Bodega Bubblegum Strane

STRAIN: Bodega Bubblegum
MEDIUM: Flower
POTENCY: HIGH (Strane lists “27.8%”
THCa 26.3%
THC 0.6%
CBGA 0.5%
CBG 0.4%
CLASS: Indica Dominant Indica/Sativa Hybrid

PURCHASED:  Ethos Catonsville Medical Dispensary / formerly Mission Catonsville (Same wonderful Staff) 
LINEAGE: Bubblegum X Stardawg
Bubblegum=Unknown Indica Hybrid originating in Indiana
Stardawg=Chemdog 4 x Tres Dawg


APPEARANCE;  Bodega Bubblegum’s yellowish cloudy trichomes are an indication of its more physically euphoric effects. The untrimmed and deeply variegated leaf structure shields numerous clumps of tangled rusty orange pistils/stigma/”hairs”.

detail of bodega bubblegum bud by strane showing rusty red pistils and cloudy yellow trichomes


Upon closer inspection, Bodega Bubblegum’s bud structure and consistency is reminiscent its Stardawg genetics. Stardawg’s influence seems also be present in the abundance of crystalline trichomes clinging to every crevice of the buds.  



  • Sweet- generic “berry” aroma
  • Herbal- garlic/ black pepper
  • Chem- sharp industrial cleaner-like
  • Artificial- Bazooka bubblegum


  • Sweet-slight artificial orange slice candy/tangerine flavor (sometimes at half- combustion and through a nasal exhale)
  • Herbal- lemongrass
  • Chem-slightly artificially sweet Pledge lemon polish -like flavor (upon exhale)

+cerebrally uplifted
+Improved /heightened focus/ attention to detail
+stress alleviation
+amplifies/ inspires enhanced creativity / creative thinking in creative individuals

+ light to medium cranial and facial pressure
+physical euphoria (in waves)
– dry mouth at higher doses
/+ mild appetite stimulation

Could potentially relieve or alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety symptom relief
  • Stress relief
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Nausea
  • Depression or depressive thoughts


The Myrcene at 1.10% stands out the most here… It is definitely higher than I’ve seen of  any batch of any strain. 

This tends to eclipse the somewhat thin appearance of some of the other commonly seen terpenes.  

The next terpene found in the second highest concentration, was Beta-Caryophyllene at a mere 0.24%.

buds of bodega bubblegum pictured with pieces of bubble gum

bodega bubblegum bud in front of strane container

Bodega Bubblegum by Strane, is a potent Indica dominant Indica/Sativa cross of Indiana Bubblegum and Stardawg offering a medium to high level of cerebral stimulation and euphoria which develops into a considerably strong and deeply relaxing, yet non-sedating Indica body high. The Sativa effects of BB such as the immediate influx of uplifted energized euphoria.
altered stimuli such as increased visual and aural intensity as well as an increase in focus and introspection.

macro view of bodega bubblegum bud surface with pistils and trichomes

THE LONG WAY HOME (my toke…)

This will be the second time that I’ve purchased Bodega Bubblegum by Strane.
However, I’m fairly certain I’ve had this strain more than two times in my life.
Bodega Bubblegum’cs aroma, to my senses, is very familiar, if not nostalgic.

At just over 26% this batch of Bodega Bubblegum is some of best flower that I’ve had from Strane and definitely one of the finer strains in Maryland in general.

This is a very attractive, fragrant, and sweet tasting flower with some heady focused effects which are grounded in a deep Indica relaxation.  Each time I’ve tried Bubblegum Bodega my mood is noticeably elevated, much like with Grassroots’ Birthday Cake.

I usually find that I thoroughly enjoy any strain that has Indiana Bubblegum as part of its lineage. 
Bubblegum Bodega can really deliver when you are seeking to leave a bad mood behind.