Cough OG by Grow West

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MISSION, Catonsville
CLASS: Sativa/ Indica Hybrid
LINEAGE: Haze x Northern Lights#5
(28.6 % THCa / 0.56%!!!!!!! THC*)
*this is a very high ratio of THC derivation (.56 from 28.6) which in my estimation amplifies the 34% THCa level because a higher percentage of THC is converted during decarboxilization … making the effects more intense and apparent than a batch with a higher THCa  percentage and lower THC derivation ratio.

GENERAL EFFECTS (mind + body): Cough OG offers users a balanced blend of charged euphoria and feelings of happiness due to its Northern Lights heritage.  Fast acting, intense, and long lasting this offspring of two legendary strains swings a fuzzy hammer that will knock your head into orbit. Novice users should take note that the Cough is no lightweight

+increased creativity (from NL#5 and Haze)
+increased feelings of emotional and mental happiness (definitely attributable to NL#5)
+uplifting, energizing, euphoric “buzzy” feeling (from the Haze genetics)
+visual mostly and some aural intensification: Mostly intensification of light form NL#5
+cerebral stimulation
+increased mental focus

+ muscle relaxation
+ mild inner body warming sensation in ribs
+ stimulates appetite
+/drowsiness and sedation at higher doses
“cotton” /dry mouth from the NL #5
increased heart rate

Cough OG by Grow West

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening



  • anxiety
  • depression
  • ADD (attention deficit disorder)
  • muscle tension relief
  • relaxation and sleep at higher doses.


  • Increased focus for work, creative endeavors, working out,gaming, movies, etc.
  • social events
  • A very versatile and functional strain that enhances almost any activity

Cough OG (This batch at least) is not the most visually appetizing bud.  But, what it lacks in optics, it makes up for in potency. The calyx are a dark to medium brownish green with

Good For Bowls and Rolls:
The buds are loosely packed and crusty.
Fairly run of the mill ganja that is easily broken up packed, vaped, and rolled. 

grassy- homegrown skunk-type scent at times

sweet-Juicy Fruit gum-type taste with a bit of skunk and hash finish


Cough OG by Grow West

The levels of limonene and pinene are significant enough to add quite a psychoactive effects.  Also a healthy level of Myrcene (1.11%) is certainly enough to promote relaxation and sleep. The Ocimene (0.21%) seems like it should be higher given that it is the terpene that has a decongestant quality and is known to make one cough. 

I think the level of THC (0.56) derived from the THCa (28.6) indicates a concentration of active Delta-9 THC.  this is a very high ratio of thc derivation (.56 from 28.6) which in my estimation amplifies the 34% THCa level because a higher percentage of THC is converted during decarboxilization.

This, amplifies the overall the effect and creates more intense experience than a batch with a higher THCa  percentage and lower THC derivation ratio, say THCa 32% and THC .10%.


Cough OG is one of Grow West’s high potency strains sweeping through the Maryland market as of late.  This strain hides a treasure trove of balanced and functional Sativa and Indica effects.

It is a potent blend of one the most legendary Indica strains around, Northern Lights ( #5 -known for its euphoric effects) and the legendary Haze, who’s genetics are the building blocks for countless other strains. Cough OG offers the perfect blend of chill and thrill this side of the Afghan Kush mountains.

The energized headspace and euphoric sensations are enhanced and supported by a soothing but non-sedating Indica body high.  

This “body buzz” provides a mild, but pleasurable inner warmth which begins along the ribs, and progresses to the face and eyes as you enjoy the energized and uplifting cerebral effects.  

NOTE: This strain is not for novice smokers to “try-and- fly”: you just may find yourself staring at the ceiling in existential wonderment while forgetting you have something on the stove.


Cough OG by Grow West has quickly become one of my favorite standby strains.  I find it to be the perfect mixture of energy and relaxation and workable enough to be an all day strain.

It’s probably worth mentioning that despite its name and its Occimene content, Cough OG didn’t seem to make me cough any more than I normally would.

From about 20 seconds after I exhaled, felt a rush of warm tingling pressure rise from my ribs. This sensation migrated to my head with a mild and soothing pressure on the face and eyes.

I was impressed by Sativa-Indica mixture of this strain.  It has a definite psychoactive component from its Haze genetics and an equally strong Indica body high from the NL#5.  The effect sent me charged into an early morning and didn’t leave me until just before I medicated after lunch.

The first sensation was a rush of uplifting euphoria and a lot more energy in general. I was also notably less self-conscious. I felt positive and out-going. It gave me a “ready for anything” mindset.

Comparatively speaking, medicating again, and liberally,  at the end of the day,  actually helped me fall pleasantly asleep.

It is not often expounded upon, but, for me, this stain provides mental focus and that is not weighed down by couch-lock. In fact, the body buzz seems to relax me just enough to provide a comforting headspace for the psychoactive effects to shine through.

When researching this strain online, looking for any corroboration regarding the creative effects, I found very little mention of this. But, the creative uplift has been consistent with the batches I have purchased from so far.

I will continue to purchase Grow West’s Cough OG whenever it is available.

I HIGHLY suggest you do the same. You will not be disappointed.


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