Cobra Lips by Culta

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STRAIN: Cobra Lips
MEDIUM: Flower
LINEAGE: Chemdog 3 x Appalachian

EFFECTS: euphoria, creative inspiration, mood elevation, focus, muscle relaxation

USES: focused activities, creative endeavors

WHEN: perfect for morning, afternoon, early evening – good daytime strain


AROMA: “diesel”/fuel, earthy, orange 
note: orange aroma similar to Florida” jar weed” from the late 80s early 90s.

:  earthy, fuel – diesel, orange
note: I experienced a subtle a hint of hash and celery upon exhale

uplifted, happy, euphoric, mentally stimulated
may cause spacey and also self-conscious sensations in higher doses.

+seems to be physically stimulating and is a good strain for sexual intimacy
some dry mouth, sedative at higher doses


Cobra Lips gives off the air of a classic smelling and tasting strain.  Its bud structure is somewhat loose and scraggly. There are red, orange, white, and even yellow stigma in bushy clumps covering each calyx. Growth spires can be seen protruding from each small bud.

The high is a heady strain, with notes of spiked intensity that can motivate and inspire and would also be good for depression, lethargy, and fatigue.

But, I think maybe not the best strain for anxiety, since the head high is rather racing at times.

The levels off with some nice muscle relaxing indica effects that are most likely attributable To the .6% Myrcene level.

NOTE: I would say it’s a perfect strain for getting involved in activities you would normally with a strain like Sour Diesel or Green Crack, but maybe be prepared to do it alone. 



The batch I purchased from at Mission in Catonsville was gorgeous. It was only 19% but the terpenes were very present indeed.

I would have to say this high and the aroma of diesel and orange was reminiscent of maybe, some very finely grown Florida orange haired  “jar weed”  (I’m assuming that’s from its Appalachian ((grandparents Green Crack and Tre Dog ))skunk-like parent) with hints of diesel from its Chemdog (and grandparents Sour Diesel and OG Kush ) lineage.

At the beginning you get some mental rush and it ends with a very nice relaxing OG Kush- like body high.

I found it to be an interesting strain in that it seemed to mimic, not only its obvious genetic relatives, but also some other off-beat (at least in my book) strains such as Royal Moby as well as The Sweeties (review coming soon) mixed with a little Hazmat OG.

I would DEFINITELY buy this again …

but hopefully at a higher potency.  However, what psychoactive effects I DID feel this time around (at 19% THCa),  definitely gave me a healthy respect for the overall strength of this strain.  my first time out with this clever mysterious viper…I would take it slow and charm it rather than lunge at it like Riki Tiki Tavi