Thai Lights by Verano

STRAIN: Thai Lights
MEDIUM: Flower
PURCHASED: Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary @missioncatonsville
POTENCY: THCa 20.00% / THC 1.30%
CLASS: Sativa dominant Sativa / Indica Hybrid
LINEAGE: original Thai landrace strain X Northern Lights


Talking Heads ’77
Grateful Dead Europe ’72 
Jacque Dutrac Greatest
Police Zenyatta Mendatta

List of Verano’s ” reported effects:

  • uplifted
  • happy
  • energetic
  • decreased pain
  • hungry”



  • + mild to medium cerebral stimulation
  • + mild to medium energized euphoric uplift
  • +increased ability to focus
  • +increased potential to find humor in situations


  • + medium “body buzz”
  • +sensations of calm and tranquility
  • /+ deep feelings of relaxation
  • /+sedation/deep restful sleep*
  • some dry “cotton” mouth*
  • (neutral) mild ocular pressure (neutral feeling)
    *in higher doses/IMO

"I found Thai Lights to be a functional blend of a medium Sativa mixed with a heavier, or more noticeable Indica."

Primarily Morning and Daytime use, but evening after work and before bed would also be appropriate, especially at a higher level of potency.



Treating symptoms of Anxiety
ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Sleeplessness / sleep issues

This strain is so nice and easy that almost any activity could benefit especially at this potency.  At a much higher potency, the desire to be social would most likely diminish in light of Thai Lights Northern Lights heritage and its sought after sedative effect. At higher does watching a movie with friends (or alone for that matter), gaming, etc. would be most enjoyable.

APPEARANCE (consistency) :

Thai Lights by Verano


  • Sweet-lemon
  • Herbal- tea leaves / mint
  • Chem- Flintstone’s Vitamins


  • Sweet-orange(?)
  • Herbal- tea leaves / mint
  • Chem- faint licorice flavor upon exhale


The biggest offering here is the level of B-Pinene at 0.188% and B-Myrcene at 0.165%, which really aren’t that exceptionally high. In fact nothing stands out as exceptional here. The entourage effect is working here albeit at a lower overall potency.


Thai Lights is a Sativa dominant hybrid of an original landrace strain from Thailand , or “Thai”, and Indica legend Northern Lights which provides a mild to medium euphoric cerebral uplift and some increased focus mixed with a stress relieving and calming Indica body high that can be lightly sedative in higher doses courtesy of its Northern Lights genetics.


I found Thai Lights to be a functional blend of a medium Sativa mixed with a heavier, or more noticeable Indica. The Sativa effects were light but effective and had almost zero potential to cause feelings of anxiety or stress.

I think it important to mention that I mostly medicated with this strain in the early morning and afternoon. I just didn’t find it that potent in the evening as I graduate to strains with a higher potency in the evenings.

During those day time sessions I definitely felt an elevation of mood and some stress relief in the afternoon to early evening.

I found myself deep in thought or focusing on the details of whatever activity I needed to perform.
At some point there is a leveling off of cerebral effects as Indica effects take lead.

I wasn’t so taken with the look of this strain, and it barely resembled any Thai stick or supposedly pure Thai flower I’ve encountered in the past. However, it does have a very familiar aroma of black tea and the look of so many past bags of flower that it almost feels like a reunion with that “upper-mid” level NYC delivery service flower look.

That being said, I did indeed enjoy the ride I took with Verano’s Thai Lights. But, I would most likely only purchase it again with a much higher potency and hopefully a more enriched terpene profile. It just didn’t seem to rank with likes of the other G-line strains by Verano at almost the same potency. 3/5 but a definite solid 3.  think “High Upper Mid”