Grease Monkey by gLeaf

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STRAIN: Grease Monkey


MEDIUM: Flower

GOOD FOR: focus, sleeplessness/ insomnia

AROMA: Skunk, pine lemon citrus

TASTE:  citrus, berry, lemon

somewhat cerebrally stirring however by the time you formulate your new idea you may be drifting off to never never land

+classic indica muscle relaxation, physical euphoria into deep restful sleep
dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue


This is a wonderful strain for a lot of reasons.  While looks probably isn’t one of them, the many applications for this strain make it a real winner. If you are having trouble sleeping, losing the stress of the day, wanting to increase your appetite, then this is a good strain for you.

The Long Way Home (my toke)


Grease Monkey is no silly little chimp it’s more like a sleeping gorilla. This King King is liable to steal you away to the mysterious jungles of your mind and then pummel you to sleep.

This strain is  HEAVY HITTER, So take it easy if you have a low tolerance

The small but dense popcorn ball buds are almost marbled with purple, dark green to chartreuse, and red hues.
Grease Monkey by gLeafGrease Monkey’s aroma is almost like that of a grassy, mild, homegrown that wants to be taken seriously as a gourmet skunk.

In short, this strain DELIVERS.

I woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep. I had 3 tokes of this strain and I played guitar for about 40 solid minutes before I felt like I had remembered to breathe. I was literally in some sort of focused conscious trance like state.

I was also hungry. I heated up some left overs, watched a YouTube video, and then fell fast asleep. And when I awoke I was completely clear headed. The gorilla had apparently left the room.