Grandpas Stash by Strane/Savage Purple by Culta/Lemon Grenades by Grassroots/Thai Lights by Verano /Angus by Grow West/ Yuck Mouth by Grassroots/Ray Charles by Grassroots/ Secret Weapon by Harvest/Bully Kush by HMS Health/Pie Crust by Grow West/Sour Lemon by Curio/Sour Diesel by Harvest/Wizard Gum by Curio/Lemon Skunk by SunMed Growers/Jacked Up by SunMed Growers/Motorbreath by Verano/Sonny G by Verano/Cough OG by Grow West/Lemon OG Kush by Heritage/Cherry Gorilla by Verano/Green Crack by Verano/Cookies and Cream by Curio/Aliens on Moonshine x Sacajawea by Culta/ Lost Cause by Strane /Carolina by Curio /Blue Cookies by Evermore/Tropical Sunset by Evermore/ Sunshine #4 by SunMed Growers/ Sour Jack by Curio/Grease Monkey by gLeaf/ Diesel Dough and DSCT by Culta

and many more…

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After I received my MMCC card. . .

. . .it didn’t take me long to realize there just wasn’t a lot of consumer information regarding locally grown strains from local reviewers on the web. 

when it came to finding reviews about strains from local producers there was a definite void.

Something Was Missing. . .

 Even when I did find some background info online through a site like Leafly, I would still find myself searching for reviews for or information about strains sold specifically in Maryland.

I’d be sitting in my car outside the dispensary searching on google and coming up with only generalized approximations of the strain names I was looking for. 

For instance, Grassroots has a strain called P Budder.  I did not realize this was their name fo Puna Budder. It would have saved me some time, and I would have possibly changed my order, had I known that prior to visiting the dispensary.

P Budder by Grassroots is Puna Budder by a different name

Of course, you can find most strains reviewed online. However, there weren’t any websites that had a consolidated and dedicated local source providing information about strains sold in Maryland. 

The reviews were always in a completely different state…a completely different market and another grower’s version of the strain.

Blissful Wizard by Curio and Buddah

When I initially began to keep notes on different strains and their effects, it was for my own personal consumer research. So, that when I returned to the dispensary, I was a little more knowledgeable.

However, I felt a need to share what I was discovering with others for the ultimate betterment of the MMCC card holder community and, by proxy, the industry that serves us.

Through this website and my instagram page, I am attempting to help fill the void by reviewing strains, writing relevant articles,  and relating my experiences from the perspective of a Maryland MMCC card holder.



Banana OG Diamonds by Grassroots

So, the more I am learning, documenting, and sharing, the more economical my visits to the dispensaries have become.  And, the better I am at choosing strains that provide me with effects I desire or require.  

So, it only makes sense to share with others and encourage them to contribute as well.
Because, ultimately, it leads to better products and practices from the industry at large.

P Budder by Grassroots

Creating a Repository of Locally Sourced Strain Reviews

All of this compiling of locally produced and marketed strains will, with some sustained effort, become a repository of sorts for MMCC holders in Maryland, and perhaps even beyond.

Creating a comprehensive repository of strain reviews from local sources would help all of us better target and treat, our pain points and symptoms, and make our visits to the dispensary counter more effective, both, temporally, and medicinally more effective.

A bud of Snow Monster

In The Future

I WANT TO DO MY PART to change the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and its use.   The unwarranted negative stigma surrounding cannabis use has been driven by a  nearsighted, fear based legislation and fueled by a biased media, resulting in a wholly misinformed public opinion.

In the future I hope that by offering an alternative, serious minded, earnest, viewpoint regarding cannabis strains, their usage and their social and medicinal worth on a local level, this blog will contribute to changing the narrative and ending the stigma.

Garlic Cookies by Grassroots purchased at The Botanist Ellicott, City, MD

Helping Newer Patients

I want this blog to act as a reference point and resource for MMCC card holders in Maryland. 

I want to help others regarding topics not so easily understood standing at the dispensary counter, overwhelmed with choices, trying to save time and money. 


Getting an MMCC card can be a seemingly difficult process.  I want to help other prospective card holders to navigate through the application process by offering things like an FAQ page, a simplified step by step instruction on how to begin the process, and much more.

I will be adding a forum for others to offer their insight and opinions on reviews and other posts.

I must now continue my intensive field study of the best strains that Maryland has to offer.  After all, they aren’t going to smoke themselves.

Thanks for stopping by!

Let us know how we can improve the site, or what other sort of subject matter you would like to see.  
Come back soon.


Some Bubba Kush by Curio Wellness