Mandarin Cookies Grow West

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Mandarin Cookies
MEDIUM: Flower
Batch/Lot#: 21695
Exp 4/5/22
THCa 24.02%
THC 0.41%
CBGA 0.34%
CBG 0.12%

CLASS: structural structurally an Indica dominant Hybrid with a cerebrally-dominant / physically subordinate psycho-physical effect profile

PURCHASED: Ethos formerly Mission Catonsville, MD
LINEAGE: GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) Forum Cut Pheno X Mandarin Sunset

GSC Forum Cut Pheno= F1 Durban Poison x OG Kush
Mandarin Sunset= Orange Skunk x  Herijuana

another angle of mandarin cookies buds



  • Elevated mood quickly and tends to motivate the body via the mental uplift
  • Can intensify focal attention
  • Enhances/ sharpens focus
  • Potential to inspire /stimulate creativity/ creative thinking
  • Potential to think tangentially and abstractly
  • Uplifting /mood elevating
  • Enhances /distorts some senses (auditory)
  • Increased tendency to be conversant

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales

Mandarin Cookies comes across like refreshing Durban-heavy GSC pheno dipped in an uplifting yet somewhat stoney orange flavored invigorating California Skunk -OG Kush coating.

very close image of pistils on mandarin cookies


  • Airy light body sensation
  • Physically motivating
  • light to medium ocular and cranial pressure verging on a “Headband” sensation
  • Mild appetite stimulation (relaxing of muscles in stomach/abdomen ++/+++*

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales

*Humalene, which is found in a notable amount in this batch, is supposedly an appetite suppressant, but in higher levels, seems to have a biphasic effect, encouraging appetite.

mandarin cookies buds with thick pistil coverage on tin


bud of mandarin cookies on white background

The buds of Mandarin Cookies seemed almost washed in an creamy light green in spots and rather dull.

But, with sweater of rusty pistils creating a filter brings out an almost orangish hue at times over the less than eye-catching drab green buds.
This is a very unassuming flower that holds its form as a dense Kush/ Cookies -type should – requiring the use of grinder for the ideal experience.
detail image of mandarin cookies bud with thick rusty red pistil coverage and light green buds
It is rather surprising to open up the grinder with your mind expecting a minty OG Kush aroma and receiving a blast of California Orange.

Good stuff.

Ahhh….Grow West…the tin, the wrapper, the Boveda pack…the bud!…Quality Control, Check.


  • Herbaceous lemon-pepper overtone
  • Strong base of orange rind
  • Pungent heart of citrusy Clementine orange/Tangerine-like aroma that fills the space between the earthen base notes wrought from high levels of Caryophyllene and Humalene (Caryophyllene A) and the forward facing lemon-pepper scent


  • Baked cookie type taste at various stages of combustion
  • An orange rind aftertaste /exhale
  • Musk-generic hash-type flavor
  • Slightest taste of licorice courtesy of the Durban F1



Mandarin Cookies’ Terpo-Chemical profile:

Total Cannabinoids: THC 0.41% | THCa 24.02% | CBG 0.12% | CBGa 0.34%

Total Terpenes 1.59% | a-Pinene 0.01% | b-Pinene 0.02% | b-Myrcene 0.92% | Limonene 0.10% | Linalool 0.08% | Fenchol 0.01% | b-Caryophyllene 0.24% | a-Humulene 0.08% | b-Eudesmol 0.05% | a-Bisabolol 0.08%

Top Terpenes: MYR, CAR, LIM, HUM/LIN

  1. Myrcene 0.92%
  2. Caryophyllene 0.24%
  3. Limonene 0.10%
  4. Humulene + Linalool ( both 0.08% )


Mandarin Cookies

Individuals suffering from Nausea, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD may find Mandarin Cookies to effectively mitigate symptoms.

Especially individuals seeking a strain to stabilize mood and enhance focus.

mandarin cookies buds on tin

Mandarin Cookies is the robust offspring of the Cookies Family’s own GSC Girl Scout Cookies (Durban Poison F1 x OG Kush -Forum Cut Pheno) X Mandarin Sunset, an equally cerebrally energizing blend of (California) Orange Skunk x Herijuana.

Brandishing an earthen and skunky outer aroma when broken up the buds exude a deeply pungent aroma of tangerines and Clementine oranges. The effect of Mandarin Cookies is equally as refreshing and holds just as many surprises with surges of motivating cerebral energy from its Durban roots and an ever increasing inclination and then high altitude leveling of mood. The notion to eat is on the heels of the initial burst of creative stimulation and enhanced focus which verges on the stoney yet never really depresses the physical form, albeit completely relaxed from its  OG Kushness.