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CULTIVATOR: Curio Everyday
PURCHASED: Nirvana Center
MEDIUM: Flower
POTENCY:  THCa 25.46% | THC 0.20%. CBCGa 0.66% | CBG 0.30%
CLASS: Structurally an Indica/ Sativa Hybrid 
LINEAGE: Lemon Tree X Cookies N Cream
     Lemon Tree= Sour Diesel x Lemon Skunk
     Cookies N Cream= Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) (Unknown phenotype) x Starfighter

vertically oriented row of scraggely bud of lemon cream strain buds with the middle bud in focus and the other two out of focusEFFECTS (MIND + BODY): 

Although its effects are dominated by its physical euphoria which ultimately overshadows the brief but intense cerebral lift in its initial phase,

Lemon Cream can offer a comprehensive experience and seems to exemplify the “best of both worlds” effects so often attributed to hybrid strains; albeit heavy on the sedative side in Lemon Cream’s case. If you’re low it will raise you; if you’re not wide awake it will slay you.


  • Energized cerebral stimulation nice head buzz sensation right off the bat
  • Uplifting /mood elevating
  • Increased tendency to be conversant
  • Can inspire creative impulses
  • Increases ability to focus
  • Gentle de-escalating of excitement and replaced by a detached euphoria as the physical high increases with successive sessions/ repeat ingestion but really never to the level of sedation or even somnolens

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales


  • Mild appetite stimulation (relaxing of muscles in stomach/abdomin ++/+++
  • medium ocular pressure sensations
  • Promotes mild somnolence/ mild sedation +++
  • Can cause dry mouth/ eyes as well as swelling in eyelids +++

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales

christmas tree shaped bud of lemon cream in foreground with blurry lemon cream strain bud in the background

BEST USED: All day depending on dosage; micro doses yeild a more cerebral experience but heavier doses, and after many sessions, Lemon Cream dispenses more of its sedative euphoria

Micro doses for daytime
Medium to heavy dosages promote physically sedating euphoria




macro image of lemon cream strain

Lemon Cream presents the complete package checking boxes for many expecting to take the long way toward a a deeply relaxing hazy lemon haze type physically euphoric body high pre amped by a brief but intense intro of cerebral uplift in the beginning.
bud of lemon cream strain displaying orange pistils and creamy trichomes


  • Deep citrus orange or grapefruit
  • With an almost oily overtone
  • Clementine orange peel
  • Herbaceous Lemon
  • Misc. wild berry


A somewhat perfumed creamy version of the aforementioned pungent citrus aroma

lemon cream buds in front of curio dramPACKAGING:

Curio’s Everyday line meant to capture the wallets of cannabis connoisseurs on a budget, seems to have amped it up one notch by offering a hard dram complete with complimentary preservative anti-humidity desiccant so that even the most economical amongst us can feel classy too.

two buds of lemon cream

And I can’t really complain not that I have anything over ziplock but if it doesn’t increase the price (which it doesn’t seem to have) then great, I’m all for it.


Lemon Cream’s Terpo-Chemical Profile:

1. Limonene 0.23%
2. Beta-Caryophyllene 0.22%
3. Beta-Myrcene 0.21%
4. Bisabolol 0.12%

NOTE: the nearly exact 1:1:1 ratio between Limonene (0.23%), Beta-Caryophyllene (0.22%), and Beta-Myrcene (0.21%)

beautiful bright and darker green leafed bud of lemon cream strain in front of curio light green labeled everyday dram

I feel that even with the overall percentage being a seemingly meager 1.33% total Terpenes, this 1:1:1 ratio more than makes up the intensity in the overall effect.
This is the first time in the last 3 -4 years I’ve been posting reviews where Bisabolol ranks in the top 4!
Bisabolol (FILL IN)


With high concentrations of myrcene and caryophyllene, Lemon Cream is suggested for reducing nausea, controlling tension, and relaxing tense muscles.

Can help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • Potential to help dismantle pain through distraction and re-focused thought
  • Possibly enough increase in focus to address some symptoms of ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Can distract the mind and help symptoms of Anxiety/Depression/ Stress
  • Sleep issues +++
  • After repeat session Banana Hammock may have you reaching for snacks. It could assist in treating Eating Disorders/ Lack of appetite * +++
  • muscle tension/stiffness/inflammation (most likely due to the higher levels of Myrcene and Caryophyllene) ++

gorgeous green bud of lemon cream strain


Lemon Cream is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing

The intensity of Lemon Cream’s fluffy bright green buds, woody citrus aroma and flavor match with its equally potent effects which initiate with a conversation inducing and socially uplifting cerebral buzz traded sooner than later for a deeply relaxing and soothing physical euphoria which ultimately dominants the arc of its effect.


My first date with Lemon Cream took awhile to happen. I was referred some by the budtender at Nivana Center but passed because it tested below 2.0 % total terps. However, a few days later it was on sale and I bit. Same batch same terps, etc. 

image of lemon cream strain buds in front of a curio everyday dram which is white with a washed out light green label

I was first impressed by the aesthetics of the new eeryday dram with its white shell and the sage green “Everyday” label. But, when I cracked the Curio designated green “Hybrid” tamper tape and unscrewed the dram I was greeted with reassurance of my purchase. Inside was bush country; I saw flashes of purple and bright, bright green, twinkling trichome clusters, and an aroma sparking notes of lemon citrus, honey, berry, and a deep woodsy skunk that just made me want to sample the bud immediately. I felt a tinge of excitement as re-sealed the dram and contemplated the experience that awaited me.

three conically shaped buds of lemon cream in a row with the middle bud in focus and the other two buds blurred

If you vape, this batch would be perfect as the buds were not dense and gummy but more fluffy but not moist; at least, not too moist.
It did occurr to me as it often does with strains whose names feature a citrus fruit in their composition, that Lemon Cream should have been granted a different name more indicative of its aroma and/or flavor. To me, it has more of an orange citrus much closer to a Clementine than any type of lemon.

detailed image of lemon cream bud showing an outer sugar leaf with a coating of white trichomes

The effect of Lemon Cream was nothing short of what I had expected but with more of a cerebral quality than I had read about before trying it for myself.

smaller popcorn bud of lemon cream strainI found the effect to be subtle but very effective; in fact, for me it was downright productive. And, by the end of my stint with Lemon Cream I wanted more. It seemed to me to fit the perfect definition of a day-to-day maintenance strain. One that won’t break the bank but is sure to give you more than a taste of just about every expected effect in the Cannabis effect spectrum; a real box-checker. I say this at the risk of Lemon Cream being thought of as a mundane run-of-the-mill hybrid which isn’t accurate. In fact it was one of the most interesting looking, smelling, and feeling Curio strains that I’ve had in quite some time. 
When I did return to the Dispensay my new Lemon Cream friend had left the building.

irregular shaped bud of lemon cream strain in front of curio everyday dram on white background

My guess is this was due not only to the cost but what you were actuallly getting for that nominal price: a first rate expertly cured, wonderfully aromatic, smooth smoking, and just aboce average potent upper mid-grade cerebrally leaning hybrid.


You can really feel the energy jolt from its GSC and Sour Diesel lineage, which, at least on the GSC side runs all the way back to Durban Poison. This is what gives this strain its cerebral jolt and inspiring euphoria.

Bravo Curio for treating even its benchwarmers as super stars as I can tell just as much went into cultivating this batch of Everyday Lemon Cream as any top shelf MK-Ultra or Banana Hammock.  I’ll be back for more Lemon Cream and I suggest you do the same.