Wana Sour Chews

wana sour chews postioned around wana bottle with green top and yellow and raspberry colored label with word wana in green

MEDIUM: EDIBLE- soft sour chews
“25.7% including 24.2% THCa, 0.7 THC,
0.6% CBGa, 0.2% CBG”
CLASS: Indica
PURCHASED: Ethos (Mission*) Catonsville Medical Dispensary*
*Formerly Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary, currently Ethos Catonsville Medical Dispensary

Packaging (child proofing, aesthetics, functionality/ convenience ) (5 out of 5)
Taste (5 out of 5)
Effect (onset, potency, peak experience, side effects) (4 out of 5)
Purchase Again (yes/no) YES

PACKAGING: very nice/ slick/ modern packaging with this product.
I especially liked the color combination and the overall fresh, healthy, clean, crisp look of the packaging.

However, I do wish it was flatter for ease of storage in a pocket. But, then again, something tells me that being carried around, in the heat for instance, is probably not going to do the Wana Chews or any other edibles any good as far keeping their physical integrity intact or preserving their consistency and taste.

Also, in the case of the Wana Chews, some of the sugar coating may become dislodged from the surface of the chews if jostled around too much.

detail of sugar crystals on wana sour chew

APPEARANCE: It is basically a soft fruit chew completely coated in  crystalline sugar. They look like something very sweet…and they are sweet indeed.

And, another plus is the Wana Chews are Vegan.  

detail of wana sour chew in foreground with other chews in the background with Wana bottle


The Wana Chews tasted really fantastic and dissolved like candy. The taste was somewhere between a sugar covered orange slice of the 25 for $1.00 variety, but very good. The taste of the THC is not overwhelming and seems to accentuate Wana’s particular sweetness…my guess is the natural flavors are working over time here. They also dissolve quite easily. As Edibles go, Wana chews taste so good that it is easy to forget you are delivering a dose of THC to your system. NOTE: This is one to definitely keep not only OUT OF REACH of children, but OUT OF SIGHT. enjoy responsibly.

wana sour chews in bottle with wana label on cap next to contaner

EFFECT: the effect of Wana was fast to develop, I noted that my first reminder that I had ingested them was at the 15 minute mark when I had a slight out-of-body disconnected sensation sweep over me. I’d say it was another 10 minutes at least before the full program started (so roughly 20 minutes total before I was completely within the full spectrum of the effect).

three wana sour chews indica with container behind


wana raspberry limeade indica sour chews container with wana chews in a triangle formationwana sour chews warning label on container with three sour chews around it


One possible negative aspect to the Wana Chews, which could always be a potential issue with most edibles that made so delectable.  They would be very attractive for children: tastes fantastic like candy; THC component barely detectable. Packaging is really fantastic and gives the consumer the impression of freshness, alertness, citrus, and tropical flavors and sensations. But, at the same time, based on whether it could be too inviting for children  or too innocuous looking, I would say Yes…Maybe tone it down a bit to something a little more medicinal looking?

PURCHASE AGAIN: Yes, I would most definitely purchase again. For one thing they worked very well. For another the packaging was small and easy to carry, which I think is a very important factor when rating these edibles.


wana sour chews in a row with top of wana sour chews label in background

CONCLUSION: Wana chews are good…they look good, they taste great, they are fast to develop, and they are strong. In fact, the dose I ate was less than what I had sampled from Betty’s Eddies but it was much more intense of a feeling. So, 20 Mg of Wana felt like 40 mg of Betty’s Eddies for what it’s worth