Grimmdog by SunMed

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grimmdog strain by sunmed growers

STRAIN: Grimm Dog
PRODUCER: SunMed Growers


MEDIUM: Flower

  • earthy-grassy
  • slight mint
  • popcorn


  • earthy-homegrown-like
  • spice-peppery
  • herbal-mint
  • citrus-orange


  • happy
  • euphoric
  • mentally stimulated


  • very mild ocular pressure
  • no real lethargy or major feelings of physical relaxation

 Grimm Dog by SunMed Growers is an energizing Sativa hybrid strain with effects ranging from cerebral stimulation, euphoria, and mental relaxation. grimmdog strain by sunmed growers

The Long Way Home (My Toke…)
I found Grimmdog to be quite a nice early /late morning- afternoon strain. It delivers a very nice light,  yet invigorating cerebral “buzz” that has an airy, light headed component.  It does seem to be mentally stimulating and promotes social interaction and conversation.


Grimmdog definitely delights and offers an uplifting, social, energetic high. 

It seems to excel at putting a smile on ones face, if you’re into that.

Oh, and I misplaced my keys twice, but recalled in vivid detail a memory from grade school.  I thought fondly of a classmate I haven’t seen in decades, and it put a smile on my face. It was right about then that I realized the irony implied in this strain’s name.

grimmdog strain by sunmed growersDefinitely will revisit this strain and hopefully at a more potent batch. The batch I reviewed from was a 3rd tier (C) at nature’s medicines coming in at 17% THCa.

Still I found it to be very enjoyable as sort of an appetizer for my next session.