Sunset Octane by Evermore

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STRAIN: Sunset Octane
MEDIUM: Flower
THCa 27.32% THC 0.517%
PRODUCER: Evermore
CLASS:  Sativa-Indica Hybrid structurally
cerebral-effect initial but secondary/ physical-effect dominant

PURCHASED: Oceanside Dispensary, 16 Magothy Beach Rd.

LINEAGE: Sunset Sherbet X Octane OG BX3 (back crossed 3 times)
Note: Octane OG is a Sunset Sherbet backcross

sunset octane bud with a prolific amount of orange pistils



  • Medium level cerebral uplift
  • Some increase in ability to focus
  • Stimulates creativity


  • light to medium cranial and facial pressure
  • dry eyes
  • some medium level physical euphoria but rather short lived compared to most Indica hybrids
  • dry mouth at higher doses
  • minor appetite stimulation
  • Dizziness and confusion haze-daze
  • Sedation and sleep inducing

another angle showing more of the yellow and gold on the leaves of sunset octane buds by evermore cannabis

Medicinal application:
may help mitigate or temporarily alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Muscle inflammation
  • Generalized minor aches and pains
  • Anxiety
  • Stress relief
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Nausea
  • Depression or depressive thoughts


No doubt about it, Evermore grows some very attractive flower. The myriad of colors found in these Sunset Octane buds is quite stunning.
The golden-yellow projected by the mix of amber trichomes and orange pistils provided some interesting optics. Overall, and from the perspective of critical cannabis inspection, this batch of Sunset Octane was very resinous and the buds seemed to have just the right amount of give when pressure is applied.
Take a look for yourself:
detailed photo showing the bright orange pistils on a bud of sunset octane

AROMA;  Floral overall as usual for Evermore, who seem to hold the secret for curing the most aromatic flower in Maryland, depending on strain and batch of course. I bet they could coax an aroma from The White if they tried.

  • fruit-berries
  • creamy-vanilla
  • conifer/pine-slight pine aroma

  • fuel-some diesel/petro/ generic retro-chemical aroma peeking through at the base level.

A little more harsh than one would expect given the aforementioned aromatics.

  • musk-generic hash-type flavor
  • fuel- indescribable chemical/ gasoline-type taste


Total Cannabinoids: 29.67%
Top Terpenes:
1. Myrcene 1.154%
2. Limonene 1.101%
3. Beta- Caryophyllene 0.356%
4. Linalool 0.389%

I’m not sure what is going on here with the lab test and I haven’t looked closely. To be fair there is a newer batch around Maryland at the moment. These numbers do not represent this batch per se. However, it is interesting that two of the terpenes breach the 1% threshold. And, the terpochemical profile overall is quite enriched. So, one would assume this would have an effect on the potency. I enjoyed this strain but its effect was not that dimensional and it tended to be somewhat short-lived. I’m not sure what to attribute this to.
Comments please.

If you look at the Macro Photos you can see a fairly even balance of clear to cloudy trichome heads with a decent portion that have already developed into the amber stage. This definitely seems to reflect Sunset Octane’s effects set which seems to be on the more physical side of things. The clear trichome heads are indicative of a more cerebral experience and there were far more of these present than I would’ve expected. I would have thought that there would be less of these on board before taking a closer look.
Check these out:

sunset octane bud closer range showing the many colors of these wonderfully cured buds

Sunset Octane is an indica dominant hybrid of
Sunset Sherbet X Octane OG BX3 (back crossed 3 times) providing an immediate elevated cerebral uptick which although short lived can improve mood and prolong focus on tasks becoming repetitive.
This uptick in mental energy is rather short lived and transitions into a deep full body physical euphoria tending to lock users in place with a sort of focused haze.
Higher doses or repeated sessions with Sunset Octane may cause some sedation and ultimately sleep. The physical effects are equally quick to fade making this strain good for those who need a quick short lived high or that may only be able to sleep few hours.

THE LONG WAY HOME (my toke…)
My Experience with Sunset Octane was one of an unbalanced High, which, although quite enjoyable, was too short lived to create a lasting impression.
My first impression was aromatic as is usually the case with Evermore, who I’ve come to think of as having the richest aromatics amongst cultivators in Maryland.
As was the case with Sunset Octane which first reports with a sweet, almost creamy, berry and fuel aroma that really just sucked the air out the room.
off kilter artsy photo of sunset octane buds

I figured the aromatics along with the terpene profile which was outstanding that Sunset Octane was going to push the meter into the red…
However, whereas sunset octane did meet my expectations with initial jolt of euphoria and mental uplift it didn’t seem to have any longevity and both the cerebral and physical effects seem to fade rather quickly thankfully leaving me where they found me …unfortunately I went through the eighth so fast because of this and so, I can’t rationalize another purchase of this strain which I won’t be choosing to spend my weekend with again.

shot gorgeous sunset octane bud from a distance with evermore jar in background
2/5 top notch aromatics, interesting and potent terpene profile, nice initial cerebral effect and body buzz but both were short lived and faded too fast to merit a repeat purchase.
Evermore is more like Never More with this batch of Sunset Octane.
Put some legs on this please!