G Purps by Verano

PRODUCER: Verano/ G-Line
MEDIUM: Flower
THCa 22.51% /D9THC .21%/ THC VA .19%/  CBGA 0.16%/CBNA 0.10%/ CBCA .27%


CLASS: Indica
LINEAGE: G6 “Jet Fuel” X Purple Punch
PURCHASED: Ethos Catonsville Medical Dispensary/ previously Catonsville Mission Medical Dispensary @missioncatonsville


  1. Limonene 0.791%
  2. Trans-Caryophyllene 0.470%
  3. Beta-Pinene 0.254%
  4. Beta-Myrcene 0.109%

beautiful bud of g purps



  • + Instantaneous sensation of euphoria/ well being
  • +“Head buzz” feeling overall
  • +elevation of mood overall
  • +Increased ability to focus [STANDOUT EFFECT]
  • +Mentally energizing/ motivating

**In higher doses/IMO
NOTE: G Purps would be a fantastic strain for anyone that deals with anxiety and depression.


  • + “body buzz” feeling
  • +immediate ocular and facial pressure
  • -/+ increase in appetite w/ successive sessions
  • -dry “cotton” mouth+ Dry eyes **
  • +/- sedation and heaviness of body that will induce sleep **
  • -/+potential for haze-daze**

**In higher doses/IMO

g purps by verano

G Purps provided quite a potent high. Even in the mid to low twenties, this is expertly grown, wonderfully cured, aromatic, flower.

BEST USED:Early Morning/ Morning / Daytime/ Early Evening – this is not a strain for waking necessarily but I found in smaller doses it can be quite motivating. It is a good Indica leaning strain to micro dose. The initial burst of cerebral euphoria is exceptional and the subsequent Indica body high is one of the best I’ve experienced aside from Dos Si Dos by Culta.  Even this batch at roughly 20% is quite potent. 

Could help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • Muscle tension/ aches
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Anxiety/ panic disorder/ panic attacks

    NOTE: G Purps can really provide a feeling of physical comfort and a sort of detachment. This would prove a nice relaxing distracted state of mind for those dealing with anxiety and acute depression


  • Lends itself to activities requiring attention to detail / increased focus
  • Artistic endeavors/ creative pastimes/ hobbies/ etc.
  • Can be socially/ conversationally stimulating
  • Gardening/ yard work/ etc
  • Misc- Definitely a strain to relax with but  in smaller doses sense it may cause a type of focused distraction that can inspire one to be active or funnel focus towards a particular interest



The buds in both eighths I purchased from Ethos/ formerly Mission Catonsville were comprised of several small to medium sized buds.
brilliant white trichomes and orange hairs against green g purps bud

Good For Bowls and Rolls: This batch did not require the use of a grinder to break down the bud material.


  • Sweet-grape
  • Citrus-cherry/ orange
  • Artificial- detected an artificial orange aroma
  • Musky- minor note of hashish
  • Herbal- strong aroma of lemon balm


  • Sweet- lemon/ lemon balm
  • Artificial – faint intermittent taste of natural cherry flavoring
  • Musky-some vague hashish taste on exhale



This batch of G Purps had a nice terpene profile. The level of Limonene .791% is solid. I think that the cerebral uplift can be attributed to this.

The level of Linalool at .301% only augments the overall level of calm and euphoria felt when medicating with this strain.  

close up of g purps bud with trichomes

G Purps is a potent Indica dominant hybrid G6 “Jet Fuel”’and Purple Punch with a slightly energized and focused cerebral high mixed with deep muscle relaxation, this strain is capable of lifting moods, distraction from stress, some mild creative inspiration, and an overall physical euphoria that will sedate you to a restful sleep.


This is the only strain in Verano’s G Line that hadn’t tried until writing this review. I was not surprised at the quality of this batch of flower because Verano does seem to take a special pride in the cure and the cut of their flower.  There is no question that Verano flower is some of the best, most consistent flower you will find in Maryland. Consumers would only expect this level of quality after seeing some of Verano’s labels…taking the effort to label some of their flower as “Private Stock Nugs” ,”Reserve” and the like…you get the idea.^^Note

And, although There definitely are more efficient ways to package their flower while retaining “high end” status than the ornately decorated glass jar they currently employ.

However, after all the finery placed on the packaging, it is interesting and ironically funny that the information on the label literally disappeared roughly 4 hours after I purchased the eighth. 

This may be because we are all running around using alcohol based hand sanitizer. I think this is why this may have happened. Either way here’s what I looks like:
worn off verano label with g purps buds in front

I don’t recall this ever happening with those low brow unassuming Strane containers or Harvest ziplocks.

But, the quality is really found inside the jar and after all.  G Purps provided quite a potent high. Even in the mid to low twenties, this is expertly grown, wonderfully cured, aromatic, flower.

It is comforting to know that this strain seems to hold court and if you don’t see it presently, you will soon. It is a strain I would like to keep around but being that it’s a Verano product, its price tag seems to cancel this idea as being financially straining, for lack of a better term.

Verano does produce excellent strains but their packaging seems a bit extravagant at times. I wonder if this alone could reduce the cost of their flower even if only by a small amount.

I can’t really say, for instance, that paying $10 less for an eighth of Harvest/ Roll One at the same level of potency wouldn’t be a more prudent choice or of any lesser quality.
That being said, Harvest doesn’t produce G Purps, so the comparison is moot.  I do look forward to sampling G Purps again in the very near future.


NOTE: I initially had used the words “Nug Run”, which a reader pointed out refers to the extraction process.  The use of the word “Run” was indeed a typo. I have updated this content to reflect the intended sentiment, which was simply to show that Verano holds itself in high regard which is reflected in their choice of packaging and verbiage on said packaging. 
I have also updated the review with some photo examples of Verano’s label copy.