Cindarella 99 by Harvest

STRAIN: Cinderella 99 aka Cindy 99
MEDIUM: Flower
THCa 27.14% /D9-THC .86%/ THC VA .15%/ CBDA .09% / CBGA 1.42%/ CBG .22% /CBNA .13%/ CBCA .15%
CLASS: Sativa Dominant Sativa / Indica Hybrid
LINEAGE: Jack Herer F2x (Jack Herer X Shiva Skunk), ‘cubed’ by back-crossing over 3 generations
PURCHASED: Ethos/ formerly Catonsville Mission Medical Dispensary INSTAGRAM:@missioncatonsville

sugar leaf displayed on bud of cindarella 99




  • + Instantaneous cerebral stimulation
  • +euphoric uplift
  • +sensations of anticipatory excitement
  • +Quickening of thought /cognitive activity
  • +elevation in mood
  • +Increased ability to focus
  • +Mentally energizing/ motivating
  • + some perception distortion: visual, aural/auditory
  • -mild increase in heart rate
    NOTE: Cinderella 99 has a potential to cause or increase anxiety or “brain-race” for some depending on tolerance and dosage


  • + “body buzz” in waves
  • +some ocular and facial pressure
  • -/+ mild increase in appetite
  • -dry “cotton” mouth**
  • -dry eyes**
  • +/- increased alertness in cerebral activity and energy may prevent sleep **
  • -/+potential for haze-daze**

**in higher doses/IMO

single gorgeous bud of cindarella 99




closeup of cindarella 99 showing varigated leaves and trichomesAPPEARANCE;

The buds in both eighths I purchased from Ethos/ formerly Mission Catonsville were comprised of one large, possibly 2+ gram bud and a few smaller conically shaped and very. dense nugs. The green is very light and the stigma/pistils/“hairs” set a nice contrast with their resinous tendrils, mangled together in sumptuous clusters of deep rusty red. Trichome coverage is full on with this batch, actually giving the light green leaves an even lighter almost crystalline hue.

Good For Bowls and Rolls:

This batch definitely requires the use of a grinder to break down the rock hard buds.

top portion of cindarella 99 bud


  • Sweet-lemon/ grapefruit /nondescript tropical/ sweet citrus
  • Citrus- undertone of sharp grapefruit-type aroma
  • Musky- undertone of skunk-type aroma


  • Artificial- detected high of CandyCorn/ burnt sugar- like aroma upon exhale
  • Musk- slight hash-type essence on exhale
  • Evergreen- essence of pine-type taste upon exhale

elongated bud of cindarella 99

1. Terpenolene 1.404%
2. Occimene 0.796%
3. Beta-Myrcene 0.679%
4. Limonene 0.431%
5. Beta-Pinene 0.306%

two buds of cindarella 99

Upon successive sessions, Cinderella 99 can impart some relaxing physical effects supplied by a healthy doses of both Terpenolene and Myrcene in this batch in particular.

However, one would still need to traverse the initial cerebral intensity in order to unlock this effect. So, it isn’t ideal for patients sensitive to Sativa strains. But, Cinderella 99 can be a good choice for those who want a bit of a soft landing after the initial cerebral intensity has diminished.

This is mostly attributed to the high levels of Occimene.
Despite its onslaught of cerebral activity, There are some mellow, relaxing, physical effects of Cinderella 99 supplied by a healthy doses of both Terpenolene and Myrcene in this batch.

elongated bud of cindarella 99 full view

Cinderella 99 is a potent sativa dominant hybrid offspring of Jack Herrer X an unkown Haze strain (most likely Shiva Skunk) with sharp citrus aromas, a piney aftertaste, and a cerebrally stimulating and energized psychoactive high effect. While some sensitive to potentially anxiety producing sativa strains may tend to shy away from Cinderella 99, it is known for its efficacy in treating symptoms of migraines, nausea, ADD, and even lack of motivation or fatigue due to its infusion of high energy cerebral stimulation.


Before I started the website,, and around when I first received my MMCC, Cinderella was one of the very first strains I sampled.

It was among a few strains I purchased that day but it stood out the most. I forget the potency but I know it was in the high 20% range. I remember be taken by how good I felt afterward. For me, someone who deals with some attention deficit, Cinderella really spoke to me.

Jack Herrer being part of this equation was the reason I made the choice to begin with and its effects are thankfully very present in Cindy 99. The unknown or Shiva Skunk, which is a pure Indica hybrid, along with high concentrations of Terpenolene and Myrcene definitely brings some physical relaxation to the experience.

But, considering the predominantly psychoactive effect,I don’t think Cinderella 99 is a good choice for patients prone to anxiety when medicating with Sativa strains.