Lemon Skunk by SunMed Growers



STRAIN: Lemon Skunk
PRODUCER: SunMed Growers
MEDIUM: Flower
THCa 28.53% /THC .66%/ THC VA .19%/ CBD .14%/ CBDA .05% / CBGA 1.42%/ CBG .14% /CBCA .65%
CLASS: Sativa
LINEAGE: Lemon Skunk is a cross of two Skunk phenotypes chosen for their particularly limonene-heavy terpene profiles exhibiting intense lemon aroma and flavor. 
Thank you to Lydia at SunMed Growers for supplying this info and being so helpful in general. Very nice group over there it seems. Thanks again!

PURCHASED: Ethos Catonsville Medical Dispensary/ Formerly Catonsville Mission Medical Dispensary 
bud of lemon skunk by sunmed growers against a lemon rind background

1. Terpenolene 1.404%
2. Occimene 0.796%
3. Beta-Myrcene 0.679%
4. Limonene 0.431%
5. Beta-Pinene 0.306%

bright green buds of lemon skunk with sunmed growers container displaying the words hybrid



  • +Instantaneous sensation of euphoria/ well being
  • +“Brain-buzzy” feeling overall
  • +elevation of mood overall
  • +some pleasant sensations of anticipatory excitement
  • +Quickening of thought /cognitive activity^^
  • +Progressive waves of mental euphoria
  • +Increased ability to focus [STANDOUT EFFECT]
  • +Mentally energizing/ motivating ^^
  • + some perception distortion: visual, aural/auditory, mostly auditory
  • Can causes some emotional/ mental introspection as your body relaxes and your mind begins to travel^^ 
    **in higher doses/IMO
    ^^NOTE: in higher doses Lemon Skunk may not be a good strain for patients that suffer from anxiety or panic disorder-
    I say this because of the potential for Lemon Skunk to be a hard-hitting intense Sativa-dominant hybrid experience, at least in the initial stages of the effect, which some may find to cause or increase anxiety or paranoia. I personally did not experience this.  I believe Lemon Skunk can also be effective in alleviating or mitigating anxiety. I think it depends on the individual and their general reaction to Sativa-like psychoactive effect coupled with their mood and present environment and circumstance would also play a role, as usual.


  • +“body buzz” in waves
  • +immediate ocular and facial pressure
  • + mild increase in appetite w/ successive sessions
  • -dry “cotton” mouth+ Dry eyes [STANDOUT BODY EFFECT]
  • +/- some sedation and heaviness of body that will induce sleep **
  • -/+potential for haze-daze**
  • +physically arousing

**in higher doses/IMO

detail macro of the top portion of a lemon skunk cannabis bud

BEST USED:Early Morning/ Morning / Daytime/ Early Evening – this is not a strain for winding down per se but it does allow for some physical sedation upon successive sessions. The level of Terpenolene alone could be most responsible for this.

Could help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Anxiety/ panic disorder/ panic attacks


  • Lends itself to activities requiring attention to detail / increased focus
  • Artistic endeavors/ creative pastimes/ hobbies/ etc.
  • Can be socially/ conversationally stimulating
  • Gardening/ yard work/ etc
  • Misc- a good Morning strain that can invigorate and and energize creativity, but is also capable of lulling you to sedation and sleep with successive sessions.

close detail of sunmed lemon skunk with rusty red stigma and darker green leaves

SunMed seems to be on top of their game with these recent strains hitting dispensaries in late 2020.



The buds in both eighths I purchased from Ethos/ formerly Mission Catonsville were comprised of one large, possibly 2+ gram bud and a few smaller conically shaped and very. dense nugs. There were several shades of green present in the leaf portion of the buds. The stigma/pistils/“hairs” are a brilliant orange. mangled together in sumptuous clusters of deep rusty red. Trichome coverage is blanketed overall but sporadically found in concentration in some areas as can be seen in the above image.
Trichomes are semi-opaque indicating their adequate maturity at the time of harvest.
There is some “cookie-type” strain resemblance here as well when looking at some of the buds’ overall structure.

Good For Bowls and Rolls:

Lemon Skunk seemed to not require the use of a grinder to break down any of the bud material…I’m not a huge fan of grinders anyway. Even when fresh this was the case. And, as days passed, the buds of Lemon Skunk in these photos almost crumbled like a cookie strain at times.


  • Sweet-lemon
  • Citrus-lemon
  • Artificial- detected some lemon cleaner aroma
  • Musky- distinct earthy skunk aroma at distances, and at close range
  • Herbal- strong aroma of Mint equal to, if not more present at times, than lemon


  • Sweet- lemon
  • Earth- some soil-mineral like earthiness that was actually quite pleasant
  • Misc. – faint intermittent taste of (black) licorice


with this level of Myrcene (.30% )and Caryophyllene (.43). you can already assume that (at least this batch) Lemon Skunk has some sedating power. But, when you see the level of Terpenolene at 1.00%! (wow btw), you are almost sure to be tractor beamed to a piece of furniture and locked there, pleasantly still, euphoric, and/or eventually asleep. 

Terpenolene is a very potent terpene known for its sedative properties. Interestingly, and as I’ve mentioned before, is that Terpenolene also has quite a reputation for its energizing effects as well.

This seems contrary on the surface. But, consider that Lemon Skunk may be very effective in treating anxiety as it relaxes the body and allows the mind and body to return to a mutual state of calm. 


lemon skunk bud on top of sunmed growers lemon skunk container with terpene and potency label displayed

very close detail of lemon skunk strain bud by sunmed


Lemon Skunk is the pungent and potent hybrid offspring of two Skunk phenotypes chosen for their particularly limonene-heavy terpene profiles exhibiting intense lemon aroma and flavor with an initially energizing, uplifting, cerebral euphoria that is balanced by a substantial degree of physical sedation and calm, that in higher doses can cause sedation and promote sleep.

Lemon Skunk’s effects are fast-acting and provide an intense rush of uplifting cerebral stimulation that can elevate mood and sharpen mental focus (thanks to its high limonene concentration which providing this cultivar’s name). The heady euphoria gently develops into more of a spacey high (thanks to higher levels of terpinolene ) as the physical effects begin to take hold. Many may presume that Lemon Skunk provides an energizing effect overall (presumably based on its high concentration of Limonene, a terpene known for its mood elevation and mental uplift), and although initially, it does provide a notable degree of cerebral invigoration and an uptick in mood, its prevailing effect is a spacey-stoney among other qualities, as the counterbalance to Lemon Skunk’s more psychoactive effect. In higher doses or after successive sessions, this head and body stone may veer into sedation and restorative sleep.

Individuals may experience potential relief from symptoms caused by depression, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain as well as a lack of sleep and a diminished appetite.


I have to state right off the bat that I always seem to enjoy at least the flavor and aroma of any strain with enough limonene content to have “lemon” in the name.
Lemon Skunk was no exception. Although, more than the obvious skunk-like aroma at a distance, upon closer olfactory inspection, and even more so once ground, SunMed Growers’ Lemon Skunk exhibited a very strong component of a mint aroma. It reminded me very much of the smell of an after dinner mint.

buds of lemon skunk cannabis by sunmed growers

This was equally appealing and only complimented the rich smoke produced by this strain. This pervasive aroma of mint was so strong in this batch that the name Lemon Mint Skunk seems more accurate.
This particular aroma seemed to transition, once combusted and then exhaled, as a sort of burnt ginger flavor at times.

yorkie puppies with sunmed growers bandanasv

I purchased this half expecting more of a cerebrally dominant experience. What I encountered was more of a full bodied, well rounded Sativa-Indica that not only set my mind into overdrive but situated my body in a sort of Indica induced caccoon of fuzziness which wasn’t unpleasant to say the least.

bud of lemon skunk by sunmed growers against a lemon rind backgroundLemon Skunk, at least this batch of SunMed Growers’ Lemon Skunk has a real classic stoned effect that seems to check all the boxes so to speak: I was euphoric, mentally stimulated, focused, uplifted, physically relaxed, my appetite was ignited, and to be honest, after several sessions I was only able to close my eyes and think pleasant thoughts, or at least I was distracted from any negativity, and I fell asleep peacefully.

Again, I’m going to attribute this to the level of Terpenolene in this batch which is technically above 1.00%. I don’t think I’ve seen in a batch of any strain in Maryland thus far except for my most recent review of Cinderella ‘99 by Harvest/Modern Flower of all strains. Again, another strain typically thought to be a high energy Sativa with a body high, yes, but usually to a lesser degree.

Both of these strains affected me in this way and it seems attributable to their shared higher than average levels of Terpenolene.

On another note, and for what it’s worth, I personally did not find Lemon Skunk to be necessarily a socially stimulating strain. With the overall increase in cerebral activity I was perfectly content to be solitary and pleasantly focused on the task at hand.

SunMed seems to be on top of their game with these recent strains hitting dispensaries in late 2020. They have been one of my consistently favorite producers of strains in Maryland. Lemon Skunk may be one of their best besides Sunshine #4, which is also top-notch.

yorkie puppies with sunmed growers handkerchief

BELOW is the first review of Lemon Skunk from SunMed Growers posted on May 2nd, 2020

STRAIN: Lemon Skunk
MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 25.32/ THC 0.45%!!!)*
PRODUCER: SunMed Growers
CLASS: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville
LINEAGE: Lemon Skunk’s parents  are both Skunk #1 phenotypes. Its mother plant is from Las Vegas, Nevada while the father hails from Holland.

* Again we see a THCa level of medium high potency at 25.32% with a THC derived concentration of 0.45% can be rather potent and even more potent than a strain with a higher THCa percentage but lower derived THC percentage. So, in short this is a very potent THC concentrated batch.

isolated bud of lemon skunkEFFECTS: Lemon Skunk is a Sativa dominant strain who’s effects include energizing cerebral stimulation, feelings of euphoria, and enhanced creativity. 

Users may feel  a relaxed “stoney” body high and an increase in appetite once the high energy psychoactive effects start to wear off.

* Lemon Skunk made High Times list of top 10 strains in 2009.

lemon skunk by sunmed growers

+Uplifted/ Euphoric
+Improved focus
+Happy/ excited sensations
+Mentally Soothing
+Creativity boost

+ light to medium cranial and facial pressure
+inner body warming sensation
dry mouth at higher doses
dry eyes at higher doses
/+ somewhat sedative at medium to higher doses once the cerebral boost wears off

USES (Medicinal & Recreational):


  • Migraine Headaches (wiki leaf states that Lemon Skunk is often “prescribed” for migraines)
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder
  • IED (intermittent Explosive Disorder)
  • Depression or depressive thoughts 
  • Anxiety
  • could be very effective in treating symptoms of anxiety, and depression since it delivers on the Sativa cerebral effects but with minimal potential to create or aggravate anxiety.

isolated bud of lemon skunk


  • Creative endeavors
  • Outdoor activities
  • most any enjoyable activity at any point in the day will be enhanced by this strain.


Lemon Skunk by SunMed is a very attractive strain with large fluffy buds displaying a generous count of stigma “red hairs” and trichomes.
Good For Bowls and Rolls: This strain is a bit chunky like Verano’s Motorbreath but it breaks up and grinds down quite easily with just your fingers –


  • Sweet- candy cane/ lemon candy
  • Herbal- lemongrass/tea leaves
  • Fuel- diesel
  • Chem- lemon cleaner like Pledge


  • Sweet-artificial lemon
  • Sour-lemon/lime
  • Fuel-diesel/hash
  • Earth-grass


lemon skunk by sunmed terpene and thc content listedAgain we see a THCa level of medium high potency at 25.32% with a THC derived concentration of 0.45% can be rather potent and even more potent than a strain with a higher THCa percentage but lower derived THC percentage. So, in short this is a very potent THC concentrated batch.

isolated bud of lemon skunk
Lemon Skunk is a high energy Sativa dominant hybrid that provides uplifting euphoria, creative inspiration, and a general feeling of physical relaxation and calm once the high energy Sativa effects begin wearing off. This physically relaxing body high is often accompanied by an increase in appetite.


 Usually I can draw upon the genetics in the lineage and I can provide some insight into the strain between any knowledge or personal experience I have with any of the parent strains combined what I can research online and by speaking to the dispensary. However, Lemon Skunk’s genetics are so generalized that I had very little outside reference.

My take is that Lemon Skunk, at least SunMed’s version, gave me a very intense euphoric mental uplift that seemed a bit more refined than one would feel from a Diesel strain for instance.