Gelato Verano

STRAIN: Gelato
MEDIUM: Flower
THCa 28.8% /THC .2%)

CLASS: Hybrid / Indica dominant hybrid
LINEAGE:  Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
PURCHASED: Ethos Catonsville

3 buds of gelato by verano 2


detailed photo of gelato by verano trichomes

Good For Bowls and Rolls:
Good right out of the box for bowls but this batch could do with some grinding. Buds are thick spongy, sticky, and dense but fairy


  • Misc- tell-tale aroma of most Verano strains (notably the G Line IMO)that rides the fence between a cheesy and sour (I’ll Describe them separately below) that I’ve yet to identify but I believe it is over-ripe orange rind which  seems to contain a note of oiliness to it (much like Sonny G in particular) that hangs over the complete bouquet of the flower
  • Hint of a sort of sage or lavender aroma giving way to a vanilla-nut type aroma at times
  • Hints ground Black Pepper
  • General-sour-somewhat unidentifiable sourness
  • General-cheesy-subtle note of a sharp generic cheese like aroma as mentioned above


  • Sweet- orange /grapefruit
  • Sour – generic sourness that seems to be a component of the previously mentioned sour aroma typical of Verano and that I’ve come to associate with quality / “Dankness”
  • Confection-hint of cotton candy or burned brown sugar-type taste upon exhalingdetail of gelato by verano 2

EFFECTS (MIND + BODY):*NOTE: As listed on the Verano Label:
“Reported effects: uplifted, sleepy, relaxed, pain relief, hungry”


  • +Cerebrally energizing: stimulating creative thought and tangential thinking
  • +Imparts generalized feelings of uplifting euphoria / happiness ++
  • +Strong psychoactive “head-buzz” feeling throughout most of the duration but more intense in the beginning before transitioning to the more physically relaxing effects.
  • /+Potential for “Haze-Daze”/ spacey feeling++
  • +Potential to enhance one’s ability to focus steadily for long periods of time
  • +Can stimulate conversation and be socially stimulating*
  • Potential feelings of anticipatory excitement which could be perceived as anxiety producing for some+++

    ++in lower doses
    +++in higher doses /IMO
    *this batch seems like it really would make anyone feel more engaged or the need to engage with some external stimuli be it as an observer or a participant.
    NOTE: I did feel that my attention span was elongated and my focus enhanced although there is a potential here to zone out or become engrossed in something nonproductive. The relaxing physical sensations make it easy to remain relatively still and content but mentally stimulated.


  • +/Sedation/ promotes sleep+++
  • +/Stimulates appetite ++
  • Light to medium ocular pressure
  • +/Some haze-daze in higher doses due to its ability to calm nerves and relax the muscles, which can hamper productivity despite the level of focus. (Likewise, upon successive sessions, promotes sedation and sleep) +++
  • +Induces a sense of calm
    ++in lower doses
    +++in higher doses /IMO

detail of thick rusty red pistils on bud of gelato by veranoAPPLICATIONS (MEDICINAL + RECREATIONAL:

Can potentially help to mitigate,  or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)^
  • Treating Anxiety/Depression/ Stress
  • Headaches**
  • Depression
  • Sleep issues

*Gelato, at least #33, is a fantastic strain for alleviating accumulated stress. It helps those with ADD stay focused.
It provides a happy euphoric relaxing state that can help anxiety in general. But, these effects are only temporary and patients should be reminded to seek the help of a professional for long-term management of any serious psychological issues

**I was well into the formation of a migraine the day I purchased Gelato.I had already taken 3 of my prescribed Rx for the pain and hours had passed for it to show any sign of efficacy.
But, it wasn’t until I medicated with Gelato #33 (same thing happened with Poochie Love by Culta )that my migraine was alleviated completely! The next day I was migraine free as well and usually this goes on for a few days.
Clearly, the medication helped my migraine, but I do feel it was accelerated somewhat with Gelato’s level of Myrcene.

NOTE: Please take into account that Gelato is an energizing, uplifting, and at times and for some, a highly psychoactive strain. Please be responsible out there.

  • Can inspire creativity in individuals with a propensity to be creative
  • Physically + mentally calming so it is well suited for board games, video games, etc.

jar of gelato by verano with 3 buds in the foreground

As usual Verano sets the bar high with its simple, yet elegant, branding. I’m still don’t think that an eighth requires a glass jar every time …but I do like to keep my flower in them in the interest of freshness, but it would be great if Verano included a Boveda pack.
Anyway, nothing new here, which, in this case, is a good thing. I’m a fan of consistent branding and I tend to think constant changes seem forced and somewhat misdirected rather than forward thinking.
Being presented with the Verano jar this time seemed pleasantly familiar.  Probably because it did smell similar to some of their other strains. But, I also felt like I knew what to expect: potent flower, expertly grown and cured. And, sure enough, I did…because it is.


very detailed photo of gelato bud surface exhibiting milky yellow trichomes and orange pistils

**Typical of the #33 cut, higher levels of Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Pinene present here although this batch is Limonene dominant. And, the beta-pinene is higher than the Alpha- Pinene.
So it is fairly consistent with what is reported as typical with this strain.

Gelato is a deliciously pungent cross of Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) X Sunset Sherbet .  Gelato is an Indica dominant hybrid that can invoke an intense cerebral stimulation highlighted by feelings of energetic uplifted euphoria and enhanced focus which is followed by equally intense sensations of physical relaxation, calm, and appetite stimulation, eventually leading to sleep at higher doses.

There are many versions of Gelato, and this one, #33 or the #33 Cut is known by its consistently higher levels of Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Pinene. 

NOTE: This batch is mostly consistent with this.