Rollinia by matter.

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CULTIVATOR: matter. (Formerly? FORWARDGRO)

PURCHASED: Zen Leaf Pasadena, MD (FKA Oceanside Dispensary)

THCA: 25.81%
THC: 24.39%
CBG: 0.35% | CBGA: 1.03%

CLASS: Rollinia is a structurally a Sativa dominant ie narrow leafed cannabis strain with an effects set that is Cerebrally dominant and physically subdominant

LINEAGE: WiFi Mints X Mimosa
WiFi Mints = White Fire 43 x Animal Mints from Seed Junky Genetics.
Mimosa = Purple Punch x Clementine



bulbous buds of rollinia strain by matter cannabis


Rollinia’s high begins with a somewhat gentle onset that gently creeps in from behind the skull.
An almost immediate uptick in mood and mental energy cascades upward until leveling off and resting the body on a cloud of euphoria leaving thoughts to wander while the body is in a state of overall tranquility.
Micro and Medi, or small and medium doses of Rollinia will present a grounded earthy high that will clear the decks of mental stress and elevate mood and motivate,
While Medi, or medium doses of Rollinia will augment mental focus to a finer direction and inspire creative thought. Heavier doses of Rollinia will present the aforementioned physically euphoric immobilization that can verge on sedation depending on the individual, their environment, and factors like their overall stress level or their level of fatigue prior to ingestion.


  • Uplifting/ energizing +
  • Enhancement of attention to detail in the mundane
  • Inspires creative and tangential free-associative thinking
  • Increases focus ++
  • Relieves mental tension/stress +/++/+++
  • Can be mildly Sedative /Sleep inducing+++

+ micro-dose (small dose) (1-2 tokes)
++ medi-dose (medium dose) (2-6 tokes)
+++ high dose (6+ coughing, etc.)


  • Light ocular pressure mostly felt in the eyelids  +/++/+++
  • Delivers sensations of progressive physical euphoria+/+/+++
  • potential for “Haze-Daze” ++
  • Minor potential to facilitate sedation/ sleep+++

+ micro-dose (small dose) (1-2 tokes)
++ medi-dose (medium dose) (2-6 tokes)
+++ high dose (6+ coughing, etc.)

rollinia sativa buds in front of matter dram


All Day. Rollinia is a great strain to modulate by dosage :
With a direct correlation to a wide spectrum of cannabis’ more classics psychoactive and physiological effects that can be deliberately manifested toward a purposeful and practical end mostly based ones’ level of ingestion.


  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Intensified mental focus / elongates attention span [STANDOUT EFFECT]
  • Offers potential relief from nausea
  • Can help distract from generalized feelings of Anxiety.
  • Potentially could help PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) especially since Clementine seems to have a lower level of Pinene like its relative Rollinia
    * Mood elevation and/or stabilization- potential to aid in anger management therapy and possibly help mitigate or alleviate symptoms of Anger, stress IED (intermittent explosive disorder), feelings of being easily overwhelmed, and even possibly social anxiety
    * Depression- if not because Rollinia does a fantastic job at elevating mood, flooding the mind with positive cognition all while breaking established cycles of recursive negative thought patterns and trauma
    * Can facilitate appetite in micro medi and macro doses

more buds of rollinia in front of side ways dram

Good For Bowls and Rolls:

Use a grinder for Rollinia and you’ll be much happier. Tell you the truth you don’t have a choice; my eighth was one of the stickiest I’ve ever held between my fingers in the Old Line State. And, they, matter. could’ve been a bit more patient. To be fair the weather on the night I purchased and sampled was one of the wettest days we’ve had in awhile – high humidity could’ve played a part.


desne buds with tiny trichomes of rollinia strain


I was pleasantly surprised by Rollinia’s trim and cure. It has a somewhat wild unkempt beauty.  Some wandering guard leaves partially concealing smaller densely packed and folded bud sprouted out over tightly wound cluster of rusty red pistils/stigma/“hairs”. Inside the bud a darker purple flecks that almost appeared black against the stark bright green could be found.

dark purple and black flecks inside bud of rollinia

Interestingly, the photo above has a very close resemblance to the sub-tropical fruiting flower for which it is named, rollinia

rollinia fruit on tree

(photo courtesy of wikipedia)

From Wikipedia:
Annona mucosa is a species of flowering plant in the custard-apple family, Annonaceae, that is native to tropical South America. It is cultivated for its edible fruits, commonly known as biribá, lemon meringue pie fruit, or wild sugar-apple, throughout the world’s tropics and subtropics.
The Brazilian name, biribá has become somewhat well known. Nonetheless, the fruits are occasionally known by other names, including wild sugar apple and aratiku.

It is possible that the strain name came from this visual likeness but this may be more of a coincidence(?). Many of the buds had this inner lighter-colored foliage with the middle portion of each bracht section displaying a darker purplish, almost black, spot.


  • Garlic
  • Herbs
  • Grilled hamburger
  • Hint of petroleum / diesel
  • Mint
  • Earthy
  • Over ripened citrus fruit


  • Hint of cologne-type musk
  • Spice /pepper
  • Chem or diesel fuel-like flavor
  • Hint of sautéed and burned Garden /Bell pepper-in olive oil and garlic-like taste   


The dark rusty pistils and specks of blackened purple in the mostly green buds only adds to Rollinia’s dark density and mysterious appeal.
Rollinia’s Terpo-Chemical profile:


1. Beta- Caryophyllene 0.53%
2. Beta-Myrcene 0.32%
3. Limonene 0.31%
4. Linalool 0.21%

THC: 24.39%
CBG: 0.35% | CBGA: 1.03%

AlphaPinene: 0.03%
BetaPinene: 0.04%
BetaCaryophyllene: 0.53%
BetaEudesmol: 0.03%
BetaMyrcene: 0.32%
CaryophylleneOxide: 0.05%
Humulene: 0.12%
Limonene: 0.31%
Linalool: 0.21%
TransNerolidol: 0.13%

matter cannabis dram

Whenever things change in this regard I like to report or at least weigh in with my opinion.
You may have read my previous post about the ever changing packaging of Maryland cannabis and the move toward the more economic zip lock from the glass dram. And if not you probably know my opinion on these things from previous reviews.
Matter. is a difficult cultivator to find online. It seems most of their marketing comes through Leafly (link to matter.)
Even though I am mostly critical of the ridiculously disparate ratio of product to packaging in the cannabis industry with its subsequent waste and the inflated price of flower that follow, there are some cultuvators that seem to get it.
One of these was ForwardGro and it wasn’t for their black plastic dram that seemed to have inherent problems with its lid not shutting completely. It had to do with their labeling which was in separate boxes based on cannabinoid or terpene status. And cooler than that the terpene content was listed from highest to lowest percentages. The terpenes were listed in order of their percentages. It was cool That there blue white and green color scheme were used as an info graphics housing info that was filtered by concentration.

Matter. Does not organize this information as such. It is of course listed in compliance with Maryland law; a definite plus when you consider the new QR codes that show up drams in place of printed stats. I like that the QR codes are employed to lift the veil so to speak and give a more detailed breakdown of the testing results to patients. It is meant I believe to promote transparency and foster some trust with the purchasing population. I’m not sure it does in fact accomplish this but I providing the complete COA (certificate of analysis of the testing results issued by the lab) for through the QR code. But omitting the printed list of cannabinoid and terpene content when neither the size of the dram nor its label have been downsized seems to be an unwise decision.
Matter. Did have all the info that any medical dram in Maryland would but printed with very faint ink in an extremely small font.
Rather annoying. The actual dram itself was the same or very similar to ForwardGro (black plastic cylinder with an attached lid) but a bit taller.’



closeup of rollinia buds

Rollinia is a structural sativa bred by crossing the beloved Mimosa x WiFi Mints.
RollInia’s darkened green buds are dense with dusky orange pistils and its aroma sheds notes of musky, mint, fuel, and fruit.
In small to medium doses, Rollinia’s high imbues an elevated, happy, and motivated euphoria that sharpens focus ; in high doses Rollinia’s effects become more physically euphoric causing most to stay glued to their seat.

Rollinia’s wide spectrum of effects, especially its more cerebrally charged, can obliterate mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

In small doses it could potentially aid those struggling with ADD.
Rollinia is a good entry point for individuals who want to experience an uplifting and energetic “Sativa” with almost zero potential for precipitating anxiety.

The Long Way Home (My Toke…)

closeup of rollinia buds

Rollinia was impressive to me considering for all intents and purposes this could be ForwardGro’s stock being quickly repackaged. In many ways Rollinia would fit nicely into my shortlist of maintenance always-have-on-hand strains.
This was surprising since it was an impulse buy and having no background on the move to matter. or any update whatsoever on what new strains may be coming or what will happen to legacy strains like AAA and Hennessy.
Rollinia’s aroma and optics are so familiar to me but the effects seem to cause the biggest stir of memory.

close up of rollinia buds by matter
It very much reminded me of many strains in my past that I experienced during prohibition which stand out as strong but able to be molded to fit any circumstance depending on the level of ingestion. I think this is somewhat of a general rule when it comes to cannabis but not one that is experienced with every strain. It has a very motivating front end and a very relaxing backend that will having  you coming back for more. 
It may be interesting to mention that in the last 3-4 days medicating at different times with Rollinia, I have experienced very lucid dreams.These dreams were not particularly pleasant for the most part but I have been under a larger than normal amount of stress in the last few weeks. This itself could be causing the dreams to be more intense and lucid or at least tinting their subject matter in a negative light. It is difficult or rather impossible to know beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Maybe if one of our readers has had the same increase in REM sleep while medicating with Rollinia? If so please let us know.
Back to the flower.

close up of gnarly bud of rollinia
I would say if you like heady non-Pinene laden cerebral “Sativa” strains, then you will most likely enjoy Rollinia.
And considering this is only really a rebranding of ForwardGro flower it’s fairly appropriate to compare it against other strains under that brand some of which still populate dispensary shelves. Compared to other ForwardGro flower it may be the top of the heap sitting somewhere near Phantom Cookies, Modified Grapes, and Hennessy.
I’ve never really seen a flower with this much character in general come from ForwardGro and this one in particular being my first experience with matter. sets the bar quite high.