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MEDIUM: Flower
(THCa 25.58% THC .63%)
PRODUCER: Avenue Cannabis ~ Harvest
CLASS: cerebral effect dominant with supporting physically effects of almost equal quality that promote some stationary comfort, which in much higher doses had the potential to promote somnolence and sleep.

Much like Orange Octane, Avenue states “hybrid” – this is of course accurate as it has nothing to do with any flowers’ effects.
if they mean the source pheno/flower/etc had leaves resembling a wide in the middle then tapered toward the end, etc. for instance, then, sure …As for effects, I’d have to say they are more cerebrally dominant than what those who use the inaccurate nomenclature of Sativa and Indica in order to predict effects, would consider if they read the word “hybrid”
Make sense?

Marshmallow is a Cerebral effects dominant Chemovar with supporting physical effects potentially promoting sedation.
(Avenue states “Indica” – this is of course

PURCHASED: Oceanside Dispensary

LINEAGE: Chemdawg D X Triangle Kush X Jet Fuel Gelato
I ask: What more need you?

the rust colored stigma on buds of marshmallow strain


Marshmallow is bred by crossing the famous OG Kush X an unknown strain which many presume to be a Bubblegum phenotype. This flower’s aroma carries notes of honey, nuts, fruit, and candy while the flavor has been said to taste like burnt sugar or fire glazed marshmallows. Although Marshmallow’s effects overall lead to sedation and sleep, the high does have an initial influx of uplifting cerebral stimulation. This elevated heady state imparts a warm and fuzzy sensation which, sooner than later, unravels toward sedation, and eventually, sleep.


  • cerebral elevation that seems to have somewhat of a slow ramp in its incline
  • increased ability to focus on detailed and repetitive tasks for extended periods of time
  • Stimulates creativity and creative impulses
  • Somewhat of outward dulling of perception but a internally the mind reaches a spiraled peak of amplification on most levels- this flower provides a long distance or high level view into the psyche of properly conjured
  • As stated in the section above (and possibly illustrated through its verbiage) there is a definite something happening when medicating with this strain that reminds me of weed of yore which I happily experienced for many years and which seems to be conspicuously absent from a great deal of Maryland flower in my opinion
  • Inclination toward non-ego based perception and awareness which lends itself to a spirit of sentimental appreciation of those in your life
  • Stoney-hazy sensation at higher doses
  • Socially lubricating/ conversationally stimulating
  • General arousal of senses
  • Potential for Some potential for a haze-daze sensation complete with a tendency for tangential /rabbit hole thinking

closer detal photo of buds of marshmallow


  • Imparts an overall sense of calm as its Caryophyllene warms the chest and provides the sensation of one’s body becoming somewhat lighter in weight 
  • Some light to medium to maximum cranial and facial pressure almost more than any “Headband” flower I’ve experienced in Maryland
  • Medium level of physical euphoria
  • dry mouth + dry eyes
  • appetite stimulation
  • Sedation and sleep inducing
  • Inclination to be aroused mentally /physically ok

This may be some of the prettiest flower I’ve seen from Harvest /Roll One/ Avenue


closer detail of trichomes and stigma of marshmallow


This is a gorgeous flower and maybe one of the most optically pleasing flower I’ve seen.
The pistils protrude like a fire frozen mid-flame and checker the surface in dense clusters creating a very pleasing contrast as it offsets the whitish sheen of trichome crystals glistening on the green leaf material. This is a very interesting looking flower in that the pistils give one the impression of Cheetos cheese dust because they are so thickly clustered together and intertwined. Not to mention the color variation of the greens which is rather wide from a light or faded plastic army soldier green to a deeper basil colored greenish hue. Take a look at this photo



  • Strange mossy herbaceous aroma
  • Has a fragrant perfume-like base
  • A light more creamy-lemon-type aroma than herbaceous
  • Marshmallow has a rather non-description aroma profile which is difficult to describe even when freshly ground but the words “mossy frosting” keep coming to mind


  • Herbaceous
  • Creamy
  • Berries
  • Lemon

elongated cookie shaped bud of marshmallow


  • Harsh thin smoke
  • Orange
  • Pepper


  • Fuel
  • Hash undertone/ aftertaste

Good For Bowls and rolls when properly ground.
…definitely a grinder is best for this batch at least to get the most out of Marshmallows rather dense configuration.


Patients dealing with an inability to sleep or diminished appetite may find Marshmallow to have great efficacy in mitigating symptoms. Marshmallow is also a good choice for Patients combating chronic stress, anxiety, and PTSD. And, since its terpene profile typically has higher concentrations of Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene, Marshmallow may be especially helpful in treating acute minor pain like headaches and inflammation.

The ratio of terpenes seems to be 
 may help mitigate or temporarily alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Muscle inflammation
  • Generalized minor aches and pains
  • Anxiety
  • Stress relief
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Nausea
  • Depression or depressive thoughts
  • Clears feelings of anger especially those precipitated by incidents invoke ptsd 
    **it seems the pinene invoked some long term memories but the other terpenes and the overall potency provide enough mental distraction and physical relaxation to blur out any residual stress to the absolute margins opening up new space for immersive thought and physically numbness to occupy instead of discomfort and stress

I have to say this from my perspective anyway, given what I do here on this site…the outer label is a pain because it is on double duty acting also as part of Avenue’s safety assurance label. So, In order to open the jar you must crack or split the label which sometimes is large enough to cause the paper to tear and rendering some of the numbers or percentages illegible.

buds of the marshmallow strain in front of avenue cannabis jar
Of course, ziplocks, which Harvest uses for its other brands make more sense, keep costs down, and translate to a better consumer experience overall, and relegated yourself to the idea that the package to product ratios in this industry are endemically disproportionate.
I suppose we are supposed to think Avenue commands a deservedly high shelf price because it comes in a jar. Obviously I’m not one of these people and would prefer Avenue employed the ziplock.

marshmallow strain buds and joint next to avenue jar

Having ranted all that, Avenue’s jar is actually not bad and mostly agreeable when you attempt to retrieve your herb …simple enough ….much like the original rhythm jars
Pastel metallic tops with matching labels corresponding to hybrid sativa and Indica designations which obviously are becoming more and more obsolete but ok this will do.
That being said the “Indica” that we are describing now, Marshmallow is definitely more of a cerebral effect leaning hybrid so….yeah …
I will also say that they are difficult to find in a darkened room. They don’t stand out – the print on the lid is often occulted by over eager inventory specialists who use for their sku label.
I would beg yuh not to do this as the only indication that THAT is a jar of herb is the scant on the lid. Just saying.


CBCA: 0.21% | CBDa: 0.09% | CBG: 0.1% | CBGA: 1.1%

THCVA: 0.16% (This is typically found in thin leafed equatorial Structural Sativas possibly giving some insight into Marshmallow’s more cerebrally stimulating side.)


Alpha-Pinene: 0.21% | Beta-Caryophyllene: 0.42% | Beta-Myrcene: 0.36% | Beta-Pinene: 0.29% |  Humulene: 0.14% | Limonene: 1.08% | Linalool: 0.14% | Ocimene: 0.08% | Terpinolene: 0.03% |


1. Limonene 1.08%!!!!
2. Beta- Caryophyllene 0.42%
3. Myrcene 0.36%
4. Alpha/Beta-Pinene .021% and .29%with a total of .50% combined.

I think what’s steering the car here is the Limonene clearly with Caryophyllene ensuring a comfy ride. The Pinenes have come to visit and they brought an RV and parked it in your frontal lobe with a whopping 0.50%!
This is definitely a heavy weight level of Pinene.


solitary bud of marshmallow showing massive red stigma

Marshmallow is a structurally Indica blend of Chemdawg D X Triangle Kush X Jet Fuel Gelato which emits a mild spicy, sweet, Fuel-like aroma with sweet taste and seriously elevating effects.

The combined power of Jet Fuel Gelato and the Chemdawg D phenotypes are bound by the deep influence of Triangle Kush providing a thousand-mile -state stone which deftly supports a an outrageously rambled cerebral elevation and stimulation which could render the uninitiated a bit off kilter if not utterly immobilized from its I intensity.

The physical effects of this hybrid of extremes is just as potent providing a deep level of relaxation and an almost anesthetizing and immobilizing serenity which will undoubtedly lead to somnolence and sleep in higher or prolonged ingestion.



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