. 
But, like Durban Poison, I don’t think we’ll see this climbing past the 20% mark anytime soon…at least not from Roll One. 
But, heres the thing; a strain like Maui Waui should be enjoyed with a more sublime expectation as the legend that it is and what it has come to represent.  The act of crossing these particularly juxtaposed genetic lines to produce a super star of sorts, although not a new practice in terms of botany, genetics, and cultivation, was extremely forward thinking for the time… and seems to have eerily predicted the present state of cannabis genetic breeding and production.  The notion of this strain being born from a cultural exchange of sorts only deepens the mystique. And how about the fact that the B.O.E.L. has literally everything to do with how this strain came to be? These guys really got some stuff done right? I wouldn’t recommend befriending Timothy Leary, the most publicly recognized spokesperson for the legalization of psychedelic substances while your also trying to be a successful and anonymous drug czar, but ok…no one claims these guys were highly intelligent, they were just extremely motivated…And now we owe them a debt of gratitude…at least for the Maui Waui.
 Maui Waui is subtle yes, and elegantly so. It leaves you room to expand your mind or simply just be.  To me it seems like more of a functional “life-strain” for daily life…as a staple morning strain. If I could partake of Maui Waui every morning before starting my day, I would. I would also smoke a large joint of it every night after work with the same joy and expectation of physical euphoria without being reduced to a pile of sleep. Aloha…and Wow…thanks Harvest.