Royal Moby by ForwardGro

STRAIN:Royal Moby 

GROWER: ForwardGro

LINEAGE: HAZE + White Widow

AROMA:lemon, spice, pine, and very pungent

TASTE: lemon at the beginning, but at the end of the exhale I definitely tasted a hash taste, very interesting. Arrives like a haze (sativa) and leaves like a kush(indica)

BODY:  pleasant ocular pressure, lightheadedness, some tingling, and overall relaxing

MIND:uplifting, increased awareness, a very mentally stimulating feeling that spurns creativity. I felt inspired, excited, yet without any anxiety or racing uneasiness feelings


I’m tempted to sequester this strain to morning and daytime use but it is such a full spectrum effect in the end that it seems I would be doing the reader a disservice. This stain packs good representations of both sativa and indica it’s just that the sativa side is very noticeable.

As sativa strains go, Royal Moby is one of the best I’ve ever encountered. 

I was really impressed with its potency.  Even though, it wasn’t listed as a top tier potent strain at the dispensary, it effected me in an intense way. This batch came in at 23% but it is NOT like a 23% Blue Dream or 24K Gold. It has a finer display of cerebrally stimulating sensations that are difficult to describe. Suffice to say I was creating tangential, yet logical connections between things in my head. I tended to drift into introspective thought.  The experience gave me a feeling of balance and connectivity that made everything seem workable as I went about my morning.


The Long Way Home (my thoughts)

Royal Moby is described by many sources as having a notable psychoactive effect with its sativa lineage. It originates from Spain where growers experimented with sativa indica hybrids and found this strain to carry the cerebral sativa effects to their limit. It is a strain that grows very big (up to 3 meters) and it is characterized by having bushy green buds riddled with red stigma.

It is visually very appealing and I feel as if I’ve seen it before.  Upon first draw it was obvious where it was taking me. Surprisingly the indica side peeked through the web of buzz in my head and gave me very pleasant physical sensations: a little tingly, some head and ocular pressure and an overall relaxed feeling of lightness.

The sativa side is something that should be thought of as emblematic of the experience.

It is really an incredibly mentally uplifting, thought provoking buzz that doesn’t weigh you down. Also let it be known that the effects I DID experience where wrought from a 23% batch of Royal Moby: not the highest and not the lowest by any means. It was NOT an overwhelming high that prevented me from any normal activity. It seemed to only enhance my drive and focus and gave me little room to feel depressed…and it wasn’t the greatest morning 🙂

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