Sour Jack by Curio Wellness

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STRAIN: Sour Jack

PRODUCER: Curio Wellness

EFFECTS: euphoria, uplifting, mood elevation

USES: focused activities, creative endeavors, good daytime strain

MEDIUM: Flower

Sour Jack by Curio WellnessCONSISTENCY: thick robust calyx filled with trichomes and bright red-orange stigma. It has a very dense consistency: Better for Bowls rather than Rolls.

LINEAGE: Sour Diesel x Jack Herer

CLASS: Sativa

AROMA: Diesel, Spice, earthy lemon

TASTE: Diesel, spice, lemon

MIND:+uplifted, happy, euphoric, stimulated both mentally and physically
self-conscious sensations in higher doses.

BODY:+seems to be physically more physically relaxing and is somewhat atypical for most sativa strains. This may be attributed to the 0.37% caryophillene level present in this particular batch.
some dry mouth and can be a sedative at much higher doses especially if you’ve had a full day.



Sour Jack is an extremely useful and effective strain capable of producing intense feelings of euphoria and mental stimulation.

This is a potent strain by nature and best used a daytime strain in medium to light doses. However, heavier medicating produces an almost perfect blend of sativa high softened at the edges by a terpene entourage effect resembling a very calming indica. So, it can also be suitable for relaxing evening.

Again, I would attribute this to higher than normal levels of caryophyllene typical of one of its parents, Sour Diesel.


This strain blew me away. I really had a very good experience with this one. I used to think I was a sativa guy, or at least preferred sativa strains, but since receiving my mmcc card I’ve found that, for my particular aches and pains, and lifestyle, indicas were a better fit.

However Jack Herrer AND Sour Diesel are both standby strains for me, so the offspring of the two could only be twice as good correct?

Yes, correct.
I returned to the dispensary the next day and purchased another 1/8 fearing that they would run out. 

So, in conclusion, I was mentally stimulated by the Jack and I was relaxed by the Diesel. Bravo Curio, bravo.

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