Sour Diesel #5 by Harvest

STRAIN: Sour Diesel aka “NYSD” (New York Sour Diesel) aka “Sour D”
MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 24.32/ THC 1.05%!!!)*
CLASS: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville
LINEAGE: Because the underground weed market of the 1980s and 90s (I was there I remember ) thrived without documentation, the exact genetic lineage of Sour Diesel are unknown.
I was actually residing in the LES of NYC between when Sour Diesel began to show up. I recall being told about it and then trying it a few days later. I remember thinking maybe the diesel smell in some of the weed I’ve smelled in the past is on purpose-from growing it …and not caused by the flower being “smuggled” in a gas tankers as urban legends would always explain.

It is accepted lore/history that the original version of Sour Diesel was grown by an NYC breeder by the name of “AJ” short for “A-hole Joe” by combining the genetics of Chemdawg 91 with some Super Skunk seeds he had brought back from Amsterdam. Thus Its aka “New York Sour Diesel”.

was comprised of ChemDawg ’91 x [Massachusetts Super Skunk x Sensi Seeds Northern Lights] x DNL (Northern Lights/Shiva x Hawaiian)
Also in addition, the genetics were sure to have been altered over the years as it was, and most likely still is, being refined to its most potent form.

* Again we see a THCa level of medium high potency at 24.32% with a THC derived concentration of 1.05% which is really high compared to most…definitely a high concentration of derived THC.


sour diesel by by harvest


Sour Diesel’s fast acting effects range from uplifting, energized dream-like euphoria, psychoactive cerebral stimulation, a heightened sense of awareness, a tendency toward creative thinking, light cottony warm feeling in the head and shoulders along with other mild Indica body high effects like ocular pressure and some waves of physical euphoria attributable to the high levels of Myrcene in this batch (0.968%!!!)


(Effects arrive fast without delay)

+energizing yet somewhat dreamy euphoria
+potential for Increased mental focus
+can make one talkative and enhance sense of humor
+Propensity toward creative thinking
+heightened awareness: visual, aural


(Body are felt quickly)
+ light to medium cranial and facial pressure
+inner body warming sensation mostly around shoulders and head area
+medium strong head “buzz” with a warm cottony feeling -I’d call it “cotton brain”
dry mouth and eyes at higher doses
/+ sedative at higher doses with 0.968% Myrcene. once initial head high begins to taper off



  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Depression or depressive thoughts
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • could be very effective in treating symptoms of anxiety, and depression since it delivers on the Sativa cerebral effects but with minimal potential to create or aggravate anxiety.


  • Sour Diesel seems to be a good fit for almost any social situation. It is energizing enough to stimulate conversation and amplify one’s sense of humor; users may be talkative and find humor in the mundane 
  • It pairs well with any activity at any point in the day 
  • although most obviously pared with morning or afternoon activities, Sour Diesel, especially this batch of Harvest Sour Diesel is a fantastic way to unravel after a long day. The sedative and “stoney” body high can leave one couch locked if not soundly asleep. 

This batch of Harvest Sour Diesel was comprised mostly of one large bud and some smaller popcorn nugs. Sour Diesel is characterized by green and yellow colored leaves with bright orange stigma and a plentiful coating of tiny trichome crystals on every surface.

APPEARANCE:Good For Bowls and Rolls
This strain breaks up and grinds down quite easily and is suitable for bowls and rolls alike


  • Herbal- lemon
  • Fuel- diesel
  • Sour-lemon

TASTE: (Exhale can be a bit harsh typical of Sour Diesel)
Fuel-diesel/hash exhale

While I did, indeed, enjoy it, this batch at least, was rather Indica leaning (or feeling) in my opinion.


The 0.968% Myrcene on the label illustrates the potential for Sour Diesel to provide some generalized Indica body high effects. The psychoactive effects can be profound and when coupled with a stoney body high almost overwhelming for some novice or sensitive users.

I think this is why Sour Diesel tends to hit some people a bit harder than others and makes them feel as if maybe they’ve “gone too far”.  It can elevate the heart rate and concurrently make you feel a bit loose or drowsy and this can cause some cognitive dissonance leading to mental confusion and, naturally, precipitated anxiety or panic.

The 0.235% of Limonene and A-Pinene at 0.033% and B-Pinene at 0.054 together add up to some cerebral stimulation, but not as much as I have experienced in the past. Some descendants of Sour Diesel like Sour Jack for instance, provide more of this effect.  At least, this particular batch of Harvest’s Sour Diesel was fairly mellow and seemed to lack some of the high octane cerebral boost. While I did, indeed, enjoy it, this batch at least, was a rather Indica leaning (or feeling) in my opinion.

It definitely stirred my intellect and motivated and inspired me toward creative action. But it was less forward leaning than other Sour Diesels I have smoked.


harvest sour diesel

Sour Diesel is an energizing, uplifting strain capable of causing dream like euphoria, enhanced creativity, and some sedative properties that make it a well rounded Sativa dominant hybrid.

Sour Diesel, in general, is definitely known for offering that “stoney” body buzz effect along with the Sativa head rush, and this batch of Sour D by Harvest definitely stays true to that description.

Harvest’s version of the famous cultivar was laden with myrcene (.968%), and offered even more of a distinct Indica body high than Sour Diesel is usually credited for. 

I found Harvest’s version of Sour Diesel rather interesting. It was definitely enjoyable and I would most likely purchase Harvest’s version of Sour Diesel again. 
The Myrcene levels were crazy high and I found it to be a bit more on the sedative side albeit mild. 

As Sour Diesel can tend to “overwhelm” some people because of its initial fast-acting head “buzz” coupled with an Indica-type body “stone”

harvest sour diesel