Aliens on Moonshine X Sacajawea by Culta

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STRAIN: Aliens on Moonshine x Sacajawea
PURCHASED: Mission in Catonsville, MD
MEDIUM: Flower
26.7% THCa / 0.3THC
0.6% CBGa
*Total Terpene count: 1.40%

CLASS: Hybrid (AOM is known to be a CBD rich strain and when researching Sacajawea it was simply listed as an Indica)

LINEAGE: AOM( Aliens on Moonshine X Sacajawea((#15, #9, or #5(?)  NA ))

Aliens on Moonshine x Sacajawea by Culta****
Aliens on Moonshine
is a CBD rich strain which is a cross between:
Sour Alien x White Moonshine

The CBD content of the original Aliens on Moonshine seems to be somewhat diluted, or cancelled out by the addition of the Sacajawea genetics


On its own, Aliens on Moonshine is known to be a strain with a CBD content. Culta’s AOM x Sacajawea adds to this experience by mixing in the Indica genetics of Sacajawea.

Contrary to my expectation, the initial effect offers a boost of energizing clarity and focus. And, while it does promote focus with what THC potency it does possess, it seems to be dragged down by the added Indica genetics. The effects, especially the body high (ocular pressure, muscle relaxation, etc.)tend to be transient, coming in waves now and then.

Unlike most strains I’ve tried from Culta, the buzz left something to be desired.  It seemed slow to develop, was intermittent and lacked focus and articulation.

  • Mental and Physical Euphoria
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Uplifting  (feels as if in waves)
  • Physically soothing (feels as if in waves)


+mile creative stimulation/ inspiration
+waves of euphoria and relaxation
/+some drowsiness at higher doses


+physically soothing
+pleasurable ocular pressure
some dry mouth
/+mildly sleepy feelings at very higher doses



  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Depression 

* I was pleasantly distracted, felt some nice ocular pressure, and experienced some cerebral uplift, but the overall effect was intermittent and transient at best.  It’s difficult to apply this strain to any recreational activities per se(?):


APPEARANCE (consistency) :

Oh, the optics. This, the curb appeal,  this is  AOM x Sacajawea’s greatest asset.  The buds are comprised of a VERY complex arrangement of greens and purples that look almost decorated with long rows of bright white and yellow resinous trichomes resembling tinsel wrap around the mid-sized elongated buds. This elongated shape is inherited from the AOM side of the equation. Long spindly and well defined brilliant orange stigma (“hairs”)

Buds are quite dense and easily broken down for most methods of smoking/ vaping 

AROMA: nothing remarkable here unfortunately. The exhale was a little unremarkable and flavorless. 

  • Earthy- some mild soil and pine
  • Spice- anise/ licorice * I couldn’t detect this until I had several hot sips of black coffee.


  • Mild Fuel/chemical taste on exhale that made my nostrils tingle but the sensation was fleeting and never lasted after exhale
  • Nothing notable: none of the aroma translated once combustion began

This strain was not advertised as a CBD “rich” strain, which is a bit confusing. In my opinion, Culta’s version of AOM must be the same CBD rich phenotype.

So, I presume that the same holds true for the blend of AOM with Sacajawea. Sacajawea, an Indica, may be responsible for giving this this strain a sort of on-and-off- again Indica heaviness that seemed to further imbalance the overall sensation.

As an Indica, the Sacajawea Indica genes onboard provide a fairly run-of-the-mill body high that is mostly ocular.  I believe this must be attributable to the CBD content defining the mental buzz a bit more.  But, since the Sacajawea is so fleeting and more Sativa-feeling than Indica, it hardly seems worth it to have been picked to mate with AOM.


Aliens on Moonshine X Sacajawea by Culta is an interesting CBD laden Indica hybrid that has some obvious body high bliss from its Sacajawea parent mixed with an increase in focus and concentration from its Sour Alien/White Moonshine grandparents.

THE LONG WAY HOME (…my toke)

Nice intermittent buzz but its inherited CBD properties seem fleeting, inconsistent, and at times cancelled out by a strain that doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do to you.

Adding more Indica genetics, courtesy of Sacajawea, seems to only make the overall effect even more off kilter.  It seems that AOM x Sacajawea would be better bred with a more Sativa leaning Sativa/Indica hybrid. 

Aliens on Moonshine x Sacajawea by CultaThis makes this strain less likely to be used to address any one problem or symptom or to be used to achieve even a desired Indica high for that matter. I did find it interesting at first, but in the end I would say it is at best a slightly imbalanced Indica dominant Indica/Sativa hybrid.

I’m sure on its own AOM is quite useful in providing increased focus and clarity of thought with a bit of energizing mental uplift thrown in for good measure. It seems Culta thought it a good idea to pair this subtle yet refined effect with Sacajawea, an Indica strain with very little background info or pedigree online). 

I don’t think I would purchase this strain again unless it was well above 30%, but it did have its moments. And, I would say, that it may be best utilized as a CBD additive mixed with other flower, thereby increasing the focus of a strain already known for increasing focus.

Pairing it with Sacajawea just seemed to add a “whoozy” sort of confusion of effects which came and went in waves.

In my opinion I think a strain like Sour jack or another Sativa heavy Sativa/Indica hybrid bred with with AOM would maybe be a better pairing.

I would probably only purchase this again at a much higher potency.  I think that may be the best way to give this strain another shot. 

Ultimately, AOM X Sacajawea looks stunning, intricate, and gorgeous but it lacks intensity and focus and the added Indica genetics from the Sacajawea cross seem to interfere with the CBD influence in the Aliens on Moonshine.   

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  1. Joshua Burnett

    Bro I just got an eaigth of this at gold leaf Annapolis I took a gamble buying it cause I had never tried it before but I’m glad I grabbed it I actually purchased this over a a batch of Georgia pie by cookies testing at %28 because it peaked my curiosity with its off the wall name but omg am I glad I got this strain first off the smell smacks your nose as soon as you open the jar with a mixture of super gassy and fruity aromas that made me think of fruit loops right away now the taste was just as impressive honestly it was on another level my mouth was bursting in a verity
    Of fruity flavors, the look was also unmatched with beautiful blueish green buds covers in crystals that shins under a light like a disco ball it was also very relaxing but not a strain that will tko you it will make you want to watch videos and smoke it until it is all gone..culta you have made the unknown legendary strain Evan more legendary much love 10/10…..also shout out to gold leaf for pointing me in the right direction even when things are vary iffy.

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