Element by Harvest / Modern Flower

element strain by modern flower harvest

STRAIN: Element aka 5th Element
PRODUCER: Harvest / Modern Flower 
MEDIUM: Flower

D9-THC .47%
THCVA .21%
CBDA .09%
CBGA 0.69%
CBG .13%
CBNA .16%
CBCA .21%

5th Element’s THC levels are known to vary widely and consumers should be remember to double check the potency of the batch you are ordering. I’ve never seen it at this level in fact. Thus, my decision to acquire and review it this time around)

CLASS: Indica Dominant  Hybrid

LINEAGE: Blackberry X All Spark OG
PURCHASED: Ethos/ Catonsville Mission Medical Dispensary 


Element provides an almost immediate jolt of cerebral energy which is directly followed by progressively intense waves of physical euphoria.

This initial uptick in mental stimulation carries with it an increase in focus, which Element rapidly converts to a seriously stoney-haze…perfect for enjoying a long movie.

You’ll be engrossed in whatever you are doing, but if you wait until the initial head buzz transitions into a full body buzz you just may end up an observer.

This is a Terpene rich, Myrcene heavy batch of a very potent and deeply soothing Indica that lifts your spirits at first, settles in on focus, and finishes with a very hazy body stone sure to keep you on the couch or tuck you in where you sit.

backside view of element bud by modern flower harvest house of cannabis

Mind and Body effects of Element arrive simultaneously; a cerebral lift and increased focus are felt immediately along with a euphoric physical sensation beginning in the eyes and temple and settling in at full sedation.

  • +Instantaneous cerebral stimulation
  • +euphoric uplift
  • +some initIal sensations of detachment that have a physical complement( BODY)
  • +some sensory amplification /intensification; mostly auditory
  • +elevation in mood
  • +Increased ability to focus
  • +Somewhat creatively energizing/ stimulating
  • +promotes conversation/socializing
  • + some perception distortion / sensory amplification /intensification; mostly aural/auditory


  • +some ocular and facial pressure
  • /+ mild increase in appetite**
  • dry “cotton” mouth**
  • dry eyes**
  •  +/- increased alertness in cerebral activity and energy **
  • /+potential for haze-daze**
  •  +/- potential to somewhat feel disassociated from your physical body**
  • /+ some tingling sensation at times running up and down my rib cage**

**in higher doses/IMO

BEST USED:Early Morning/ Morning / Daytime/ Early Evening – this is a great morning micro dosing strain and equally nice in higher doses for afternoon movie watching, and/or just winding down after a long day.
The initial mental uplift can be socially stimulating.


closer detail of element bud from underside view
provides an almost immediate jolt of cerebral energy which is directly followed by progressively intense waves of physical euphoria.

This initial uptick in mental stimulation carries with it an increase in focus, which Element rapidly converts to a seriously stoney-haze…


Could help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  •  Anxiety / panic disorder/ panic attacks
  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)


  • Lends itself to chilling out /
  • Can inspire some Artistic endeavors/ creative pastimes/ hobbies (maybe initially but you’ll probably end up enjoying being a spectator rather than a participant)
  • Can be socially/ conversationally stimulating from the BlackBerry genetics.
  • Gardening/ yard work/ etc
  • Misc- a good evening strain with a healthy dose of Myrcene onboard this batch

detail photo of element strain trichome coverage


The buds are small, dense, nuggets, with an abundance of red stigma/ pistils and some light to dark green leaf material. Upon close inspection, its topography contains more varied colors especially in the trichome and stigma content of each bud. The stigma are very long but loaded with semi-transparent resin and found in disorganized bunches.
Trichome coverage is plentiful and evenly distributed but small in size.

During the flowering stage of growth, when cannabis plants “bud”, the trichomes progressively change from clear to milky white and then to an amber or yellowish color. I’ve come to understand that, the effects of any strain are more cerebral ot psychoactive the more milky white the trichomes are. If the plant is harvested later when the trichomes have turned to a yellowish color, the effects of the strain are more physically relaxing.  

The trichomes on this batch of Element, were definitely more yellowish, which can predict a more physically relaxing high. But, they also had their share of milky white. It seemed each bud contained a portion of each. And, so, It is my belief that this batch of Element was harvest right in between the transition. And, this is why it is so potent in  the physical and mental department as well

close up of element strain

Good For Bowls and Rolls:
This batch definitely requires the use of a grinder to break down the rock hard buds.


  • Sweet-lemon/ grapefruit /nondescript
  • Citrus-Carmel-ized Pineapple/ Pineapple
  • Culinary – undertone of lemon pepper seasoning
  • Kush – undertone of a perfume -like Afghan hash-type aroma


  • Artificial- A sort of perfumed incense quality to the exhale
  • Musk- slight hash-type essence on exhale



1. Beta-Myrcene 1.185%
2. Limonene 0.855%
3. Beta-Myrcene 0.406%
4. Beta-Pinene 0.195%

I expected higher levels of Myrcene, but this is definitely  one of the highest concentrations of the terpene that I’ve seen in any batch of any strain in Maryland thus far.

The cerebral euphoric uplift is amplified by the Pinene and Limonene, which are higher here than I’ve seen in many Sativa strains in Maryland.

So, all around, Element has a nice terpene profile.

terpene and potency label for Harvest Modern Flower indica strain Element strain aka 5th Element

alternate view of element buds in front of white modern flower ziplock bag

Element, Harvest’s version of 5th Element sold under their ModernFlower line is a potent Indica hybrid offspring of Blackberry X All Spark OG capable of inducing an elevated and ultimately relaxing cerebral and physical euphoria.

The detached and distracted mindset inherited from Blackberry’s genetics is present in 5th Element’s effects profile as well and can be potentially socially stimulating, promoting an elevated mood and an increase focus and interest.

In higher doses, the full array of 5th Elements effects can be felt as a deeply soothing and blissfully sedating physical relaxation takes over the show promising to keep you in your seat until the credits are done rolling.

THE LONG ROAD HOME (…my toke…)

Element seemed to hit fast and its physical are right up front. It’s a sort of concurrent head and body buzz that somehow manages to help frame out a good deal of focused intent.

At least for me, Element calmed my nerves and then settled into my head where it held court for at least 30 minutes of a very noticeable uplifting head and body buzz that seemed to keep me on task.

large dense bud of Element by Harvest Modern Flower in front of Modern Flower box

It also seemed to calm my mood. I say this because before one session I hadn’t eaten yet and well, I was h-angry as they say – and Element just shifted my thought patterns towards the positive or at least, the unconcerned.

The uplifted euphoria of Element and its tendency to lubricate social situations is, in my opinion,  most likely attributable to its Blackberry parent.

Element is a good morning strain for myself since it does have such a strong cerebral uplift but it doesn’t run away with you.
Very good strain and I ended up purchasing double what I normally would buy for a review, which is an eighth.

Something worthy mentioning is that almost every single time I medicated with Element I watched a movie in its entirety. And I don’t mean I stayed there and was present I mean I barely moved. It was almost like a game I was starting to play with my mind for momentary amusement, until I forgot about noticing it and just continued to stay glued.

Once you point Element toward the coordinates, you’re set. Stay too long looking at the map, and You’ll MAY ONLY spend your time looking at the map.