Lemon Grenades by Grassroots

STRAIN: Lemon Grenades
PRODUCER: Grassroots
MEDIUM: Flower
THCa 22.4% (testing info on label reports “23%”)
THC 0.7.%
CBGa 1.30%
CBG 0.30%
CLASS: Sativa dominant Sativa-Indica Hybrid. ( generally thought to be an 85/15% Sativa/Indica mix)

LINEAGE: Super Lemon Haze X Pineapple Grenades.
PURCHASED: Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary 
1. Terpenolene 0.42%
2. Limonene 0.19%
3. Occimene 0.11%
4. B-Myrcene 0.10%



MIND; clear headed, energizing, uplifting

+energized euphoria (STANDOUT EFFECT)

+sensation of being mentally elevated /uplifted
+Clear head “buzz”
+substantial increase in ability to focus
+non-anxiety producing anticipatory excitement
+Relieves Tension / Stress / Mental fatigue

BODY; mild but ultimately relaxing Indica body “buzz”
+mild ocular pressure
+sensations of physical euphoria
 dry “cotton” mouth
 +/potential for some “Brain-Haze*
*in higher doses/IMO

BEST USED: All Day but Morning, Afternoon, and immediately after work, are most ideal times to feel all the energized euphoria that Lemon Grenades has to offer

"Lemon Grenades was a very uplifting and stress relieving strain"



single bud of lemon grenades by grassroots
Lemon Grenades has an Olive Green hue with some pockets of gold, light yellow, and dark green creating a densely cured patchwork of small to medium sized buds comprised of smaller nuggets seemingly fused together into an emulsified rock of tightly compacted flower and rusty red stigma/pistils/“hairs” all covered in a crystalline blanket of resinous trichome dust.

The buds are lighter than they appear and reminds me a bit of the infamous “floating rocks” I’d see in the wild trout waters out West when I was a teenager. These stones were actually petrified wood which over time gained the look of stone, but retained their buoyancy. This is a curious peculiarity in nature which seems to defy logic, causing the viewer to experience some momentary, if not extended, cognitive visual dissonance.
Lemon Grenades reminds me of these “Floating Stones” as its visual presentation hints toward a weightier product.

The term “grenade” does seem to fit once the larger buds are broken down into the smaller popcorn-like buds,.

Overall the visual appeal of Lemon Grenades is best appreciated on a macro or detailed level: closeup….rather from a distance.
At first glance this strain doesn’t stand out as a head-turner. But its complexity of color alone give it a somewhat tropical Sativa appeal.

“Good For Bowls … BUT NOT so much for Rolls…”
Lemon Grenades requires a grinder for best results.


  • Sweet-strong orange/ tangerine and, at times, grapefruit aroma
  • Sour- slight dull odor of wet cork board(?)
  • Citrus/tropical – pineapple
  • Herbal-Lemongrass
  • Earthy- intermittent and thin undertone of fragrant pine when ground in a grinder


  • Sweet-lemon
  • Herb-lemon / lemon-pepper
  • Fuel- undercurrent of hash-Diesel flavor

lemon grenades bud in front of yellow lemon photo

USES (Med.+ Rec.):

  • Mood Elevation for treatment of Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Irritability , stress IED (intermittent explosive disorder)


  • Creative endeavors/ pastimes/ hobbies (especially those benefiting from extended periods of focus and concentration in the morning or afternoon
  • Meditation/ massage therapy
  • Sleep/Nap*

*In higher doses, IMO

The presence and quantity of Terpinolene and, to a lesser degree, B-Myrcene ensure that Lemon Grenades will not produce or exacerbate any of the generalized symptoms of anxiety so often associated with high energy Sativa dominant strains.

It should be noted that, although many terpenes are present, very few are in sort of noteworthy concentration. However, the concentration of Occimene at 0.11% indicates that the terpenes are being modulated and enhancing their overall collective strength or “entourage” effect.

bud of lemon grenades

Lemon Grenades, a Sativa dominant hybrid offspring of Super Lemon Haze X Pineapple Grenades provides a potent dose of energized and uplifted cerebral euphoria devoid of any paranoia or anxiety associated with most Sativa strains. This is intensified by a substantial set of soothing physical effects helping to further release tension, relieve stress, and, in higher doses, leave you pleasantly “spacey” and potentially couch locked if not sleepy and ready for bed.

I first medicated with Lemon Grenades in a late afternoon after having medicated with a mixture of high potency Grassroots strains Birthday Cake (27%) and Garlic Cookies
(35%!) in a 50/ 50 mixture I have affectionately come to call “Garlic Cake”.

The batch of Lemon Grenades I purchased at Mission Catonsville, tested at roughly 23% THCa, and I wasn’t expecting many of the cob webs and brain sap produced successive portions of “Garlic Cake”.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find an immediate improvement of my mood which quite frankly had been steadily diminishing since 7:30 am. Very soon after my 2nd toke I felt some ocular pressure begin to form around my eye sockets. My eyelids felt cool and a tingle arrived at the base of my skull.


It was a nice carefree blend of Sativa fueled cerebral energy and uplift but without any “Brain-Race”, elevated heart rate, or self-consciousness and sometimes anxiety felt with many Sativas and Sativa dominant hybrid strains.
I found myself comparing Grassroots’ Lemon Grenades to Verano Sonny G and G Wagon due to the pungent, borderline odorous, aroma of cheese and overly ripe oranges similar to what was at one time referred to as “Florida Jar Weed”…a very pleasant at best and off-putting yet still intriguing at worst. It will draw you in much like the high of Lemon Grenades.

some buds of lemon grenades by grassroots

It seems to grab you with its mood elevating effects and keeps you situated in a vibrational zone where there is potential to create, write, woodwork, play music, read, paint , etc. for great lengths of time with intense focus and determination. All the while feeling waves of subtle Indica euphoria through the body and face, eyes and jaw in particular.

Lemon Grenades was a very uplifting and stress relieving strain that, even at 23% THCa was able to turn my Indica couch lock into a Sativa adventure and overwrite a very strong high wrought from successive sessions “Garlic Cake”, get me motivated and moving again, and generally provide me with a very enjoyable and functional Sativa Hybrid High.

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  1. Sean

    I love this strain, great with a coffee in the morning to get you moving and thinking. It leaves you very clear headed and takes away intrusive thoughts, focus distractions, leaves a general feeling of contentment. It’s a great flower to start your day with.

    I will say however I have bought six packs of the Take Five pre-rolls and they are rolled ATROCIOUSLY. They are loose, weed is in each of the boxes falling out of the rolls, they gets caught on the lips of the box, bend, and break. I’ve bought Take Five pre-rolls for a few years now and the quality is now noticeably terrible. AVOID THE PRE-ROLLS.

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