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buds oro blanco by natures heritage pictured in front of faux wooden lid

Oro Blanco – the fire on the mountain bud

PRODUCER: Nature’s Heritage
MEDIUM: Flower
CLASS: structurally Indica /balanced cerebral-physical effects

The White X Wookie 15 (Green Crack x The White)
NOTE: Take note of the double dose of genetics from The White from both of Oro Blanco’s parents.

Batch/Lot#: 25036

Exp 7/13/22

PURCHASED: Oceanside Dispensary, 16 Magothy Beach RD., Pasadena, MD


THCa 36.91% | THC 0.85%
CBDA 0.07%
CBG 0.23%
CBGA 0.52%


  1. Limonene 0.60%
  2. Beta-Myrcene 0.58%
  3. Caryophyllene 0.42%

This gorgeous trichome-rich flower seems to check all the boxes with higher than average cerebral stimulation and an even more dominant and hard-hitting body-high.

buds of oro blanco by natures heritage


Oro Blanco by Nature’s Heritage burns a deeply etched reminder that structural indica cannabis strains can be quite cerebral in the effects department; as was the case with NH’s Sour Bobby’s effects.

Oro Blanco’s cerebral intensity is inherited from Green Crack; adding the fuel to the fire in waves as its current carries the Oro Blanco’s expansive high into almost oceanic levels of boundless euphoria which seems to increase with every toke.
This baseline level of cerebro-physio-euphoria  can push stress and worry to the margins as the head and body high level out.

From this point on the high takes a decidedly stoney- almost spacey-loftiness; As Oro Blanco’s double-dose of genetics from The White which seem to change limitless sensation into an easily manageable waking sedation of sorts.

In higher doses this may cause sensations some may describe as disorienting; while still others may experience as a welcome altering of perception and depth both physically and mentally as thoughts begin to unwind and meander.


many red hairs covering small round bud of oro blanco wth other buds in background 


  • Energizing /Uplifting /mood elevating +/++
  • Facilitates and enhances focus needed for creative endeavors, reading/ studying, etc.+/++
  • Increase in aural awareness; sound is intensified or more easily pulled into aural focus; where certain ambient sounds may be more pronounced or easily heard above the rest.+/++/+++
  • De-escalates anger/ stress/ tension+/++
  • Increases mental focus/ acuity+
  • Promotes patience/ calm state of mind+/++/+++
  • Can pivot ego-based thinking to selfless externally focused point of reference helping to maintain calm+/++/+++
  • Instills feelings of motivated serenity+/++
  • Promotes productive thought patterns while reducing negative recursive thinking  +/+++
  • Ultimately provides stress relieving serene relaxed state of mind+/++/+++

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales


  • mild ocular pressure sensations/could provide relief for those suffering from glaucoma +/++/+++
  • Promotes light to medium sedation +++
  • Potential to increase physical arousal +/++
  • Relaxes strained muscle groups/tense muscles constricted from mental stress +/++/+++
  • Sedation and sleep +++
  • Some dizziness in higher doses+++
  • Can cause some disorientation +++
  • Mild to medium level of appetite stimulation (relaxing of muscles in stomach/abdomen ++/+++

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales

roundish bud of oro blanco with bright orange pistils

sindle red haired covered bud of oro blanco
Oro Blanco definitely exhibits enough milky white to creamy colored trichome coverage to merit its name. Dense, well cured, and compact buds have just enough give and are pretty much what I’ve come to expect with Nature’s Heritage, who seem to be a head above most of their competitors when it comes to the cure.


  • Before breaking up…
    • Fuel- generic Petro -chemical odor
    • Woody- soil peat moss like aroma
    • Herbaceous Lemon
  • After breaking up…
    • Chewable vitamin aroma
    • Pine
    • Sour smell


  • Afghani hash based
  • Lemon-pine
  • Soil- Dirt but rich Soil

rusty looking bud of oro blanco by natures heritage


INHALE; Afghani hash based, Slightly woody, with a Lemon-pine like taste

EXHALE; somewhat harsh exhale which can illicit some serious coughing but you’ll all be all the better for it as Oro Blanco’s Caryophyllene as it washes over the physical form with calming warming sensation heralding the cerebral stimulation which is soon to follow.

oro blanco by natures heritage buds

Nature’s Heritage does a great job at not making the jar seem excessive, preserving of flower, and with a natural, simple, and elegant branding aesthetic. At least it’s opaque right? Anyway as usual I dig it and the testing label is easy to read and doesn’t disappear at the slightest touch like some other flower houses…Rythm ahem …Verano.

Anyway, always, a pleasure.


bud of oro blanco showing bright orange hairs and yellowish and green leaves


Those combating symptoms of PMS, depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, stress, fatigue, and diminished or unstable mood may find a great deal of healing power within Oro Blanco’s wide spectrum of effects. high.
Oro Blanco’s effects can potentially help mitigate, or alleviate, some symptoms caused by or associated with:

  • ADD/ADHD +/++
  • Anxiety/Depression/ Stress +++
  • Eating Disorders/diminished appetite * +/++) ++
  • Difficulty Sleeping ++/+++
  • Restlessness +/++/+++



AlphaPinene: 0.05% | BetaCaryophyllene: 0.42% | BetaEudesmol: 0.07% | BetaMyrcene: 0.58% | BetaPinene: 0.1% | CBG: 0.23% | CBGA: 0.52% | Humulene: 0.12% | Limonene: 0.6% | Linalool: 0.07% | THC: 33.22%

This all points to a fairly well-rounded profile.


  1. Limonene 0.60%
  2. Beta-Myrcene 0.58%
  3. Caryophyllene 0.42%
  4. Humalene 0.12%

buds of oro blanco by natures heritage in front of faux wood jar lidCONCLUSION:

Oro Blanco aka by its translated name, “White Gold”, is a cross of The White x Wookie 15 (itself a cross of The White x the cerebrally invigorating, but poorly named Green Crack). This optically stunning flower offers a refined experience with a double dose of The White which providing an inherited trait of prolific trichome coverage creating a blanket of crystalline goodness while reflecting a stunning whitish hue on its buds. Oro Blanco’s  Wookie 15 influence is reflected in its uplifting and focused cerebral side; undoubtedly inherited from its Green Crack genetics. Oro Blanco’s more sedative qualities seem inherited from The White genetics on both sides of the family.

This gorgeous trichome-rich flower seems to check all the boxes with higher than average cerebral stimulation and an even more dominant and hard-hitting body-high.

The narcotic bliss offered by Oro Blanco is what has made it such a favored flower for those seeking a highly sedative, yet thought-provoking cerebrally stimulated high.


Well, this is my second run-in with Oro Blanco aka “White Gold” and I think I’m even more impressed this go-round.

Not only does Nature’s Heritage have a well-rounded roster of flowers, they are also consistently fresh and quite potent.

White Gold indeed ….

green jar with label and with faux wood cap with c

With double the genetic influence of The White’s notoriously anesthetizing body-high blended with the sublimely energetically focused lofty high of Green Crack, a sublimely balanced compromise is established with the cerebral and physical effects working concurrently toward a harmonious plateau of overall stoney- euphoria.

off kilter photo of oro blanco buds and partially picutred wood jar top on white

The last time I had this flower I was still relatively new at this and somehow the review lost its momentum.
I’ve been waiting ever since to encounter a batch of Oro Blanco that had as well-rounded of a terpo-chemical profile and as potent as this batch.

bud of oro blanco with thc maryland sticker on green jar behind it

Interestingly the more I ingested the more boundless and expansive the Oro Blanco high seemed to be. 

Nature’s Heritage has truly struck gold with its expression of Oro Blanco. The team should be proud of Oro Blanco and keep it as a staple in their house so that we can keep it a constant in ours.

5/5 execution, cure, optics, aroma-flavor profile, terpo-chemical profile, potency, and effect.

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    Smoked this stuff tonight and I can say, This was the best cannabis review I’ve ever read. Hands down. Just stumbled across this website and I’m honestly impressed, I love the accuracy and the scale you use to measure which effects are felt after how many hits. 10/10

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