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Super Boof

CULTIVATOR: FADE Cannabis / Story Cannabis
MEDIUM: Flower
PURCHASED: Nirvana Center Catonsville, MD
CLASS: structurally Indica dominant with a cerebrally dominant high and a subdominant physical effect which can lead to sedation at medium doses yet in micro doses offers a cerebrally stimulating
Initial and lasting cerebral uplift, augmented focus, leaning toward a dissociative-like hazy sedation with higher levels of ingestion.
LINEAGE:  Unconfirmed by FADE. TBD
Black Cherry Punch X Tropicana Cookies

Black Cherry Punch = Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie
Tropicana Cookies= Tropicana Cookies X Cherry Cookies 

THCa 31.98% | THC 0.51%
CBCa 0.46% | CBGa 0.23%


buds of super boof with fade ziplock


FADE does it again with Super Boof, a skunky hashy hybrid that can elevate motivate and sedate. Definitely mentally stimulating but can be equally sedative.


  • Uplifting /mood elevating / motivating +/++
  • Facilitates and enhances focus needed for creative endeavors, reading/ studying, etc. +/++
  • Can help mitigate or de-escalate stress/ tension +/++/+++
  • Increases mental focus/ acuity +/++
  • Promotes patience/ calm state of mind +/++/+++
  • Can pivot ego-based thinking to selfless externally focused point of reference helping to maintain calm
  • Instills feelings of motivated serenity ++
  • Promotes productive thought patterns while reducing negative recursive thinking +/++/+++
  • Ultimately provides stress relieving serene relaxed state of mind 

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales


  • Can cause mild to heavy ocular pressure sensations/could provide relief for those suffering from glaucoma
  • Promotes light to medium sedation +++
  • Relaxes strained muscle groups/tense muscles constricted from mental stress
  • Promotes physical relaxation to the point of somnolence and sleep +++
  • Some dizziness in higher doses when not intending to sleep+++
  • Can cause some disorientation of time and altered +++
  • Mild to medium level of appetite stimulation (relaxing of muscles in stomach/abdomen ++/+++

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales

ziplock open with buds of super boof showing


This flower does kick like a mule:
Small kick will get your attention and awaken sense providing creative impulse and and excitement fueled euphoria; but just over the line this will feel like a kick from a mule and lay knock you to sleep.

buds of super boof in front of red fad ziplock and red background


Those combating symptoms of PMS, depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, stress, fatigue, and diminished or unstable mood may find a great deal of healing power within Oro Blanco’s wide spectrum of effects. high.

Can help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

* ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)+
* Anxiety/Depression/ Stress +/++
* Eating Disorders/diminished appetite * +/++/ +++
* Sleep disorders/ problems inhibiting sleep ++/+++
* Restlessness +/++/+++

APPEARANCE, AROMA, + TASTE (Inhale + Exhale) : 

bud of super boof on a white background


By all standards Super Boof is a definite looker: dense but manageable buds of that decent girth seem to have little to no stem to conceal. Buds were trimmed to perfection and the density was a 10/10.
You can see the Cookies influence in the small spires of bud tips and crimson pistils.

The overall look of Super Boof is quite impressive with its density, dark to light green leaf color, and the frosted pockets of trichome crystals embedded throughout the surface.


Super Boof has a complex aroma with elements of
A component of sharp citrus – like grapefruit
An underlying creamy scent




Meaty- hamburger like especially after lightly toasted
Slight herbaceous lemon
Light taste of Moroccan Dry Sift Hash


Undercurrent of hashish
A slightly charbroiled meat flavor


Fade cannabis ziplock

I will repeat what I said about FADE’s Mule Fuel:
“ I was pleased to see that Fade has made a point of keeping costs down for everyone involved by packaging their flower in a robust ziplock. There is some irony here since this may be some of the best herb I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing for quite some time now. Based on what I’ve seen make its way into a $60 jar I’d say FADE should be sold in a gilded hand carved box of Brazilian hardwood.”

Fade ziplock



Total Terpene Content: 3.40%
Beta- Myrcene: 1.94% | Limonene: 0.67% | Beta-Caryophyllene 0.27% | Alpha-Humulene: 0.11% 

1. Beta- Myrcene: 1.94%
2. Limonene: 0.67%
3. Beta-Caryophyllene 0.27%
4. Alpha – Humulene 0.11%

I think it’s worth noting that Humulene is actually Caryophyllene A which only adds to the euphoria brought on by the Beta-Caryophyllene. Humulene has been anectdotally known to stave off hunger at certain levels. However, I’ve also experienced an increase in appetite with strains that have over 0.10% Humulene. 

bulbous green bud of super boof


Super Boof is a very potent hybrid rendered by crossing Black Cherry Punch x Tropicana Cookies.  possessing a skunky aroma and heavy cough producing exhale Super Boof brings an equally impactful euphoria to the experience.
Super Boof’s effect palette is wide, varied, and begins almost immediately with a cerebral stimulation that is both inspiring and comforting.  With higher doses, Super Boof delivers a deeply euphoric and “stoney” physical high.
Super Boof is a cannabis strain whose effect can be modulated simply by dosage as it contains within it a wide spectrum of possible applications although even micro doses yield notable enhancement of appetite and unavoidably swollen eye lids.
The intensity of Super Boof’s effects can quickly lead to sensations of detachment or disassociation which may be unsettling to those with less experience or a lower tolerance in general. This can arrive quickly catching the psyche off guard in some contexts making Super Boof one to respect.


I thoroughly enjoyed Super Boof; not a fan of the name and would rather it be named something more indicative of its effects or its lineage which isn’t so easily identified due to its complex aroma and effect which presented a cascading aroma of citrus lime and herbaceous lemon. Its lineage of cherry tinged strains provides ample amounts of cerebral stimulation and physical euphoria.

elongated dense bud of super boof on white background
Its parents Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies both are recognized for their ability to start the brain buzzing which by extension has the potential to physically motivate into action.
That being said, Super Boof is not to be trifled with: If you’re planning an engaging day out maybe, but being less mobile and smoking anything past a micro dose is more likely to put you asunder…asleep. 

The buds are rather dense; so if you’re vaping you may want to run it through twice (grinding after the first run). I mostly combust, but I have a friend who has been able to do this with the Super Boof.

I would say that of the recent FADE / Story Cannabis strains that I’ve sampled, Super Boof and Mule Fuel have made the greatest impact. In fact it was the Mule Fuel that led me to Super Boof. I went back to both a few times. I guess I couldn’t get enough and I would go on to say I would recommend Super Boof as a perfect deserted island strain; one you could take with you if you could only take one.

buds of super boof strain in front of white and red fade ziplock

And to anyone to whom aroma and flavor are the most important factors; Super Boof delivers on this front as well with its fruity-citrus-hash-skunk flavor and smell.

But,  Super Boof’s effects are truly the star of the show here. And, as previously stated, possibly overstated, they run the full spectrum of possibilities and deliver maximum impact with every one of them; from cerebrally enlivening, to physically euphoric, promoting appetite and sleep (depending on dose of course); you name it, it seems Super Boof covers it. Truly a Superhero strain if ever there was.