Purple Punch by Curio

STRAIN: Purple Punch
PURCHASED: Mission Catonsville, MD
CLASS: hybrid
LINEAGE: Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple
(THCa 24.1% ,THC 0.10%)
MEDIUM: Flower
PRODUCER: Curio Wellness
EFFECTS: euphoric and relaxed

treating insomnia or inability to sleep.
Could help with symptoms of depression and anxiety because of its initial uplifting mental effects.

APPEARANCE/ consistency : The calyx (buds) were nothing short of cosmic looking: shades of green and purple leaves, covered with purple, white and orange hairs (stigma in various stages of maturity )

Good  For Bowls and Rolls:
The bud structure is very dense and hardy.  Yet after a little working with even your thumb and index finger, they are easily broken down.  The flower in this batch burned nice an slow and gave off the most incredible aroma.  

AROMA: intense aroma of grape pop (Shasta maybe?), or another artificial grape mixed with berry/ citrus/ pepper

TASTE:  thick perfume like berry and lemon with a hint of fuel on the exhale

+intense feelings euphoria and well being.
This is a very uplifting feel-good strain which is attributed, in part, to a high level of limonene (0.51% limonene in this particular batch).


+ muscle tension relief
+ relaxed
some dry mouth
a sedative in higher doses

Purple Punch by Curio
You can tell immediately by the level of limonene (.51%!) that the cerebral psychoactive effects of Purple Punch are very much intact.  In fact, the myrcene level, which can predict Indica effects, is rather low at 0.16. But, conversely, and mostly responsible for the body is the level of caryophyllene which is a whopping .48%.

Purple Punch is a very interesting Indica hybrid  with an intense mental euphoric mental high that delivers potent energizing creatively inspiring feelings tapered by some of the smoothest, and most blissful, Indica body effects you may ever experience.  



I’ll just say that Purple Punch proved to be one of the best Indica hybrid strains that I’ve ever medicated with.  Given its ability to enhance experiences cerebrally, provides some serious mental uplift and euphoria, it would really surprise some of my fellow “tokers”to find out this strain has two Indica parents.

It proves my theory, or opinion, rather, that an Indica can be just as uplifting, creatively stimulating, and vibrant feeling as much as, if not more, than some sativa strains…depending on terpene distribution, ancestry, etc. etc. and, of course, the experiencer and his or her level of experience, expectation, mindset, tolerance etc.

I will ALWAYS purchase PURPLE PUNCH by CURIO whenever I encounter it above 25%.  I highly recommend you do the same as me next time it comes around.   

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