Hazmat OG by Culta

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Hazmat OG by Culta


CLASS: Hybrid

LINEAGE: Hazmat OG is a cross between the original Chemdog 91 and Face Off OG Bx1

MEDIUM: Flower

AROMA: Skunky, earthy pine lemon

TASTE:  citrus, berry, lemon, fuel

MIND: uplifting, energizing, promotes free associative thought and creativity, without being too mind bending. This allows for one to actually perform the activities that Hazmat inspires you to want to do.

BODY:  only mild classic indica body high sensations. This is why it’s great for daytime use.

Hazmat OG by CultaCONCLUSION

Hazmat OG promotes energized creative thoughts and euphoria from its Face Off OG parent, without being too cerebrally heavy, which makes it a perfect daytime strain. 

This strain can also alleviate fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

Hazmat OG is a timeless standby for me as I’m sure it must be for others. It has become a favored strain for some obvious reasons.

Primarily, its robust, densely arranged bud structure, peppered with deep purple and orange stigma, and dark purple and bright green calyx leaves.

Hazmat OG’s attributes are its energizing sativa cerebral high and and a stimulating physical high.

Hazmat OG has efficacy in treating anxiety, depression, obsessive thought (my personal experience), and fatigue making it a perfect daytime strain that won’t leave you mentally vacant.


This strain really offers the full spectrum of medicinal effect which is directly proportionate to the amount ingested. The strong overbearing presence of sativa sensations is accompanied by very relaxing indica physical sensations from this (typically 60/40 )sativa/ indica hybrid

The batch I reviewed from was a top tier (A+) high potency strain at nature’s medicines in Ellicott City, MD.

The structure of Hazmat OG’s beautifully bright green buds is typically very tight and dense with a coating of small crystalline trichomes and even distributed red and orange stigma

The effect is immediate with this strain hitting you with mild ocular pressure and a pleasant lightheaded feeling upon exhale.

The cerebral component to this strains effect can be quite intense with its 60/40 sativa/indica genetics.  Hazmat OG inspires creative, energetic feelings without any unpleasant racing thoughts or anxiety that sometimes accompany sativa/indica hybrids.

It is a great strain to focus with or to watch a movie or even have a detailed and deep conversation all the while letting Hazmat OG’s Indica side sweep you away with an undertow of euphoric bliss.