Poochie Love by Culta

STRAIN: Poochie Love
MEDIUM: Flower
POTENCY: HIGH THCA 37.27% /THC 0.54%
(MAY 2020 HIGH (THCa 28.8% /THC .2%)

CLASS: generally considered to be a 70/30% (.|’Sativa dominant) Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Face Off OG X Dog Sh*t
* Face Off OG (OG Kush Phenotype 70%/30% indica-dominant hybrid

* Dog Sh*t (slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain created through a four-way cross of the classic Purple Zacatecas X Colombian Gold X Cambodian X Hippie Trail Afghani strains.
PURCHASED: Ethos Catonsville Medical Dispensary/(formerly Catonsville Mission Medical Dispensary @missioncatonsville

triangular shaped cured flower of poochie love cannabis strain


  1. Beta-Myrcene 1.02%
  2. Alpha-Pinene .93%
  3. Limonene .25%
  4. Beta-Caryophyllene .23%

It is possible to become motivated by Poochie Love and feel so good, that you never actually carry out the plan you conceive.


detailed closeup of poochie love cannabis flower

While generally described as more brownish in color (in my personal experience ), Culta’s version ,at least this batch,is rather a bit greener than I remember Poochie Love being. The buds almost resemble a cross between “cookie-type” strains, like Evermore’s Blue Cookies and Culta’s own Sugar Biscuits and still in some ways like Grow West’s Grape Stomper X TW.

That being said, Poochie Love does have its own flair most notably its extremely resinous brilliant rusty colored stigma/ pistils/hairs and its wealth of crusty, sugary trichomes. And, of course, the aromatics which present with a sickly sour-sweet and pungent skunky pine aroma.


  • herbal-lemon/lemon pepper
  • spice-black pepper
  • misc.-aroma that is somewhat similar to dog feces although I feel this not every predominant enough to merit this strain’s name
  • sour-subtle note of a generic sour-like aroma that seems to be a component of the previously mentioned aroma produced by canines.


  • herbal-minty-type flavor upon exhale
  • acrid-generic sour-type taste
  • musk-musky hashish-type taste sometimes



  • +”happy”, euphoric feelings
  • +intensified focus/ ability to concentrate^^
  • +cerebrally motivating^^
  • +stimulates creativity
  • +stimulates conversation/ socially lubricant ^^
  • +strong psychoactive “head-buzz” feeling throughout most of the duration but more intense in the beginning
  • +/- potential for “Haze-Daze”/ spacey feeling**
  • +/- potential feelings of anticipatory excitement which could be perceived as anxiety producing**

**in higher doses /IMO
^^NOTE: Despite Poochie Love’s energizing motivation being so intense, it is rather a short lived portion of the high. It is possible to become motivated by Poochie Love but feel so good you never actually carry out the plan you conceive. Also, the focus provide seems to make itself apparent in waves. It is possIble to get lost while hyper focusing as the rest of the surrounding stimuli seem to fade in the background. This can cause a sort of rabbit hole effect, especially when performing repetitive, albeit enjoyable, activities.
This also applies with regard to the stimulation of conversation where one may tend to drift off subject – usually in the direction of laughter or a tangentially related and equally complex and intriguing subject.

bud of poochie love by culta with other poochie love buds and culta container in the background


  • + light to medium ocular pressure
  • +sensations of physical euphoria and calm
  • -potential for cotton mouth (dry mouth)
  • -/+some haze-daze in higher doses which can hamper productivity despite the level of focus and which, upon successive sessions, can promote sedation and sleep **
  • -/+ stimulates appetite **

**in higher doses /IMO

BEST USED: Morning- Noon -Night


poochie love container with poochie love buds by curio in foreground

Can help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with

  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)^
  • Treating Anxiety/Depression/ Stress
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Sleep issues


  • Can inspire creativity in individuals with a propensity to be creative
  • Poochie Love is an energizing, uplifting, and highly psychoactive strain
  • physically + mentally calming

*****(NEW CATEGORY ALERT ;)*****

This was written after first purchasing Poochie Love in May of 2020:
Culta’s minimalist black and white industrial, almost generic, but still stylish, container is definitely one of my favorites.
It seems they have the same consumer sentiment as Strane: we don’t want to feel like we are paying for the presentation of our flower. In an OZ or QP container I can see it…but for an 1/8th? It does indeed seems sometimes to be a disparity in the package to product ratio.
At least one gets the impression Culta, Strane, and Harvest House of Flower are attempting to keep costs down for the patients, which can only be appreciated.
I’m not sure if this really translates as such but I do appreciate the move to a more simple, straightforward experience rather than feeling like I am paying for unnecessary decoration and presentation.
Let us not forget how far we’ve come from plastic “baggies” but still keep in mind that, at least technically speaking, we are still taking about a “wrapper” more or less, solid or not, ordained with intricate and opulent labels or plain and simple.


UPDATE: This is update as of December 2020:
It seems that Culta has had their own update in the form of a brand new opaque black glass jar. The aesthetics haven’t changed and the outside looks pretty much the same albeit laser printed on the glass as opposed to being on a label on plastic. I must admit, I have had my issues with some of the plastic containers as well as sometimes the lid tends to not close properly or becomes dislocated completely.  All in all it hasn’t seemed to inflate or deflate the cost of Poochie Love which can be a hefty $65.

puppy with poochie love by culta's new glass container and buds


poochie love terpene label culta

(From MAY 2020)

Poochie Love’s fast acting, uplifting, and energizing psychoactive effects are more intense than its levels of Limonene and Pinene(.14% and .13% respectively) might suggest.

Conversely, the concentration of beta-Myrcene (57%) can almost surely account for the substantial amount of body buzz on tap. Even at 0.08%, the Occimene can can cause one to cough a little more than usual. The smoke is thick, and somewhat harsh with a burned/cherry/licorice type scent when half burned.


The most recent batch of Poochie Love by Culta was no less terpene-rich.  But, it was considerably more potent. And, in my opinion, a bit more on the Indica side as far as overall effect. The level of Myrcene at 1.03% is incredibly high for Poochie Love or any Sativa or Sativa hybrid.
Also, this level of Alpha-Pinene.93% is almost as high as the Myrcene in this batch. I believe that the majority of psychoactive cerebral activity produced by Poochie Love can be attributed to this.

detail closeup of poochie love bud on top of culta container with label with the words poochie love

Poochie Love is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid cross of Face Off OG X Dog Sh*t OG with fast acting and potent, uplifting, energizing psychoactive effects that are well balanced with waves of soothing muscle tension relief while mitigating both mental and physical stress and increasing appetite.

solitary bud of poochie love strain by culta


Poochie Love is a very functional strain and I found it to be both creatively inspiring and motivating. My focus although, more noticeable in waves, was definitely increased and intensified. I was able to stay on task, despite multiple distractions.

Culta has proven to be one of the most consistent growers of some of the best flower you can find in Maryland. I really enjoy their Diesel Dough, Cobra Lips, and Sugar Biscuits as well.

The Pooch doesn’t stray from this at all. The quality of this flower’s cure is undeniable.

With Culta I really feel that I get my money’s worth because the bud is so chunky and densely cured. I should also note that my last 1/8th from Culta was over 3.5 grams (3.6 to be exact). Obviously this was a one-off attributable to simple understandable human error…it happens …but hey, I’m not gonna complain. Thank you Culta.


My most recent acquisition of Poochie Love from Ethos Catonsville (formerly Mission Medical Dispensary) was quite consistent from my memory and notes back in May with a few notable exception.

For one thing, this time around the appetite stimulation was off the charts. After my first session reuniting me with Poochie Love and I was inventing new food combinations. The other notable exception was the amount of sedation that I experienced.  It seemed that even Poochie Love’s characteristic uplifting motivation didn’t have a chance against 1.03% Myrcene. 

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