Wedding Cake by Harvest

conical shaped bud of wedding cake strain by harvest

STRAIN: Wedding Cake
MEDIUM: Flower
POTENCY: MED-high/THCa 23.95% THC .48%
CLASS: Sativa/Indica
GSC=OG Kush x Durban Poison

Cherry Pie= Durban Poison x Grandaddy Purple

NOTE: As one could imagine, the Durban Poison genetics are undeniable here with its genetic information being so infused into both parents of Wedding Cake

PURCHASED: Catonsville Mission Medical Dispensary

INSTAGRAM: @missioncatonsville

closeup photo of wedding cake bud on harvest zip-lock bag container

1. b-Limonene 0.590%
2. b-Myrcene 0.553%
3. t-Caryophyllene 0.401%
4. Linalool 0.386%
5. b-Pinene 0.157%

"Wedding Cake is quite the package when it comes to classic Cannabis experience."

bud of wedding cake strain on gray metal surface

Psychoactive and physical effects present themselves simultaneously immediately after exhaling.
This is the type of strain who’s flavor will strike you and you’ll then drift into a sort of focused cerebral tunnel vision and be completely immersed in whatever grabbed your attention. …all the while forgetting the bowl is only partially spent and far from ablaze…you may even forget you have a bowl in hand.

For instance, I almost never have any written commentary in this section which is basically a heading for the sections below( Mind + Body). This strain will take you down a few rabbit holes.
Novice patients and/or those with lower tolerances take heed: much like the ceremony its name refers to, Wedding Cake holds a lot of gravity…and it plays for keeps! 5/5 Bravo Harvest.

triangle bud of wedding cake strain


  • + Instantaneous cerebral stimulation and euphoric uplift
  • +sensations of euphoria without brain-race
  • + sharpened perception: visual, aural/auditory
  • Feeling of comfortable self-awareness w/o increase in heart rate or other Sativa-like “Brain Race” sensations
  • +increase in ability to focus on minute detailed tasks for extended periods of time
  • +/- potential to cause “Brain Haze”*


  • +mild “body buzz” in waves
  • +ocular and facial pressure
  • + increase in appetite
  • + feelings of calm
  • -/+ some dizziness*
  • -dry “cotton” mouth*
  • -dry eyes*
  • +/- nicely sedative
  • -/+some haze-daze at higher doses*

*in higher doses/IMO

wedding cake bud on harvest package



  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • potential to help with feelings of Lethargy or low motivation
  • can help alleviate symptoms Anxiety
  • Depression


  • Artistic endeavors
  • Gardening/ yard work/ etc
  • Making and ¡EXECUTING!! a to-do list
  • Misc- an especially functional “Morning Strain” in small doses. The double-dose of Durban Poison genetics streaming through will definitely start your engine.
wedding cake by harvest on harvest 2020 blue packaging

underneath shot of wedding cake strain bud
The buds in both eighths I purchased from Mission Catonsville were comprised of one large 2 gram bud and a tiny flock of small dense nugs. I think that Harvest made sure of this: to try and supply each packaged eighth with at least one large bud.

And large they were.

Good For Bowls and Rolls:This batch definitely requires the use of a grinder to break down the rock hard buds.


  • Sweet-hint of sweet berries
  • Sour- like sour dough bread
  • Musk-Afghani Black Hash-like taste upon exhale
  • Artificial-generic creamy-berry type taste reminiscent of other “cake” strains


  • Musk-Afghani Black Hash-like taste upon exhale
  • Artificial-generic creamy-berry type taste reminiscent of other “cake” strains

I used to actually like the original Harvest packaging…at least the “original” to me…in dispensaries in Maryland.  What can be called the telltale yellow zip-lock at first seemed a bit generic to me. But, with time, I began to look at it more like Harvest’s branding and one thing was sure: If it looked like that, there was a Harvest strain inside.

harvest 2020 packaging on black background

The best thing about Harvest’s yellow zip-lock was its window into the product.  After Covid-19 hit the stores, “deli-style” dispensaries were unable to sell non pre-packaged flower.

Overnight Harvest became the only Cannabis producer in Maryland to give you a visual window into what you were about to purchase. 

wedding cake by harvest on harvest 2020 blue packaging

That being said, and most likely because, as it is now, you can’t inspect the flower before purchase anyway so it hardly matters…What seemed like a plus overnight became a minus the day after.

Naturally Harvest felt the transparent window into the zip-lock bag’s goodies was unnecessary and most likely too expensive… This has been replaced with an opaque, rather generic, black and white zip-lock bag.

What we find here is a very high level of Limonine at .590%, which definitely does its share to open the mind and clear the pathways.  
This level of Limonene could also have you potentially cleaning until late in the evening depending on the circumstances.

But, I didn’t find it to precipitate any anxiety, which I’m sure is attributable to the Caryophelene (.401%)  and Terpinolene (.025%).

bud of wedding cake strain on gray metal surface

Wedding Cake is a potent hybrid offspring of Cherry Pie X GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) with flavors that are sweet and sour and high that includes a spectrum of effects. Wedding Cake’s Durban Poison lineage and OG genetics supply you with an intense psychoactive cerebral experience anchored by a simultaneous progressive wave of deep relaxing stress- alleviating Indica Effects that won’t leave you “couch locked”.

Wedding Cake is quite the package when it comes to classic Cannabis experience. This is what we look for a strain a balanced experience between the cerebral and the physical.
To say that Durban Poison’s traits are evident in Wedding Cake would be an understatement.

odd wedding cake strain bud standing up on white background

Coming from both sides of the hereditary equation, Its landrace origins figure prominently in Wedding Cakes set of effects.

The initial rush of cerebral activity is soon followed by an instinct to act. This influx of restlessness and “get-up-and-go” motivation is definitely a shared trait of the Landrace legend. Wedding Cake takes this to another level of heady euphoria and a warm blanket of Indica physical relaxation to top it off.

The flavors I encountered with Harvest’s rendition of Wedding Cake spanned from sweet to sour to musky. But, its nondescript flowery cherry undertones left the greatest impression.

gorgeous dense bud of wedding cake strain flower in front of harvest company packaging
Harvest’s version of Wedding Cake helps to exemplify the cerebral-functional side of Wedding Cake’s potential as a very useful and broadly applied strain.
I would most definitely purchase Wedding Cake by Harvest again even at the same percentages of THCa and Terpenes.