Shoki X 87 Limepop Curio

STRAIN: Shoki X 87 Limepop

PURCHASED: Oceanside Dispensary 16 Magothy Beach RD Pasadena, MD

MEDIUM: Flower
TBD/ Exp 4/12/22
POTENCY:  THCa 20.70% | THC .30%. CBCGa 0.42%
CLASS:Sativa dominant hybrid
87 Limepop= 87 Durban Chitral x Lime Pop

Shoki= Shoki Lime Kush probably x GMO/ TK Skunk (source

1. Alpha-Pinene 1.17%
2. Beta-Myrcene 0.50%
3. Limonene 0.45%
4. Beta-Pinene 0.21%



  • Steady Influx of energized cerebral stimulation +/++
  • Uplifting /mood elevating +/++
  • Increased tendency to be conversant +/ ++
  • Can inspire creative impulses +/ ++
  • Increases ability to focus +/ ++/ +++
  • Gentle de-escalating of excitement and replaced by a detached euphoria as the physical high increases with successive sessions/ repeat ingestion

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales


  • Decongestant/ clears sinuses due to high levels of Pinene +/++/+++ ***
  • Tingly -buzz- lightheaded sensation+/++/+++
  • Mild appetite stimulation (relaxing of muscles in stomach/abdominal region ++/+++
  • medium ocular pressure sensations +/++
  • Promotes mild somnolence/ mild sedation +++
  • Can cause dry mouth/ eyes as well as swelling in eyelids +++

+ micro 1 inhale
++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
+++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales

*** These uncommonly high levels of Pinene should be looked at carefully those who experience anxiety over highly cerebral strains or Chemovars/Cultivars/“strains” that are sativa and structure that typically contain high concentrations of Pinene, may want to steer clear of Shoki X 87 Limepop


Shoki X 87 Limepop can potentially help mitigate or even possibly alleviate, some symptoms associated with:

  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)*
  • Anxiety/Depression/ Stress
  • Sleep issues / Lack of sleep+++
  • Eating Disorders/ Lack of appetite * +++
  • muscle tension/stiffness/inflammation (most likely due to the higher levels of Myrcene and Caryophyllene) ++


beautiful bud of shoki x 87 limepop by curio

Curio seems to have a flair for optics and many times as I browse through old photos, their flower sometimes leaps from the collection as being particularly emblematic of everyday cannabis or perhaps, even a bit exotic…DSCT…, if not nostalgic…Northern Lights ….
Or dramatic …Raven….or just plain pretty…Purple Punch…many faults have they but making flower is not one of them …not usually that is.

Shoki X 87 Limepop has the Curio optics in spades, presenting a very robust image with a ton of bright rust red pistils in pocketed clusters of density scattered about the entire surface …resembling a sort of wild strawberry. The light to medium green sugar leaf and bud material looks even better than what I had expected.
It seems to resemble Curio’s Golden Strawberry, which I believe is no longer in rotation. Buds are dense, fresh, and mostly conical in shape.
Trichome coverage is replete and predominantly creamy white to clear.(look at Macro photos)

Good For Bowls and Rolls: quite suitable for all

triangular bud of shoki x 87 limepop by curio leaning to the right on white


  • Bitter/ Sour lime
  • Pine
  • Earth
  • Herbaceous lemon, mint
  • Spice
  • Lemon Pine Sol base aroma

Remnants of Afghani hashish flicker in the distance as the sweetly rotting cookie aroma of GMO wafts here and there along with a mix of pine and sour lime.

bud of mental focus enhancing shoki x 87 limepop by curio pictured with cicada on curio lid

The light grey ash left after combustion is indicative of a good clean curing process. Check it out:
clean cure of shoki x 87 limepop indicated by light grey ash after combustion

  • Spicy
  • Herbaceous lemon
  • Sour lime


  • Acrid /sour lime
  • Hashish
  • Pine
  • Fruity/ tropical punch

two buds of shoki x 87 limepop by curio with curio with red sativa strip on black lid

Curio is Curio is Curio…I believe it’s the one Cultivator that’s remained the same so far.
And it works – black and white plastic cylinder pop the lid done – color coded for hybrid, sativa, and indica red, green, lavender respectively.

1. Alpha-Pinene 1.17%
2. Beta-Myrcene 0.50%
3. Limonene 0.45%
4. Beta-Pinene 0.21%

gorgeous bud of shoki x 87 limepop by curio

Shoki X 87 Limepop is the result of extensive breeding culminating with the Shoki strain (a hybrid mix of Lime Kush x GMO x TK Skunk) X 87 Durban Chitral ( a mix of Durban Poison x Pakastini Chitral ( landrace Indica). This heady relies heavily on skunk / Haze genetics extending back to a foundation of Jack Herer/ Princess 99 game.

The cerebral side is inspiring, creative, uplifting and increases focus and activates long term memory. Repeat sessions makes you trade this high altitude head buzz for a more swampy sedation so frequent in Afghani and Haze genetics. This exchange is slow but inevitable and shoki x 87 limepop also develops slowelu as the development 


Every time I’ve had just about enough of Curio I find something that really moves the needle for me.
For weeks, nay months, I’ve been hovering around their Shoki X 87 Limepop
Don’t think it was the name…

It wasn’t the terpene profile which is quite nice…I don’t know really….maybe because it’s Curio?
But lately having had enough Myrcene is to last a lifetime I was craving Pinene once more…group of small shoki x 87 limepop buds by curio


So I begin to look for strains that were high in that. Lo and behold, the highest I could find was Shoki X 87 Limepop.

I finally sprang  for it…And wow.
To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.
The thing that did surprise me was the way in which I seemed to be able to perceive the Durban and the Afghan influences separately.

For me there was a finer line rather than a blurry one when the cerebral focus was traded for mental haze.

group of small shoki x 87 limepop buds by curio
Along with it came a dense and heavy body high weighing me down as my appetite grew and my focus became less than honed.
Eventually this shifted all the way to dizziness and an almost horizontal creep to a more restful position – Shoki X 87 Limepop is a cultivar with a complex yet solid, genetic background stemming form a wide spectrum of influence from African X Pakistani Landraces with Durban Chitral and the Afghani leanings of Shoki.

conical bud of shoki x 87 limepop by curioThis is truly a nice variety for Maryland to experience as it seems to connect on many pain points including, but not limited to, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, depression, and lethargy to name a few.
The other interesting thing for me was the deepening complexity of the high after repeat sessions. With each successive pull it became more difficult to avoid the gravity of the Afghani and Pakastini kush body-high sedation. The Shoki takes it rightful place at this point and definitely takes the magic carpet ride to a low vibrational idle full-body Stone.

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