L’Orange by Rythm

STRAIN: L’Orange

MEDIUM: Flower
PURCHASED: Ethos Catonsville (formerly Mission Catonsville …different owner, same fantastic staff)
CLASS: Sativa dominant hybrid
LINEAGE: Oregon Lemon X Orange Crush

Cerebrally energizing, creatively inspiring, physically uplifting and relaxing.

  • Cerebrally invigorating/stimulating+/++
  • Potential to inspire creativity /creative thinking +/++
  • Intensifies humor +/++/+++
  • uplifting euphoria +/++
  • Potential to enhance focus +/++/+++

+ in micro doses
++in lower doses 

+++in higher doses (successive sessions/ larger initial ingestion)


  • Sedation/ promotes sleep+++
  • Stimulates appetite ++
  • light to medium ocular pressure +/++
  • Sedation/ promotes sleep +++

+ in micro doses
++in lower doses
+++in higher doses (successive sessions/ larger initial ingestion)


Fairly classic but still impressive elongated comically shaped buds. There was one bud Which dominated the eighth but it was only one however the stem material was quite large I would estimate it adding about .75 grams of stem.

However upon magnifying even the stems was quite apparent since even they had a large quantity of fully-developed-mature trichome material attached.
trichomes on stem of l'orange bud

The more cloudy and amber the trichomes, the more narcotic the effect. Likewise, and conversely, clearer trichomes predict a more cerebrally focused high. The cerebral effects of this strain bear out the clarity of almost translucent trichomes seen IN THE MACRO PHOTO BELOW:
milky but mostly clear trichomes on l'orange bud denoting a more cerebral high


  • Citrus – orange/ orange peel
  • Citrus- sharp pineapple aroma upon breaking up buds
  • Sweet- Carmel aroma upon deeper nasal inhalation prior to combustion minor note of vanilla
  • General-sour-somewhat unidentifiable pungent skunk-like aroma


  • Sweet- orange-like oil (it was a difficult to describe oil oiliness to it much like Verano Sonny G. From this I have deduced, or rather I have hypothesize, that the “unknown male” phenotype listed in the lineage of Sonny G might actually be Orange Crush (comments?)
  • Herbal-lemongrass, lemon mint

INHALE; some orange-like flavor here much like orange rind. but with a bit of musky oily undertone

EXHALE; some sweet flavors appear and then quickly disappear but the inhale and especially the exhale produces a very thick but very smooth smoke that may produce a bit of a cough which I believe to be caused by the same oily orange heaviness in the aroma which is also present in the taste.

Rythm is very consistent in its glass jar packaging which definitely has a sleek clean look which aptly reflects the quality of professionally cultivated high-end flower within.
But, strains of late have been packaged in a new black opaque glass jar. It is more squat than the standard Rythm jar with the colored caps denoting their Indica, Sativa, or Hybrids.  This jar, albeit wider, was much easier to carry around in my jacket pocket. Also there’s no need to expose flower to any more sunlight after its packaged since it can only degrade its potency.

closer detail of l'orange bud by rythm


Can help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)^
  • Anxiety/Depression/ Stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Negative /poor mood (major mood elevation with L’Orange IMO
  • Potential for Appetite stimulation


  • L’Orange is maybe one of the better stains I’ve tried …ever. And, L’Orange is most definitely the best flower I’ve ever had from Rythm to date. Its hard to discern whether or not L’Orange seems equally conducive to solo and group activities. And furthermore, I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be more inspiring with a little L’Orange. 

elongated conically shaped bud of l'orange


  1. Beta-Myrcene 0.70%
  2. Beta-Caryophyllene 0.67%
  3. Limonene 0.63%
  4. Linalool 0.32%

This terpene profile is very predictive of the cerebrally uplifted and euphoric high that has almost zero potential to cause anxiety, making L’Orange an excellent strain choice for those seeking this type of experience without any attached potential for anxiety or paranoia.


lab test label showing potency of l'orange

bud of l'orange strain in front of rythm glass jar

L’Orange is a Sativa dominant hybrid of Oregon Lemon X Orange Crush, the latter providing a pervasive and memorable orange rind aroma that qualifies its name. L’Orange’s energizing, inspiring and stimulating cerebral effects are top notch emboldened by its equally potent physical effects which are both relaxing and reinvigorating. L’Orange is a cerebrally arousing without the potential for paranoia usually associated with high energy Sativa strains.  


I had intended to steer my next dispensary acquisition toward more Cambodian Thai x BOEL country  (REVIEW COMING NEXT) when I scanned the updated inventory and saw the words “L’Orange”. We all have our trigger words: piney, skunk, Afghan, etc. for me, at least many times in the past, this word is “orange”.


For some reason I must associate “orange” with a string of pleasant cannabis experiences having an overwhelmingly pungent aroma of oranges.bud of l'orange strain in natural light with a chorkie dog in the background

This may stem from one of my earliest experiences with cannabis when I encountered something that I was told was “Florida Jar weed”. In my inexperienced mind I somehow instilled cemented the notion that weed that smells of oranges or orange rinds rotting in a jar must equate with the best weed on the planet.

I may still be correct about this correlation after this, my most recent encounter with L’Orange …and to be fair, previous experiences with Verano’s Sonny G and G6 from their “G-Line”.


I absolutely loved this strain. It really seemed to move the needle for me.
It was such a slow burn something that I believe can be attributed to Rythm’s curing process, which for this batch of this strain, was simply impeccable.

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  1. Jim Davidson

    I made my first visit to a dispensary last week and purchased the Rythm L’Orange 300 mg Vape cart. My first experience with a legitimate cart was not very well. I find this very weak to my suprise. The taste was very earthy. I was expecting so much more from it. I also purchased a Forbidden Fruit cart from Ozone that I found to be much better. I realize it’s not flower that you have reviewed, but shouldnt they be similar in effect and flavor.

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