Sunshine #4 SunMed Growers

STRAIN: Sunshine #4

POTENCY: HIGH (THCa 33.35% ,THC 0.55%, total terpene count 3.42%)

PRODUCER: SunMed Growers

EFFECTS: mental euphoria, heightened awareness rounded out with a very muscle relaxing and appetite stimulating high

USES: treating symptoms of depression and anxiety. This strain would be good for most any activity, but seems best suited for social activities and creative inspiration.

CONSISTENCY: Better For Bowls instead of Rolls:dense calyx with an almost moist gummy consistency which needs to be ground prior to packing. This stuff is thick.

CLASS: hybrid
LINEAGE: Chemdawg 4 X Sunshine Daydream 

AROMA: dank aroma highlighted by citrus, earthy, pine scents

TASTE:  lemon / pine/ dash of hash

MIND:+uplifted, intense feelings euphoria and well being.
Note: This is a very psychoactive and uplifting strain attributed, in part, to a 0.54% limonene level

BODY:+ mild and pleasant ocular pressure
+ muscle tension relief
+ appetite stimulating
+pleasantly sedative in higher doses
can cause excessive coughing due to its 0.23% of occimene
some dry mouth


Sunshine #4’s euphoric, energizing, and uplifting effect of this strain may be attributed its higher than normal levels of myrcene and limonene.  (a whopping 0.57% mrycene level and 0.54% limonene level are both present in this particular batch).


Sunshine #4 by SunMed Growers is sativa leaning hybrid of Sunshine Daydream X Chemdog 4 and provides an intense uplifting and euphoric psychoactive effect which is balanced by a very subtle physical relaxation that does not sedate

. The sativa sensations are tamed by a very pleasant Indica body high.

This is a solid all around hybrid strain which offers a very enjoyable, energizing, albeit intense, psychoactive experience balanced by muscle tension relief from its indica genetics.


Sunshine #4 is a ticket to the happy zone.

I first medicated with this strain in the very early morning while having coffee. I was immediately struck with a recognizable, yet decidedly intense, sativa mental “buzz”. There was an immediate rush of euphoria accompanied by some mild ocular pressure and a pleasant airy feeling at the back of my skull.  My brain felt as if it had been swaddled in a soft, warm, electric blanket.  

This strain is a fantastic way to start the day. Before I had a chance to even acknowledge any stress, I was well on my way completing the tasks of the day with a smile on my face. I felt a heightened sense of mental awareness while still being relaxed and perfectly physically content.  


I think that Sunshine #4 would be an excellent choice for anyone suffering from acute to long term depression and anxiety. Even though it was so mentally stimulating, the Indica effects buffered the experience in the most pleasant of ways: I was physically relaxed but not sleepy and my appetite was stimulated, something I normally don’t experience in the morning. 

I will definitely be looking for this strain again.

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  1. Lynn

    Thank you for posting such an accurate review for this amazing strain! I think I tried this before, way back when I was learning (and still learning) I just picked up Sunshine #4 last week and this is definitely one that is perfect for all that you listed above!

    1. admin

      Lynn this is so good to hear. It is really gratifying just to know I helped or the info on the site rather) has helped a fellow MMCC card holder find strains that are a good fit! THANKS for commenting!

  2. Sherry

    Hello Sunshine #4 grown by Sunmed Growers,
    You are ray of sunshine to my mind and body. You know that feeling of complete contentment when you close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. This sweet sticky 50% Indica -Sativa Hybrid can be a challenge to roll. I was praying that I would find a seed! It’s like taking a trip and never leaving the farm. My husband I would love to check out your Cannabis Grow. We are just two retires who love Cannabis for over 44 years.
    Sherry Brown

    1. admin

      Thank you for the comment Sherry. Made me smile. Thank you for visiting the site and taking the time to comment. It is very encouraging to know that folks are using the information here to find strains that fit best. That Sunshine #4 is wow…very uplifting and happy feeling. Thanks again to both of you and your husband for being part of the site!

  3. Ashley

    This is by far the most important strain I ever smoked thank sunshine for bringing the sunshine 🌞💛u neva fail me

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