Grandpas Stash by Strane

STRAIN: Grandpa’s StashMEDIUM: FlowerPRODUCER: StraneCLASS: HybridLINEAGE: 1994 Super Skunk X 1992 OG Kush X 1970s Afghan Kush (1970s cut).PURCHASED: Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary INSTAGRAM:@missioncatonsvillePOTENCY: MED-HIGH Strane lists “23.8%Including THCa 24.9%…

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Savage Purple by Culta

STRAIN: Savage PurpleMEDIUM: FlowerPOTENCY: Med-High (THCa 19.7% THC 0.7%)PRODUCER: CultaCLASS: Indica Dominant Indica/Sativa Hybrid PURCHASED: Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary INSTAGRAM: @missioncatonsvilleLINEAGE: SFV OG Kush X Purple UrkleSFV Kush =unknown (rumored…

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Lemon Grenades by Grassroots

STRAIN: Lemon GrenadesPRODUCER: GrassrootsMEDIUM: FlowerPOTENCY: MED-HIGHTHCa 22.4% (testing info on label reports “23%”)THC 0.7.% CBGa 1.30%CBG 0.30%CLASS: Sativa dominant Sativa-Indica Hybrid. ( generally thought to be an 85/15% Sativa/Indica mix)LINEAGE:…

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Thai Lights by Verano

STRAIN: Thai Lights PRODUCER: Verano MEDIUM: Flower PURCHASED: Mission Catonsville Medical Dispensary @missioncatonsville POTENCY: THCa 20.00% / THC 1.30% CLASS: Sativa dominant Sativa / Indica Hybrid LINEAGE: original Thai landrace…

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Angus by Grow West

STRAIN: AngusMEDIUM: FlowerPOTENCY: Med-High Eighth 1 (25.32% THCa/ 0.45% THC)Eighth 2 (24.8% THCa / 0.66% THC)PRODUCER: Grow WestCLASS: Indica Dominant Hybrid PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville LINEAGE: Cookie Crisp X Durban Poison…

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Yuck Mouth by Grassroots

STRAIN: Yuck Mouth PRODUCER: Grassroots PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville MEDIUM: Flower POTENCY: MED (THCa 20.1% /THC n.d.%) CBGa 1.4%, CBG 0.2% CLASS: Indica dominant Hybrid LINEAGE: GMO Cookies X Dosidos #22…

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Ray Charles by Grassroots

STRAIN: Ray Charles PRODUCER: Grassroots MEDIUM: Flower PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville POTENCY: THCa 22.30%/ THC 1.30 % CLASS: Indica Hybrid LINEAGE: GSC Romulan X Afghani Bull Rider AWARDS:N.D. MUSIC: Sketches of…

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Secret Weapon by Harvest

STRAIN: Secret Weapon PRODUCER: HarvestMEDIUM: FlowerPOTENCY: low-mediumTHCa 20.78% THC .32% CBDV .08%(can reduce nausea, anti-inflammatory)CLASS: Sativa/Indica 50/50LINEAGE: Cheese Quake X White WidowPURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville AWARDS: N/AMUSIC: King Tubby Essentials: Roman…

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Pie Crust by Grow West

Pie Crust by Grow West is an uplifting Sativa dominant hybrid strain that offers a wide range of effects including cerebral stimulation, euphoria, enhanced focus and creativity, mental and physical relaxation as well as an increase in appetite.

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