Motorbreath by Verano

STRAIN: Motorbreath
MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 29.5 and THC 0.2%)
CLASS: Indica Dominant Indica/Sativa Hybrid
PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville
LINEAGE: Chemdog X SFV OG Kush

  • 2016 THC Championship -2nd Place Recreational Indica
  • 2015 THC Championship 1st Place Recreational Hybrid


GENERAL: from the Verano label;

Reported effects

    • euphoric
    • positive mood
    • relaxed
    • creative
    • stimulates appetite “

+feelings of euphoria & tranquility
+Improved focus
+creatively inspiring

+ light to medium cranial and facial pressure
+inner body warming sensation
+/ increase in appetite
dry mouth at higher doses


bud of motorbreath by verano

USES (Medicinal & Recreational):


  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder
  • IED (intermittent Explosive Disorder)
  • Depression or depressive thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • could be very effective in treating symptoms of anxiety, and depression since it delivers on the Sativa cerebral effects but with minimal potential to aggravate anxiety.


  • Creative endeavors
  • Outdoor activities
  • most any enjoyable activity at any point in the day will be enhanced by this strain.



Verano’s Motorbreath is a very bright and consistently colored green, whereas Grassroots’ Motorbreath is a bit more mottled looking with varying shades of brown, green, and even some dark rusty-purple at times. Nonetheless, Motorbreath is a very attractive cured flower. The size of the buds in my 1/8 ounce from Mission in Catonsville were on the small side and could be better characterized as “nugs”. Upon close inspection, the  bright green leaf coverage is carpeted with trichome crystals an though small in size, the rusty red stigma (“hairs”) are in  abundance and cropping out of every conceivable fold and crevace.

Good For Bowls Vapes and SOME Rolls:
This strain breaks up and grinds down quite easily with just your fingers – it crumbles but in a more controlled and less powdery way than a strain like Cake and Chem. Motorbreath is a bit chunky for the skinny spliff, but in a blunt it is terrific.


  • Sweet- perfume/incense/bergomont
  • Herbal- lemon/mint/pepper
  • Fuel- diesel
  • Chemical-lemon cleaner/ diesel gasoline



  • Fruit-lemon/lime
  • Fuel-hash/gasoline
  • Chemical-diesel fuel


motorbreath by verano back of jar ingredients

I don’t know why Verano insists on using these hard plastic shell wrappers because any info tagged on by the dispensary including the testing info will be ripped off. Yes, there are perforated sections but even if you did manage did sculpt that out you would still be left with unfortunate task of opening and closing their lids. I invariably have to transfer the contents to another container or I may end up locked out of my own stash, which, unfortunately has happened to me while using Verano’s jars in the past.
Anyway, check out the numbers if you can.

Verano’s Motorbreath is an outstanding representation of the strain with its creative, focused high precipitated by some incredibly tranquil but non-sedating Indica body effects.  There is a strange sense of well-being that accompanies Motorbreath’s high. I’ve heard this described as feelings of generosity and gratitude.  I think it is just one of those strains that can bring you to place of positive personal introspection.  This seems to never veer into any negative or anxious territory. Motorbreath is also quite an appetite stimulant. Even though, Motorbreath seems to go well with almost any activity at any time of the day, it seems to be best suited for early morning in small doses or evening in higher doses would be the preferred times to consume.

I found Verano’s Motorbreath to be a very nice blend of tranquility, focus, and creative inspiration, topped off with some take it or leave it munchies. I wouldn’t say it promotes appetite like a strain such as Hennessy would, but it definitely relaxes the stomach muscles and presents you with increased appetite.

Therein highlights the beauty of Motorbreath; because not unlike Purple Punch, it is an Indica dominant hybrid with such profound ability to ease the mind that it inspires one to create. Usually creativity or focus are qualities or effects attributed to Sativa strains. But, the amount of creative inspiration that can be infused from a relaxed mind and mood can be quite profound.

A lot of times, at least for someone such as myself (a little hyperactive at times) some settling of the mind is all I need to begin to relax.
Compared to the only other version of Motorbreath I have tried, which was produced by Grassroots, Verano’s version is a bit more cerebrally stimulating. This may be attributable to .60% of Limonene in this batch. Either way I think I prefer Verano’s Motorbreath to that of Grassroots.