Cookie Face Rythm

STRAIN: Cookie Face
MEDIUM: Flower
(THC 19.89% CBGa 0.83% CBG 0.23%)
PRODUCER: Rythm/ GTI (in house pre-pak from Oceanside’s “Bulk” flower)
CLASS: Cerebrally dominant
PURCHASED: Oceanside Dispensary,
16 Magothy Beach Rd., Pasadena, MD

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) X Dosidos

GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)= OG Kush x f1 Durban Poison
Dosidos = GSC (Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG

cookie face buds with red maryland thc label in the center


Cookie Face is like a more energetic version of Dosidos with some extra creative stimulation and focus thrown in…or if GSC was a bit more decompressing instead of being euphorically and energetically up9lifting.


  • Immediate sense of uplifting euphoria +/++
  • Improved /heightened focus/ attention to detail
  • Potential to enhance/inspire creativity +/+++
  • Motivating to a degree (via the GSC genes)
  • Sharpened focus +/+++
  • A degree of altered perception:
    Aural distortion/amplification of sound /visual distortion/ perception of details enhanced+/++                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Tendency to perceive more complexity to things once thought to be mundane+/++
  • Potential to increase awareness / sense of humor in and of the absurd or to perceive the mundane as humorously out of context and therefore more humorous  +/++
    + micro 1 inhale
    ++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
    +++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales


  • Some inner body warmth felt +/+++
  • A feeling of inner warmth or a sort of insulating numbness that seems to extend from the initial facial, cranial, and ocular pressure sensation
  • Pressure sensation/almost headband like / over in the face and head regions ++/+++
  • Light to medium cranial and facial pressure
  • A lasting physical euphoria (Dosidos genetics) ++/+++
    dry mouth at higher doses +++
  • Sensation of an overall buzzing or insulation from tactical sensation/ numb to a degree++/+++
  • Increase in appetite++/+++
  • All over wash of physical euphoria++/+++
  • Medium level cranial and facial pressure++/+++
  •  Can promote sleep in higher doses via the Dosidos genetics

    + micro 1 inhale
    ++ medium dose 2-3 large inhales
    +++successive sessions over hours 6-12 large inhales

four buds of cookie face in a row

This is sort of a deeper you look the more you appreciate kind of situations.
Cookie Face favors both of its parents in a spitting’ image kind of way.
For one thing the streaming lavender and purple that streams through the sugar leaves is surely a detail inherited from its Dosidos parent. The overall shape of the smallish flattened buds is of the Cookie variety much like GSC and GMO Cookies.
closer view of small cookie type buds of cookie face by gti
Deep greens seem to verge on being an emerald color as the purples shift to pink through heavier mounds of white crystalline trichomes. Very tasty looking. What they lack in size they make up for in depth of color and complexity of contrast: with all nebula to jade green edges seeming to be trimmed in creamy gold trichome frost.
When ground this collection of frosted purple and gold and green colors is put through a grinder and blended together it becomes the color of plastic army soldiers…

cookie face buds and shake by rythm cannabis
When compressed between the fingers a semi-sponges disc is formed which will
Easily top any bowl without the risk of precious material falling through the main stem.

((((especially when they’ve been in the sand and dirt and possibly scraped on concrete a bit with some of the lighter stem material being a lighter shade of the same color resembling this ripped plastic soldier look ))))

Good For Bowls and rolls when properly ground.
cookie face strain after it has been broken down with a grinder

Generic in-house BULK pre-pack
But notably durable, easy to close, and easy to open…discreet too. And the white bottle did not interfere or cast any undue influence with regard to reviewing the flower in question.
three cookie face buds on top of white bottle and some shake and buds out of focus at the base




  • Acrid floral inhale with a heavy musk diesel finish
  • Herbaceous lemon
  • Juniper pine needle

These buds burn slow in this batch so it may be somewhat harsh hitting towards the end of a bowl.
That being said the taste is quite nice with a base lemon cake badder taste at the foundation and a bit more Thai- tea tasting at the very top

  • Herbal -lemon
  • Afghani hash /some sweet baked goods notes with a hint of hash on exhale

four buds of cookie face in a row in front of the bottle top


sweet piney lemon taste
lemon herbal tea mixes with lemon cake badder


Top Terpenes:
1. Limonene 0.65%
2. Beta- Caryophyllene 0.64
3. Beta-Myrcene 0.23%
4. Humulene 0.19%

may help mitigate or temporarily alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety
  • Generalized Stress
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Nausea
  • Depression or depressive /recursive negative thinking
  • PTSD (High doses of Limonene and low levels of Pinene)


potency and terpene content label for cookie face by rythm gti

close photo of cookie face bud which strongly resembles gmo cookies in color and structure

Cookie Face is a cross of the illustrious Dosidos X the equally favored GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). This mix of two strains both known for their unique high creates a blend of the two that can rival either one on their own.
GSC’s energizing and uplifting euphoria will still be cranking out the voltage, but with more of even pace and kept on track by the gravity pull of the Dosidos’ genes.
The two work in tandem invigorating the mind and relaxing the body but elevating both to a higher slightly less-functional plateau.

THE LONG WAY HOME (my toke…)
Cookie Face held some surprises. For one thing I didn’t think that it would produce such a heightened sense of absurdity and humor.
I found myself cracking up in the dark lying beside my girlfriend hoping I wouldn’t wake her, which naturally made me have to laugh even more. Impossible.

three cookie type buds of cookie face
Anyway, the second thing was that soon after I found it difficult to find a meritorious reason for getting up. So I fell asleep.
But, The next morning I started my day out with cookie face and was pleasantly surprised to find the amount of initial energy and uptick which makes me think the night before it was just a symptom of my previous day.

buds of cookie face in front of white pre pack bottle
Until the next night when smoking enough cookie face did in fact even at 90% make me somewhat somnolent.
This is a really nice cerebrally high anchored by the body high, courtesy of Dosidos, which plays more of a supporting role than a co-lead.

And yes the amount of ocular and cranial pressure and numbness tingling did make it seem as though my face was made of cookie dough ….in short I zoned out in a haze-daze.