Strawberry OG Kind Tree formerly HMS

UPDATED ON 06/22/21: HMS Health, the original cultivators of Strawberry OG in Maryland, have been acquired by Kind Tree Cannabis.
Kind Tree has transferred all but a few HMS strains over to the Kind Tree label but this is the only change and this review remains a valid and accurate explanation of this strain since only the names of the cultivator have been changed, nothing else. In short: if you’re here looking for Kind Tree strains and you are seeing them listed as HMS strains, they are in fact the same. 

STRAIN: Strawberry OG
(not to be confused with OG Strawberry, which is a different strain)

PRODUCER: Kind Tree (formerly HMS Health)
MEDIUM: Flower
PURCHASED: Ethos Catonsville (formerly Mission Catonsville)

THCA 23.50%
THC 0.57%
THCVA 0.32%
CBG 0.15%
CBGA 3.08%

CLASS: Hybrid / Indica dominant hybrid
LINEAGE:  Bruce Banner #3 X SFV OG Kush F4

“Breeder Cali Connection crossed a Bruce Banner #3 from Colorado with its own San Fernando Valley OG Kush F4 to create Strawberry OG (not to be confused with OG Strawberry) with strong strawberry and lemon flavors.” From



  • Cerebrally stimulating++
  • Potential to inspire creative thought and tangential thinking
  • Imparts generalized feelings of calm
  • Provides an uplifting, yet overall mellow, euphoria ++
  • Medium degree psychoactive “head-buzz” feeling throughout most of the duration but more intense in the first 15-20 minutes
  • Potential for “Haze-Daze”/ spacey feeling++
  • Potential to enhance focus

++in lower doses
+++in higher doses /IMO


  • Sedation/ promotes sleep+++
  • Stimulates appetite ++
  • Light to medium ocular pressure
  • Some haze-daze in higher doses due to its ability to calm nerves and relax the muscles, which can hamper productivity despite the level of focus. (Likewise, upon successive sessions, promotes sedation and sleep) +++
  • Sedation/ promotes sleep+++
  • Sense of calm

++in lower doses
+++in higher doses /IMO

strawberry og by hms in grinder with buds next ot it and hms container and strawberries in background



  1. Ocimene 0.92%
  2. Beta-Myrcene 0.90%
  3. Caryophyllene  0.37%
  4. Beta-Pinene 0.09%

Ocimene is strangely ahead of the pack here.  This terpene, along with being known for its floral essence and its use in the scent industry, is also quite a decongestant.  With almost a full one percent of Ocimene, the cough to be had from Stawberry OG was in full effect.


Good For Bowls and Rolls:
If broken down with a grinder. You know Not a fan of the grinder in the way to pulverizes intends to scatter try common pistol material in my opinion either small very dense and spongy popcorn so mostly around some conical shaped buds but more like nuggets.

bud of strawberry og by hms with other strawberry og buds in the background


  • Artificial – strawberries and cream flavoring aroma
  • Sweet- Carmel aroma upon deeper nasal inhalation prior to combustion
  • General-sour-somewhat unidentifiable sourness
  • Musk-base undertone of an almost mentholated incense aroma strongly resembling typical Afghan strains but most likely due to the diesel flavors inherent in its Bruce Banner genetics which include Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush


  • Sweet- orange creamsicle /grapefruit
  • Confection-hint of cotton candy or burned brown sugar-type taste upon exhaling
  • Fuel-some minor diesel / fuel notes most likely from Bruce Banner’s Strawberry Diesel genetics


INHALE; some unidentifiable generalized sweet flavor here much like artificial strawberry/berries but with a bit of more pungently skunk undertone

EXHALE; some sweet flavors appear and then quickly disappear but the inhale and especially the exhale produces a very thick but very smooth smoke.

strawberry og strain buds with real strawberries and hms container showing terpene and potency label


Nothing new here at HMS seem simple minimal yet classy black plastic container with what is, maybe one of the most childproof caps but I’ve seen some producers in Maryland it’s hard to think only of quality chores when seeing this white cat on the black bottle with the silver engraved looking writing but I’m tending to lean more that way
Because the most recent purchases from them have been very good in overall quality with specific regard to the cure, the optics, the aromatic report, the taste, and, of course, the effect.
UPDATE: Kind Tree has acquired HMS as well as the majority of their strain catalog. I will be updating the old HMS strains with new info reflecting the Kind Tree label as they come in.



Could potentially help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)^
  • Anxiety/Depression/ Stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Loss of Appetite

Strawberry OG is really a very balance all round hybrid that doesn’t swing to far toward either end of the spectrum from energizing to sedating. It seems to be an uplifting and evenly distributed hybrid capable of uplifting and relaxing. Strawberry OG is a nice companion for most any time of day and any activity, depending of course.Can inspire creativity in individuals with a propensity to be creative
* physically + mentally calming so it is well suited for board games, video games, etc.

detail image of strawberry og by hms bud with strawberry partially visible in background on a white surface

Strawberry OG (Ocean Grown) is an Indica dominant hybrid of Bruce Banner #3 X SFV OG Kush F4 that begins with an uplifted but mellow euphoria and gently progresses to a full body stone.
Strawberry OG is good strain for micro dosing, since smaller doses present an uplifted cerebral euphoria while the weightier, more sedative feelings, are unlocked with higher levels of ingestion and/or after successive sessions increasing appetite, encouraging somnolence and inducing sleep.

Strawberry OG was more effective at uplifting my mood than I had expected and I found myself enjoying its effects immensely.

It was unassuming in its appearance, if not a little rough around the edges. In my experience or opinion rather, HMS’ flower is either hit or miss in the optics department. Not that that is a strict indicator of a flower’s quality, but it doesn’t hurt. 

detail image of strawberry og by hms bud with strawberry partially visible in background on a white surface

Either way, sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised when I crack open an HMS container, but sometimes I’m a little underwhelmed. This was one of those times. And, I found it a little difficult to be inspired by its photographic potential. The buds are small and the aroma is mostly average. If relying only on visual appeal, someone without a lot of visual history with this flower may pass on Strawberry OG.

Personally, I know from experience that sometimes the “don’t judge a book by its cover” rule comes into play with regard to cannabis’ more superficial aspects like its aroma and optics vs its actual potency and efficacy in alleviating pain points.
HMS’ version is my one and only experience with Strawberry OG, so I have little to compare to and I’m not quite sure this blandness is characteristic of the strain or not.

strawberry og by hms in grinder with buds next ot it and hms container and strawberries in background

But, Strawberry OG should definitely be judged by its lackluster curb appeal, diminutive size, and dampened aroma because these little nuggets pack some powerful effects. I can only imagine that Strawberry OG is quite a strain to contend with at anything higher than this batch at 23%. 

The effect was immediate and very pleasant beginning in the temple and eyes I felt the slightest bit of pressure as the euphoria began making itself physically felt.  I felt an initial warmth in the back of my neck and then down through my chest area providing a very nice sensation.

This coincided with the cerebral euphoria which, when presented together, amplified the overall effect and I began to feel very elevated for lack of a better term. A very mentally uplifting and physically soothing sensation altogether.
strawberry og strain buds with real strawberries and hms container showing terpene and potency label
All in all, Strawberry OG came off as a very balanced Indica hybrid, a real All-Rounder, providing a hefty amount of typically designated Indica physical effects with just enough cerebral stimulation on board to enhance your focus and elevate your mood.