Planet Purple by Culta

STRAIN: Planet Purple
MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 23.89% THC 0.54%)
CLASS: Sativa/ Indica Hybrid
PURCHASED: Oceanside Dispensary Magothy Beach, Pasadena, MD
LINEAGE:From Archive Seedbank:
Sherbidos (Sunset Sherbert x Dosidos )
Moonbow #75 (Zkittlez with a Do-Si-Dos)



  • Influx of cerebral euphoria which mostly amounts to a definite elevation of mood and a feeling of well being(limonene is in abundance here)
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Enhances focus

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales


  • Sensation of physical warmth in chest,shoulder, and neck regions
    (This accentuates the uplift in mood and overall cerebral euphoria)
  • Mildly but effectively sedating (depending on dosage, tolerance, and the usual host of factors)
  • Dry mouth/ eyes: Potentially dehydrating
  • Some mild ocular pressure

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales


Planet Purple’s visual appeal is definitely notable as its green hues lie more toward the darker end of the spectrum offering an appealing contrast to the abundant milky white trichome coverage.

As you can see in this macro photo, the trichomes are a nice blend of cloudy and clear predicting both a cerebral and physical effect. 

2 macro photo of trichomes on bud of planet purple by culta

The cure on this batch of Planet Purple was very nice with a perfect amount of density and a complex aroma of sweet and floral qualities. while still delivering a decent under layer of hashish perfume mixed with an almost grilled beef-type aroma most likely due to a high level of Caryophyllene. This mostly evident when the material is only partially de-carboxolized.

The buds of Planet Purple were rather dense with some sugar leaves intact wrapping the inner flower in a sort of husk. This offers some nice textural possibilities where photography is concerned. But, beyond my own appreciation of this superficial trait, it does offer some added functionality, since these sugar leaves are great for holding small amounts of concentrates to be enjoyed with your flower.

The sugar leaf can cradle the concentrate securely as it then becomes drenched in the melting medium, cupping the excess allowing you to retrieve numerous hits off of a single bowl)

The buds are fairly granular when you break them up and you can only do this to a point. This is because the very small nuggets- seed sized at times -are about as small as some of this material can be broken down …it is a very dense cure to say the least.

Good For Bowls and rolls ?
I would say stick to the bowls.
This is a great strain to add concentrate like budder or shatter to it…it would really do nicely with this very crusty hard dense leaf material as mentioned above.

AROMA; Some Fuel and spice on the top and more of a lemon herbal

  • Diesel-fuel-type notes mixed with a more herbal lemon scent rather than one that is citrus based
  • Meaty- some grilled red meat type aroma possibly from caryophyllene and mostly detectable when flower has been only partially de-carboxalized bowls


  • Musky – hashish type flavor that veers towards a gassy or fuel-type aftertaste
  • Herbal- hint of a more herbal lemon aroma, rather than citrus
planet purple by culta parade of bud

sugar leaf visible on a dense bud of planet purple by culta
Bubblegum Diesel was similar in appearance to most varieties of Sour Diesel with a lighter minty green and orange pistils/stigma/“hairs”

AROMA: Some Fuel and spice on the top and more of a lemon herbal

  • Herbal lemon /lemongrass aroma
  • A generic pungent /prickly citrus-type aroma much like grapefruit
  • Meaty- grilled red meat type aroma caryophyllene


  • Musk-generic fuel-gassy-type flavor typical of some Sour Diesel crosses
  • Herbal-lemon, lemon pepper-type /lemon in spice form


This macro shot shows the predominantly clear trichomes on a bud of Planet Purple predicting more cerebral experience effect

2 macro photo of trichomes on bud of planet purple by culta

Top Terpenes:
1. Limonene .59%
2. Beta-Caryophyllene .32%
3. Linalool 24%


planet purple by culta lab testing label

This level of Limonene is more than capable of elevating mood.
Interestingly, Nature’s Heritage’s Bubblegum Diesel and Planet Purple have very similar terpene profiles (at least these recent batches). But, I think on the whole their terpene/ cannabinoid profiles are very similar and, in my mind, functionally interchangeable.

I would feel confident stating that one could be substituted for the other in a pinch (as I mentioned in my review of Bubblegum Diesel)…In fact they share the same top three terpenes by concentration within their profiles.

At first I thought that my palette had been diluted and I was temporarily losing my ability to differentiate between strains. But, I then I took a closer look and compared their testing labels. I did, indeed, find many similarities between the two.
Check it out!

Bubblegum Diesel:
1. Limonene .61%
2. Beta-Caryophyllene .41%
3. Linalool .24%

Planet Purple

1. Limonene .59%
2. Beta-Caryophyllene .32%
3. Linalool 24%

Their Pinene content is also similar. Both strains seem to stimulate the cerebral and elevate the mood with a decreased potential to cause the anxiety or distress often associated with strains exhibiting more Sativa-like traits. Here is the comparison between the two:

Bubblegum Diesel
Alpha-Pinene 0.04%
Beta-Pinene. 0.06%

Planet Purple
Alpha-Pinene 0.05%
Beta-Pinene. 0.07%

The potency of both of these strains is also testing about the same (at least these batches) with Bubblegum Diesel at 24.1% and Planet Purple close begins at 23.89%.

After medicating with both strains, and so close in succession, I would say they are  workable substitutes for one another. And if these standout terpenes are what move the needle for you (as I feel they do for me) I would go so far as to say they are interchangeable…if, for instance, only one of the two were available for purchase.

Planet Purple being a bit weightier (on the sedative side) with .18% Beta-Myrcene… Whereas Bubblegum Diesel makes less of a physical impact testing at only 0.05% Beta-Myrcene.
terpene profile for bud of bubblegum diesel

Almost a cool menthol sensation as diesel and berry sweet taste intermingle
lemon pepper-type herbal taste reminiscent of some Thai strains mixed with some nose tingling and mouth lingering kush-Afghan -type taste- somewhat spicy- this makes sense considering this strain’s distant relatives through the Sherbet, OG Kush Afghan Kush x Lemon Thai side of things.
may help mitigate or temporarily alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety
  • Generalized Stress
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Nausea
  • Depression or depressive thoughts

planet purple by culta bud

Planet Purple a complex Sativa Indica hybrid blend of Sherbidos (Sunset Sherbert x Dosidos )X Moonbow #75 (Zkittlez with a Do-Si-Dos) which offers a more physically sedative set of effects than other MoonBow crosses and delivers a cerebral euphoria due to a high limonene content and a substantial amount of relaxing physical tension release due to high levels of Caryophyllene, predicting an elevated mood and a relaxed body.