Yuck Mouth by Grassroots

STRAIN: Yuck Mouth
PRODUCER: Grassroots
PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville

MEDIUM: Flower
POTENCY: MED (THCa 20.1% /THC n.d.%)
CBGa 1.4%, CBG 0.2%
CLASS: Indica dominant Hybrid
LINEAGE: GMO Cookies X Dosidos #22


+Cerebrally uplifting (Standout Effect)
+Strong “head buzz” sensation upon exhale
+Enhances creativity
+Increases focus
+fosters feelings of well being/sensations of mental euphoria
+Relieves Tension / Stress
+Sensations of Euphoria

*in higher doses/IMO

+ Indica body “buzz” sensation as effects settle in
+muscle tension relief
+ocular pressure
+sensations of physical euphoria
dry “cotton” mouth
+/Somewhat sedative/ sleep inducing*

*in higher doses/IMO


bud of yuck mouth close up


  • Anxiety
  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Irritability , stress IED (intermittent explosive disorder)
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders/ inability to sleep




  • Creative endeavors/ pastimes/ hobbies (especially those benefiting from extended periods of focus and concentration
  • Meditation

APPEARANCE (consistency) : what seems to be some seemingly unkempt bud upon first glance is rather intricate and optically pleasing upon further inspection.

Good For Bowls and Rolls:
Somewhat easy to break up for spliffs, bongs, and vapes once it’s completely dried out. Buds are dense but fairy easy to work with but definitely require grinding


  • Sweet-orange /lemon(?)
  • Earthy- pine/grass /slight undercurrent note of wine/ wine grapes from RC


  • Sweet-lemon
  • Earth- slight undercurrent note of wine/ wine grapes from RC
  • Misc-buttered popcorn(?)
  • Herb-ground black peppercorns
  • Citrus – orange
  • Chem-undertone aroma of wet latex paint**
  • Sweet-nondescript sugary taste
    ** only present in gram 3 of 3 purchased separately
yuck mouth by grassroots label


What really stands out here is the 0.48% of Limonene. This would account for this batch of Yuck Mouth’s energizing uplifting effects. The .37% of Myrcene and 0.48% of beta-Caryophyllene provide jsut the right amount of muscle tension relief and relaxation.
Eudesmol, which can act as an appetite stimulant is 0.04% but I did, indeed, feel that my appetite was stimulated. However Humalene, another less commonly seen terpene known is 0.11% and unlike Eudesmol, it is a known appetite suppressant, as well as being an antibacterial and an effective anti-inflammatory.
Also, as seen in Chemdawg 91 by Verano, Linolool is present here at decent 0.19%. Linalool gives most flowers and spices their aromas such as lavender and coriander, and is notorious for its calming effects. There have been studies that have shown that Linalool can reduce elevated stress levels to almost normal conditions.

CBGA, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which is known to inhibit cell growth in tumor/cancer cells, and promote bone growth is present at 0.80%!
CBG, which can reduce inflammation, pain, nausea and decelerate the proliferation of cancer cells is respectable 0.20%.

triangular shaped bud of yuck mouth strain by grassroots

Yuck Mouth is a complicated Indica hybrid cross of Ray Charles X GMO Cookies(Garlic Cookies) which can produce a complex set of effects contraindicated by its parentage including an uplifting and energized increase in alertness and focus along with some physical relaxation and muscle tension relief.

yuck mouth buds in mr yuck sticker face shape


A rather odd offspring for two Indica heavy giants, Yuck Mouth by Grassroots seems to be the rebellious offspring, bent on displaying behaviors unbecoming of its parents. After all, it’s difficult to find two strains that exemplify the Indica body high /tractor beam couch lock capabilities of likes of Ray Charles AND GMO cookies. You’d think you would zone out mid bowl, but Yuck Mouth has way more energy than its sleepy parents and will have you invested in your present activities and mindset well before you realize what hit you.

Yuck Mouth reminded me more of a Diesel like Harvest Sour Diesel #5 or Amherst Sour Diesel by Curio, but the probably the former more so than the ladder because of its stronger Indica effects. Don’t get me wrong Yuck Mouth definitely has this but it is also way more energizing and three blatantly uplifting than one would predict given its lineage.

I would purchase Yuck Mouth again. It has only been available in gram quantities and so far I’ve purchased 3. I will however be on the lookout for a higher potency closer to that of Grassroots more potent strains like Motorbreath.

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