The Botanist, Ellicott City, MD

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THE BOTANIST ~ Ellicott City, MD

This is the spacious main showroom at the Botanist. Deli style jars of buds line the wall behind the counter.
Along with other peripheral products for sale, visitors will also find a wealth of educational materials, which are free to take.

This is the showroom at the Botanist (Ellicott City) which just has to be one of the top dispensaries in the state.

The atmosphere is modern, professional and discreet, but it is not a stiff classier-than-thou vibe.  The waiting area is comfortable and the reading material abundant. The staff is very knowledgable, helpful, patient, and kind. 


The Botanist's "Deli-Style" Flower selection is out of this world and always bountiful

Although no one will make you feel rushed, even though the Botanist only serves a few patients at a time. I believe this is by choice with the

You are permitted to bring a guest into the showroom if they present their state ID and sign in at the front desk.  This offers a unique access opportunity for caregivers and the like.

When it is your turn to go back to the deli counter you feel special indeed.  Patient Consultants at the Botanist are truly the type of people that you want working at a dispensary. 

The prices are more than competitive.  The “escalating” point based patient discounts offer just a huge value in savings.  And, the frequent sales, like “Concentrate Tuesdays” (3 grams of shatter for under $100!!) make it a no brainer. You must visit!


The Botanist
Phone: (443) 200-2242
7175 Security Blvd, Suite 102, Baltimore, MD 21244

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm   Sunday: Closed

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