Snow Monster by Strane

STRAIN: Snow Monster
MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 19.7% THC 0.7%)
PRODUCER: Strane  / Liberty
CLASS: Indica Dominant Indica/Sativa Hybrid
PURCHASED: Ethos (Mission*) Catonsville Medical Dispensary*
INSTAGRAM: @missioncatonsville
*Formerly Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary, currently Ethos Catonsville Medical Dispensary

LINEAGE: The White X Starfighter 42

"Even at 24.2% Snow Monster packs a potent supply of spacey, dreamy, euphoria that can soothe and to a degree, invigorate the senses."


Does this not look like the Abominable Snowman??
abominable snowman

+immediate cerebral uplift
+Improved /heightened focus
+amplifies/ inspires enhanced creativity / creative thinking in creative individuals

+ medium ocular pressure
+a generalized physical euphoria
+muscle tension release
-dry “cotton” mouth and/or dry eyes*
-/+ potential for appetite stimulation

at higher doses

* Anxiety symptom relief
* Stress relief
* ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
* Relief from Nausea
* Potential to help mitigate symptoms of depression
* Distraction from depressive thoughts

* Creative endeavors
* Outdoor activities
* Repetitive tasks are more enjoyable
* Watching movies/gaming/etc.



Few strains offer the window appeal of Snow Monster. If it weren’t for the snowfield covering of shiny crystalline white trichomes for which it is named, the bright mint green leaves and dusky, spindly, spider-leg stigma/pistils/“hairs” would surely catch your eye.

Strane offers up this strain consistently crusty, dense, sugary, and just cured to perfection.
The trichome coverage is definitely the main event here but I would point patients to give the pistils/stigma/“hairs” a closer look. Their distinction contrasted heavily against Snow Monsters bright green sugar leaves and sprouting out of crooked crevices appear to be almost give the impression of being the legs of an insect.
Good For Bowls and rolls when properly ground.

Strane’s Snow Monster is best served after grinding. Pay close attention to the revelation of aromas when this bud is broken apart: the strawberry /juicy fruit scent gives way to a much deeper citrus note.


  • Sweet- strawberry
  • Citrus- lemon
  • Artificial-“Capt. Crunch Crunch Berrie Cereal” /“JuicyFruit” chewing gum aroma
  • Skunk- generic skunk undertone


  • Sweet-lemon/ artificial strawberry
  • Herbal- lemon/ mint
  • Chem-slightly artificially strawberry candy flavor
  • Musky- slight hash-petrol flavor upon exhale


Top Terpenes: (total terpene content is 1.52%)
1. b-Myrcene .71%
2. Limonene .27%
3. b-Caryophyllene .18%

Myrcene steals the show here with at.71% but this is nothing out of the ordinary per se. In fact, nothing really stands out here, but the entourage effect is fully felt.

snow monster bud with stray pistil

Snow Monster by Strane is an Indica dominant Indica/Sativa hybrid of The White x Starfighter offering an uplifted and euphoric cerebral experience highlighted by an increase in focus and feelings of contentment which, steadily develops into an all out Indica body high, easing tension in overworked muscles, stimulating appetite, and ultimately providing a dreamy sedation that can facilitate sleep.

THE LONG WAY HOME (my toke…)

Snow Monster is one of the first Maryland strains I tried when I received my card.
Upon opening the container, I felt a tinge of deja vu because of the familiarly sweet and strangely skunky JuicyFruit Gum/ Capt. Crunch Berrie aroma that hit me in the face.

The look of this bud as well seemed to harken back to a bud I had seen many years ago that, at the time, given the climate, had no name but was consistently available in some parts of the lower eastern states. Maybe this was simply in my mind- I suppose I’ll never really know for sure.

snow monster bud 2 wide shot

Snow Monster has qualities that resemble that of Sativa strain. The instant euphoria and general improvement of mood you will experience sits perfectly at any time of the day. And even though Snow Monster is generally received as an Indica best enjoyed at night or before bed, I would contend that it is as equally functional and enjoyable in the morning and afternoon as well.

Snow Monster elevated my mood and inspired some creative focus without any heart rate increase or frenetic “brain race”. The ensuing Indica body high works well to provide an even deeper, but at times potentially spacey, cerebral relaxation.

snow monster bud 2 alternate 2

I will continue to purchase this strain whenever available and I highly recommend to anyone who deals with anxiety or depression or anyone in need of some mental space while they realign they thinking.

In many ways my experience with Snow Monster felt like the quintessential cannabis experience and after each session, no matter how physically sedated I became, felt cleared of some mental fog.

Even at 24.2% Snow Monster packs a potent supply of spacey, dreamy, euphoria that can soothe and to a degree, invigorate the senses.

Snow Monster by Strane is a consistently potent flower. 5/5 Strane. 

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  1. Ron Miller

    I didn’t feel this was a superb showing of this strain! But I may have been spoiled by the batch I had from Curio there’s had a wonderful smell, taste was very sweet and the effects were fantastic IMO. I have been a little let down by Strane’s showings it may be due to the metal packaging but the smells seem to never be there ,it could be that as it sets for awhile the packaging doesn’t do it’s due diligence, I would love to see the aromas to be though about when creating packaging metal just isn’t conducive for keeping the freshness in again just my opinion but all in all it was an average experience for me. Keep up the good work you do we love the reviews!!

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