Pie Crust Grow West

STRAIN: Pie Crust
PRODUCER: Grow West Cannabis
MEDIUM: Flower
POTENCY: MEDIUM (THCa 29.1% /THC .28%)
CLASS: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
LINEAGE: Malibu Pie X Grapple Cookies
(lineage info provided by Grow West thank you D!!!!)


  • Initially energizing /uplifting
  • Nice head “buzz” sensation
  • Enhanced focus
  • Stimulates Creativity
  • Euphoria/ Physically soothing
  • Sedation/ sleepy*
  • Hungry *

*in higher doses /IMO
** this strain definitely intensifies focus against a very physically relaxed background.
I would say the focus almost increases as the effect wears on.

+generalized cerebral stimulation
+energizing, uplifting
+feelings of euphoria
+intensified focus
+stimulates creativity
+medium psychoactive “head-buzz” feeling
+distinct feelings of calm

+ light ocular pressure
+physical euphoria -felt the need to sit rather than embark on tasks
some potential for cotton mouth (dry mouth)*
/+some “haze-daze” in higher doses with the outcome resulting in sleep.
/+ mild appetite stimulant
*in higher doses/IMO

BEST USED: Morning- Noon -Night


  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Treating Anxiety/Depression/ Stress
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Sleep issues


  • Will inspire creativity in individuals with a propensity to be creative
  • Fairly energizing, uplifting strain
  • physically + mentally soothing/calming

bud of pie crust strain against black label of grow west tin

APPEARANCE (consistency) :
The buds are very dense, crusty, and riddled with color variations. The structural shape was predominantly smallish and conical. Light to dark green, purple to almost blackened leaves are tightly cured in spirals with generous orangish-amber resinous stigma/pistil coverage in pocketed in clusters throughout. The trichome coverage in general is liberal and it provides a very sticky resinous coating which will stick to your fingers. This bud is best trimmed with scissors or grinder in order to get all that sticky dank goodness in your bowl or vape and not on your hands or the book your reading…please tell me you’re currently reading a book:)

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Good For Bowls and Rolls:
Good right out of Grow West’s awesome tin for bowls. But, this batch could do with some grinding. Buds are thick, dense, sticky, and crusty.

bird's eye view of pie crust and terpene shield in grow west container


Grow West has given us a lot to enjoy and appreciate here and I don’t think it merely translates into higher retail costs. The tin that is provided, aside from its relief work and graphic, is but a simple tin. However, as we’ve seen lately, these tins can be repurposed into a multitude of items.

repurposed grow west cannabis container

Check out this Grow West Cannabis tin that was repurposed into a jade planter as seen on Grow West’s Instagram page HERE

While, I do indeed, appreciate the repurposing idea and the classic antiquated and quasi-clinical feel of its implementation, It’s what’s inside that is really cool. The standard cupcake wrapper lines the basin of the tin and as of late the flower is encased in a hard, but thin, air tight, crinkly, clear wrapper to ensure freshness.
Inside, accompanying the flower, is their standard “Terpene Shield” which is meant to elongate the freshness of your flower.

This tiny little square pouch definitely kept the buds in the same state as they were purchased, which, was a bit sticky, not too dry, and extremely dense.

The Terpene Shield is actually not a nuisance since it is: thin, well constructed and sure to not split or otherwise deteriorate while it’s guarding your herb. It works quite well and I’ve actually transferred them to other growers’ flower from time to time.


Sweet-orange /artificial orange
Citrus -lemon
Herbal-nondescript herbal tea undertone


Sweet-artificial cherry
Musky-skunk/ hash


Pie Crust has a fairly interesting terpene profile there is some definite energizing psychoactive stimulation here and it is almost instantly felt. The .54% Caryophyllene Myrcene at .17% provide relief from tense nerves and sore muscles.

I had a full day before consuming this in the evening and it really hit me in a very nice uplifting way.

I was initially energized and eventually I became a bit tired and fell soundly asleep. I woke up without feeling heavy but it did seem as though I had consumed an Indica to some degree.


bud of pie crust strain by grow west on stark white background
Pie Crust by Grow West is an uplifting Sativa dominant hybrid strain that offers a wide range of effects including cerebral stimulation, euphoria, enhanced focus and creativity, mental and physical relaxation as well as an increase in appetite.


I found Pie Crust to be a very enjoyable strain. I was surprised at the amount of Indica-like body high effect it reported but I was pleased with the outcome nonetheless. In this batch, Indica effects can be partially attributed to the .54% caryophyllene .17% myrcene. I think overall I would like to try this strain again. I really enjoyed the flavor and instant mental and physical effects.

The initial effect comes on quickly as the scent of licorice, cotton candy, and artificial grape inhabit the thick exhale of smoke. I experienced a notable degree of increased focus and I was definitely creatively inspired and motivated.  

Despite the label indicating that this Sativa may be high energy, I found it to be more of an even balance between typical Sativa and Indica effects.  

I would most definitely purchase this strain again. I’ve been very impressed with Grow West’s output and I am expectantly awaiting any new strains that may be on their way out to market.