Ray Charles by Grassroots

STRAIN: Ray Charles
PRODUCER: Grassroots
MEDIUM: Flower
PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville
POTENCY: THCa 22.30%/ THC 1.30 %
CLASS: Indica Hybrid
LINEAGE: GSC Romulan X Afghani Bull Rider
Sketches of Spain- Miles Davis
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts-David Bowie/ Brian Eno
Animals-Pink Floyd
Grateful Dead-live at L’Olympia

+ initial cerebral stimulation
+ euphoric cerebral uplift
+sensations of calm and tranquility

+ strong “body buzz” feeling
+cranial and facial pressure
+ sensations of disassociation**
/+ some dizziness*
/+ deep feelings of deep relaxation
/+sedation/deep restful sleep
some dry “cotton” mouth**
dry eyes*
+/ blissfully sedative

*in higher doses/IMO
** experienced this when medicating while intentionally resisting the urge to become couch locked or otherwise zoned out. This was experienced both physically and psycho-actively

bud of ray charles strain

Primarily Evening / Bedtime
But possible morning /afternoon use**
**Day time use can be quite interesting and Ray Charles can provide a decent amount of cerebral uplift and increased focus when staying active (coffee helps) and resisting the urge to sleep.

  • Sleeplessness / sleep issues (MAIN APPLICATION)
  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety
  • Depression


  • Meditation (morning only probably) Watching afternoon movie
  • Reading until falling asleep
  • Road trip/ train/ plane/ car
  • Sleep gonna list this twice for emphasis: this strain is a heavy hitter

APPEARANCE (consistency) :

The buds of Ray Charles are small to rather large (one bud in the 1/8 from Mission, Catonsville weighed almost 2 grams).
The shape of the buds was not unlike that of a fully mature Bell Pepper, bulbous at the top and tapers at the bottom. The buds were spongy and replete with long resinous amber stigma/pistils/“hairs”. Trichome coverage is thick and in crystalline clumps in some areas.
The exhale is thick, rich, and full of a musky, hash-fuel-soil taste that wasn’t distasteful but I wouldn’t say it was flavor country either. I care little about this usually. Especially when in the absence of extremely tasty terpenes, you are presented with a such a thick lustrous “hash-o-line” exhale
Good For Bowls and Rolls:
Grind for best results but this batch at least was very easy to break up without a grinder.


  • Earth-Red wine with a grassy undertone
  • Sweet-lemon verbena
  • Spice-black pepper
  • Chem- Flintstone’s Vitamins


  • Sweet-orange(?)
  • Citrus-lemon
  • Fuel-oil and gasoline mixture
  • Chem- lemon scented furniture polish


I think The largest indicator of Ray Charles’ ability to cause a deep relaxing sedation, at least in this batch, is the overwhelming amount of Myrcene, at an unusually high 1.89%!!!!
The level of CBG is also a factor in this strain’s ability to relax the body.
CBG, which can reduce inflammation, pain, nausea and decelerate the proliferation of cancer cells is respectable 0.20%
CBGA, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which is known to inhibit cell growth in tumor/cancer cells, and promote bone growth is present at 0.40%.


Ray Charles is a heavy hitting Indica hybrid with a spicy earthy aroma and the ability to cause feelings of deep blissful calm, relaxation, and sedation. It is an ideal choice for those who suffer from sleeplessness or sleep related issues and is best served before bedtime.

Much like Northern Lights, Ray Charles can bring about a deeply relaxing sedation that is best applied in the evening and before bed. These types of strains can be effective forms of treatment for those with sleep related issues.

bud of ray charles strain

However, I am a lover of Indica strains, and I often medicate with them and in ways that I feel are not as common. I feel that depending on the Indica, its lineage, and terpenes etc., can impart uplifted feelings of energized euphoria, amplified focus, and creative inspiration qualities usually ascribed to strains of the Sativa variety, but ultimately of a different variety than those effects felt in a strain like G wagon or the more mellow Secret Weapon. Of course, the sativa-like traits are more easily felt when medicating with Indica strains in the morning, daytime, or evening when you intend on staying alert and active, and, well, awake.
This is when they take on a special quality and can even cause sensations of energized euphoria and a pleasurable sort of disassociated feeling. I definitely felt this with Ray Charles.

This is a complex strain and not just a utilitarian sleep aid in my opinion. There seem to be several layers of effect and sensation experienced when medicating at different times and levels of alertness and, of course, at times, in higher than needed doses.

I will definitely be purchasing Ray Charles again. Its function as a sleep aid is beyond compare aside from Northern Lights. And besides its ability to cause deep sedation and sleep, it can also provide a good deal of euphoria and focus as well as some creative inspiration when medicating during the day, while fully alert.
A very solid Indica. Dig it 5/5

ray charles bud
ray charles by grassroots
grassroots' ray charles strain

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  1. Richelle Caffrey

    I have been smoking for, I’ll just say a long time and well before medical passed, and this is BY FAR my FAVORITE strain! It is becoming more popular and more difficult to find (I’m in calvert county so there’s that) so I’m always checking almost every morning to see if any version of it hits anywhere in my vicinity or where I may be on any given day. And I must say I agree 100% with everything you said in all of your descriptions! I too am more fond of an indica dominant strain, that I can preferably use throughout the day, dosing accordingly. This “takes the cake” as they say I think, should be “takes the bud”

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